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AMP™ Double Under Training Set

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Bluetooth® connected jump rope set for double under training. Get high-speed workouts, real-time jumping feedback, and more.

• Get AMP handles + 3 oz, 6 oz, 9 oz ropes
• Compatible with heavier ropes + Ropeless
• Now available in all regions

Membership separate.

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Get Connected

Crossrope's Bluetooth connected AMP handles track your jumps to give you a personalized and guided full-body workout wherever you go.

2000+ Personalized Workouts

AMP makes your workouts more engaging and challenging by personalizing them based on your fitness level with targets to hit during each jump interval.

Jump Modes Enabled

With AMP’s high-precision jump counting technology, you can see real-time jump stats like average jumps per minute (JPM), max JPM, real-time JPM, power output, streaks, and more.

Upgraded Activity Tracking

Track your fitness progress as you go and earn new badges when you complete workouts and achieve new milestones. Get all the stats and feedback you need to stay motivated in your fitness journey.

Amp Membership Benefits


designed by Crossrope trainers.


to track your progress.


with activity and data tracking.


like Free Jump and Benchmark jump modes.

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Two Ways To Pay

Pay Now

AMP™ Jump Rope Set


+ Crossrope Membership

(Choose from $79/yr or $11.99/mo)

$99/yr after the first year


4 Easy Payments


AMP™ Jump Rope Set


+ Crossrope Membership

(Choose from $79/yr or $11.99/mo)

*Based on 4-month financing eligibility. Payments are interest free.

$99/yr after the first year

Crossrope AMP™
vs Other Connected Fitness

crossrope amp

Crossrope AMP

crossrope amp


crossrope amp


crossrope amp


Time-tested cardio
Real-time performance feedback
Track progress and set PRs
Upper body, lower body, and core
Train outside, at home, and at the gym
Variety of skills/movements
High calorie burn
Equipment price $199 $2,000 - $4,000 $1,200 - $4,000 $1,500 - $4,000
Membership price $11.99/mo $30-$55/mo $30-$55/mo $30-$55/mo


  • Level Up Your Workouts

    Race against the target bar to see your progress in every workout. TargerTrainer™ elevates your performance by pushing your pace, ensuring accountability, and maximizing your effort - boosting your caloric burn by up to 20%.

    Let AMP take care of tracking your jumping stats in real-time, allowing you to fully concentrate on your jumps. Experience the thrill of watching your count, speed, power output, and other metrics dynamically adjust on screen.

    Track your progress with Benchmarks to see how you're improving. Choose the rope weight and let AMP test your speed & endurance abilities.

    Take pride in what you've accomplished! See your progress over time, workout streaks, goals, badges, and so much more. Plus, climb the leaderboard with each jump for some friendly competition.
Size Guide

Choose the right rope length for you based on your height.

If you are in-between sizes, and you're a beginner, the larger size is usually preferable because it allows more room for error. If you are more experienced, then the smaller size tends to be better. If you currently have a rope that you are comfortable jumping with, we recommend measuring your current rope, not including the handles, for a comparison.

Looking for shorter ropes? We have limited quantities of XXS/XS sizes available here.

Still need assistance? Watch sizing video

SizeUser HeightRope Length
XX-Smallup to 4'6"7'0"
X-Small4'6.5" - 5'0.5"7'6"
Small5'1" - 5'4.5"8'0"
Medium5'5" - 5'9.5"8'6
Large5'10" - 6'1"9'0"
SizeUser HeightRope Length
XX-Smallup to 1.37m2.13m
X-Small1.38m - 1.54m2.29m
Small1.55m - 1.64m2.44m
Medium1.65m - 1.77m2.59m
Large1.78m - 1.86m2.74m
Try risk-free for 60 days


One thing we’ve learned is that it's hard to describe what the Crossrope workout truly feels like until you try it yourself. Using weighted jump ropes is unlike any workout you've experienced, which is why we're confident you're going to love it from your very first jump.


To make your decision easy, we're giving you 60 days to use our ropes as much as you'd like so you can see the difference for yourself. If you aren't convinced, you can return them for free*, no questions asked.


Our return/exchange policy applies to any of our physical products (for apparel returns, your items must be tagged and unworn and in original packaging). Please note our return policy does not apply to subscription products including our Crossrope Membership. Products sold in "Deals" or "Like New" are limited to size exchanges only.


