Enjoy Quick, Powerful, and Fun Workouts Anywhere

More Weights. More Variety.

You wouldn't use only one set of dumbbell weights in your workout, right? So why should your jump rope training be any different?

With the Crossrope jump system, you can easily change your weights to customize your workouts for a better training experience.

Adjust Resistance On The Fly

Still training at the same, boring intensity level? That's not going to cut it if you want to build the body that you deserve.

Our patented interchangeable solution allows you to quickly switch ropes so you can adjust the intensity of your workouts and the effectivness of your training.

Heavy Ropes. Better Results.

Jumping rope isn't just cardio anymore.

With our system, you can easily change weights to target more muscle groups with each rotation. That means more calories burned each workout.

Multi-Faceted Training Approach

Tired of the same old treadmill run? We can't say we blame you. Our jump rope training system offers versatility that very few traditional training options can match.

Quick, powerful workouts can help you burn fat, boost stamina, improve coordination & agility, develop power and explosiveness, boost strength, and develop mental toughness in the same workout.

Drop Basic. Go Premium.

Still using a $5 jump rope? then you're probably tired of having to replace it so often.

Our line of premium quality ropes are designed for indoor and outdoor use so you can do your workouts on any surface without worrying about your rope tanglingor breaking.

More Speed. More Double Unders.

Is your current speed rope slowing you down?

If you want to crush double unders, you need the power of the Bolt Set. Our Premium, full adjustable speed ropes come with fast, lightweight aluminum handles and the smoothest bearings on the planet so you can be sure you're at your best.

Take your Workouts on the Go

Not everyone likes the gym.

With our system, you're free to workout wherever you want. Just put your ropes, handles, and phone into our training bag, download the free Crossrope training app, and experience the fun of a great portable workout.

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