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Crossrope Jump Ropes | Over 28,000 5 Star Reviews

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Thank you Crossrope!

The Amp Handles are a great add to my routine.
Over the years I had became an excellent "counter", but I'm happy to leave that behind AND . . .
see how I compare to my personal goals and see how my jumps compare to those around the world!
I use Crossropes (1/2, 1, and 2 lbs), their oval mat, and the app.
I've wrestled over every purchase (usually, many months!), but honestly, it's all been life changing. -KennyB

Ropeless success

I have the ropeless 1 and 2 pound set and have found that for someone like me with a bad back who can't do the full jump because of the impact, the ropeless sets allow me to get the majority of the benefit from the workout without the pain or possible damage due to the jumping motion my back can no longer handle.

An excellent workout!

I use this workout on a nearly daily basis and it is very effective. The voice-guided reps are helpful and keep me on track. When using together with a heart monitor I noticed it consistently keeps me exactly in cardio zone 2 for the full duration of the workout.

Not enough space? Low ceilings? Ropeless is the way to go

Highly recommended! I ordered the Crossrope Ropeless so that I can still jump rope in the wintertime in my basement, which has low-ceilings. This is a great substitute for the original Crossrope to do in between sets to keep my heart rate up

The best workout ever!

Sturdy and strong for any of the weighted ropes. Love them!

Highly Recommend

Great quality, fun workout, and just what I needed at this time!

Good quality!

1 LB Ropeless

Wonder accessory,.. works great!

Work great! Can’t put them down

JRD VII Get Lean Set
Kirill K.
Feels fantastic!

Before ordering Crossrope I've intentionally bought one of the cheapest rope with adjustable length to just try the whole thing of jumping as I've never did it before. Am I glad I did this. First of all I've found out that I enjoy jumping (the most important thing) and then I've decided how I'd like to do it, what rope length I need (was determined by how I want to jump) and what's bad about wire rope in the first place (no feedback). The cheap rope accomplished it's purpose for me=) My main goal is to have fun and secondly get some HIT/cardio workout.
So I'm 172cm and I went for XS size rope, because I wanted my hands to be at my hips level with my arms close to my body. After several weeks of try-outs with wire rope this hands placement felt more comfortable and alligned with my desire to practice freestyle skills. This is no way a recommendation, but how it worked for me. Just be aware, that recommended size based on one's height might not work for everyone. Watch videos about rope sizing and hands position from people of which you want to immitate your jumping style and try it on the cheapest rope (doing this was very helpful for me).
So I got my Crossrope Get Lean Set. Size is just right. And the feel when I jump it is fantastic. I couldn't feel the wire rope at all and I feel the Crossrope, feeling the feedback is very-very pleasant and it helps me a lot with improving my form. I'm very happy with what I've got! Jumping Crossrope makes jumping much more fun=)

Works really well, connect to my phone in almost an instant. I have no complaints. It’s more than worth it.

Get Lean 2022*
Jennifer L.

Don't hesitate, buy the ropes! A bit pricey buy worth every penny. I noticed an immediate difference compared to the cheaper rope I had been using. As a beginner, the feedback I was able to get from these ropes helped me increase my speed and improve my form on my first workout. So happy with this purchase! Love that they offer "like new" sets. The app and videos available on YouTube are also great and super helpful.

Get Strong
Matthew H.
Big Fan

A fellow CrossFit attendee saw me struggling with the in-class weightless “speed ropes” and let me borrow her Crossrope. I was instantly hooked. When my personal Crossropes arrived, I instantly did 1,000. Thank you!

Get Lean
A+ System: Misses the Mark on Measurements

I cannot say enough good things about CrossRope. However, something along the distribution of equipment is slightly off. I am 5’6 and I purchased the M (medium) set with the ropes being 8 feet in length, plus 6 inches. I might have to go back and measure them foot by foot, because the ropes seem too long for my height, if you are my height. Maybe, there was a mix up? This time I will tie knots in my ropes though. I hope for a 8 feet THREE inches rope to accommodate 5’5-5’7 range. Otherwise, with the positives the light handles are great because you get this aerobic feeling as you’re holding them and working out with the ropes.

Life Changing System — A Couple Adjustments

First off, the CrossRope system overall — ropes + ropeless — are life changing! Right now, I have the 1/4lb and 1/2lb ropes to gauge the flow of when to jump, then 1lb and 2lb ropeless ropes for more strength building as this bundle suggests. However, ideally, I wish that the full ropeless line would come with “middle” ground handles. With ropes and ropeless bundles, you either have the heavy handles for the 1lbs + 2lbs, or, the light handles for the 1/2-/4lbs. Mainly I wish for the same built as the AMP without the AMP feature for the handles so they can accommodate all of the rope weights. Just as you don’t think you’re going to need the 1/4 weight when you’re starting out, you suddenly need that 1/4 weight for cardio. If you think that only the light or the heavy handles will work for all weights, unfortunately, both handles only work with their designated weights. Bottom line — I am a female in my late 20’s, average metrics all around, beginner but already sold on CrossRope — I would love to see a complete bundle with middle standard handles, at least, for the ropeless.

Mat and ropeless

Much softer landing with the high quality mat. Ropeless option is great for tight spaces!

Ropeless 1 pound

Perfect for small spaces!

Ropeless: Great for Small Spaces

Feels like a skipping rope. The weight make it a great workout.

Slim Handles
Nicola H.
Excellent customer service

My order was lost in the post but Crossrope quickly responded and sent me a replacement order. The handles are better than I expected and I can't wait to use them with my 1lb rope.

Get Lean
Lean set

Honestly it’s amazing, I’m an avid jump roper and I have had anything like it. I’d love to test some other ropes for you guys and leave more teviews


great rope

Customer Service

Customer service was awesome! All I needed was a replacement washer for my AMP handle and it was sent to me right away! Thank you!

1 LB Heavy Rope
Nicola H.
Great ropes, great workout

I recently ordered more ropes and the app to up my skipping routine. I really enjoy the app with the ropes as it gives me the optimum workout and pushes me to go further. I like these ropes so much I got my family into skipping now too!

Great way to hang your ropes at home

Perfect for storing my ropes cleanly and out of sight. I was tired of having my ropes laying around. I ordered these handles and then was debating on where to hang them. Since I’m in a condo and space is limited I thought let’s just put these on the inside of a storage closet. Hung them up with command strips and couldn’t be happier. Highly recommend, read the product description for what ropes they are intended for.

Heavy ropes

I use the grey and black rope I think it’s 1 and 2 Ibs. I do 5 sets with grey and 3 sets with black I’m very used to the grey rope find it quite easy. The black one is hardcore I definitely couldn’t go heavier, I find it an amazing workout and it keeps me in great shape I skip 3 times a week I’m 50 and have a body of a 25 year old I’ve been skipping for about 3/4 years so I highly recommend! Crossrope have always been extremely helpful giving me advice about ropes and even replaced the handles free of charge.. amazing company and well worth the money!