All orders ship free over $50 with ground shipping. Shipping is always free for returns (US only).

*Free Returns and Exchanges apply to US customers only. $40 restocking fee for Heavy Duty Gym Floor Tiles returns. International returns will need to cover the shipping costs. For more information please visit our help center.

<p>Love your Crossrope or your money back. </p><p>Try for 60 days, worry-free.</p>

Love your Crossrope or your money back.

Try for 60 days, worry-free.

<p>Change your mind? </p><p>Send your ropes back in any shape.</p>

Change your mind?

Send your ropes back in any shape.

<p>Free US return shipping, full refund, </p><p>no questions.</p>

Free US return shipping, full refund,

no questions.

Looking for AMP handles only?
AMP™ Double Under Training Set Reviews
How is the AMP Double Under Training Set different from the AMP Jump Rope Set?
The AMP Double Under Training Set is designed spefically for those looking for the ultimate high-speed challenge. It comes with the same Bluetooth connected handles as our AMP Jump Rope Set, but it now features 3 specialized ropes for double under training. This offers a more dynamic and high-speed workout for those looking for a more challenging bluetooth jump rope experience.
How do the AMP handles compare in size to the classic Crossrope handles?
With your AMP jump rope set, you get a single pair of AMP handles to use with all three of your ropes. The AMP handles weigh 5.7 Oz (162 g) each. The handle shape and diameter is about halfway between our classic Slim and Power handles.
Do I need a subscription to use AMP?
Yes, a subscription to our Crossrope Membership is required to unlock the full AMP features on your iOS device ($14.99 $11.99/mo) or ($79 for your first year then $99/year after). With your subscription, you’re able to pair your AMP handles to the Crossrope app and take advantage of personalized jump targets, free jump mode, benchmark mode, and all the activity and stats tracking.

The AMP handles without a membership still live up to the high performance standards, but you will not have access to its connected features.
Is Premium the same as Crossrope Membership?
Yes, the Crossrope Membership (formerly known as Premium) is the paid version of the Crossrope App on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
Is AMP available on Android?
Yes, AMP is now available on both iOS and Android.
How much does the Crossrope Membership cost?
For a limited time, we’re offering a promotional launch price of ($14.99 $11.99/mo) or ($79 for your first year then $99/year after).
Can I use my AMP handles with my existing Crossropes?
Yes, AMP handles are compatible with all Crossrope ropes except for our 1st generation models. They have the same click in system that we have been supporting since Fall of 2017. If you have any questions about your specific ropes please reach out to customer service here
Are AMP handles covered by warranty?
AMP handles will be covered by two separate warranty policies depending on the issue. Our Limited Lifetime Warranty covers the material and workmanship of the product. In parallel, we offer a One Year Warranty on the battery and electronic components inside the AMP handle.
What is Crossrope’s exchange / return policy?
We have a 60 day no-hassle returns and exchange policy which means you can try the ropes, use them on any surface, and still return them if you don't love them. If you are purchasing our ropes as a gift, you can be sure that if your gift receiver needs a size or product exchange, we'll be there to help. For pre-orders, our 60 day guarantee is valid starting the day you receive your order, NOT the order date. The policy does not apply to the Crossrope Membership.
Does the return policy apply to the Crossrope Membership?
No, the Crossrope Membership is non-refundable. We recommend starting with the monthly option and going month to month if you are not sure about your investment yet. Annual is the best deal but monthly options are great for those that want more flexibility.
What data is AMP capable of tracking?
AMP tracks your double unders, number of jumps, current JPM (jumps per minute), max JPM, average JPM, maximum jump streak without tripping, jumps in each interval, and more!
Is AMP recommended with heavier ropes?
Not recommended for high volume use with ropes 3 Lbs or more. Occasional use acceptable.
How do you charge the AMP Battery?
You don't need to charge the battery right away, but when the time comes it's very easy to do so. The battery itself is removable, which means you can take it out of the device and charge it separately. To charge the battery, you can use any Micro USB cable (one is included with your handles). Simply plug the Micro USB cable into the charging port of the battery and the other end into a power source such as your laptop or a USB wall adapter. Once the battery is fully charged, you can reinsert it into the device and start using it again.