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Crossrope Partners

Check out some of the amazing athletes that we've worked with.


Jump Rope Dudes

We're currently on our 7th JRD collection. Every year, we work with JRD to create new styles and designs for jump rope sets, handles, mats, and freestyle ropes.

Vinny Jumps

We partnered with reality TV star Vinny G to create three exciting releases featuring a beaded rope, freestyle rope, and 1/2 Lb weighted rope set.

Kathy Jumps

We partnered with Kathy Jumps to create an all-purpose rope that can be used for basic jumping, tricks, and anything in between.


WODprep helps athletes from all over the world break through their sticking points, hit new PR's, and learn to Rx every workout.

The Best Ropes For Weight Loss

Achieve your weight loss goals with the Kathy Jumps collection. These ropes are designed to maximize caloric burn and enhance your workouts, making them an essential tool for your fitness journey.