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Sweat Together: 5 Reasons You Should Work Out With A Partner

Sweat Together: 5 Reasons You Should Work Out With A Partner

If you could double the chances of reaching your fitness goals, would you be interested? 

What if we let you in on a proven way to overcome an exercise rut or break through a plateau? Keep your fitness commitments? Make exercising more fun? 

Well, we have the answer you’re looking for, and it’s all about working out with a partner. 

We love to see people pairing up for a great partner workout. There’s something special about seeing people push each other to be the best they can be. 

Whether you’re getting outside together, sweating in the living room, or even connecting virtually, some great benefits come along with a workout buddy. 

So, let’s jump in — here are five incredible benefits of working out with a partner. 

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1. Increased Motivation 

Let’s face it, most of us are not enthusiastic about jumping out of bed to workout in the morning.

That’s totally normal. 

Intrinsic motivation doesn’t come easy to many people, but that’s where partner workouts come into play. There’s a huge social component to motivation. 

Motivation is one of the most significant benefits of working out with a friend; your partner can push you through one more set, encourage you to try a heavier weight, and boost your confidence when you feel like quitting. 

Choosing the right exercise partner is key for motivation and the other benefits on this list. 

A research study from the University of Aberdeen discovered that people who workout in pairs exercise more than those who fly solo. But what’s really interesting about this research is that the amount of exercise increased even more when partners were emotionally supportive and offered encouragement. 

Finding the right workout partner (someone you care about and vibe with) is going to increase your chances of fitness success dramatically. 

We’re social creatures. We’re hardwired to seek company and positive reinforcement, especially when doing work.

Case and point, finding an exercise partner who gets you excited about working out is going to positively impact your fitness habits and replenish your motivation when you need it most. 

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2. Accountability

We’re approaching accountability from a different angle than motivation because it’s slightly different.

When it comes to any fitness goal, consistency is everything, and by adding accountability into the mix, you’re going to see outstanding effects on consistency. 

The number one way to stay consistent is to be accountable to someone. 

Let’s say you and a friend commit to a jump rope workout challenge, and you plan to do a workout together every day for 10 days. The likelihood of completing the challenge will skyrocket because you don’t want to disappoint your friend by ditching them. 

Again, you need that emotional connection to your partner. If you don’t care about letting your partner down or blowing them off, it isn’t going to work. 

Your exercise partner doesn’t need to be your best friend, but they have to be someone you respect enough not to disappoint. 

Psychologically, if you feel like you have a responsibility or commitment to another person, you’re more likely to follow through on that commitment. Just by working out with a friend, you reduce the chances of giving up. 

Plus, you’ll see results faster because you’ve stayed consistent. 

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3. Healthy Competition 

Now, we’re going to add another layer to choosing an exercise partner. 

To reap those workout partner benefits, you want to team up with someone at the same fitness level or slightly better than you

Don’t stress if your workout buddy is fitter than you – you actually kind of want that. 

We’ll prove it with science. 

The Köhler effect proves that people work harder as members of a group than alone, particularly the less capable members. 

If your partner is a little beyond your skill level, you’ll likely push yourself harder when you workout with them. 

One research study tested the Köhler effect by looking at whether a virtually present partner would influence the motivation to exercise longer. 

The results are really cool. 

So, they tested three groups on stationary bikes. 

The first group exercised alone. 

The second group worked out with a virtual partner.

And the third group worked out with a virtual partner, but they were told the test results were dependent on whoever quit first. 

Here’s where it gets interesting — even though the second and third groups were told they were exercising with a partner, it was actually just a pre-recorded video. 

The second group was paired with a “partner” of the same skill level, and the third group was working with a “partner” that was always a little better than them. 

The third group was set up always to be a little bit behind the pre-recorded partner. 

The amount of difference is impressive. 

Not only did performance improve just to workout with a partner, but it more than doubled. The solo riders made it 10 minutes before they quit. The second group lasted 20 minutes, and the third group made it 22 minutes before stopping. 

There it is – you’re going to get more out of your workout when you partner up. Healthy competition is going to get you closer to your goals, and you’re going to see results. 

4. New Learning Experiences 

Like working with a partner who’s a little more experienced than you, it’s also fun to partner with someone who enjoys different types of exercise than you. 

This is a great way to mix up your workout routine and learn new things! 

When you and your exercise partner can learn from each other, it makes the whole fitness experience much more valuable and rewarding. 

Plus, trying new things with a workout partner takes some of the pressure off. We sometimes shy away from new classes or practices because we’re intimidated or too nervous. But when you have an exercise partner in your corner, you can offer support in stepping out of each other’s comfort zone. 

5. It’s Fun! 

We’ve made a pretty good case for how working out with a partner will get you amazing results, but exercise should always be fun! 

Working out alone can get a little boring, but with a workout buddy, you’ll be able to share both the peaks and valleys of fitness with smiles on your faces. Plus, mixing your training up with a bit of banter makes everything better. 

Partner Workouts For You To Try

Now that you know the benefits of working out together, you need to jump into action. Here are two partner workouts for you to try with a friend. 

Partner Workouts: A Combo Tabata Workout

What you’ll need for this workout: 

  1. The 1/4 LB and 1 LB rope from the Crossrope Get Fit Bundle
  2. A timer – your smartphone will work perfectly. 
  3. Some space to jump
  4. A good jumping surface to protect your ropes and your joints, we recommend the Crossrope LE Mat


For this workout, you and your partner will complete three Tabatas (4 minutes of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off) alternating exercises as you go.

For the first Tabata, one partner will do double unders while the other partner holds a squat for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, and then the two of you will switch exercises. 

Next, one partner will do alternate foot jumps while the other partner does squat thrusts, again for 20 seconds with 10 seconds of rest before switching. 

And during the last Tabata, one partner will do jump rope jacks while the other partner holds an extended plank for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest, and then switch. 

The moves: 

  • Double Unders
  • Squat Holds
  • Alternate foot Jumps
  • Squat Thrusts
  • Jump Rope Jacks
  • Extended Planks

partner workouts

Check out what the workout looks like in action:

Partner Workouts: Max-Level Burn

Here’s a max-effort jump rope cardio routine that will give you and your partner a challenge! 

For this interval workout, you will need:

What you’ll need for this workout: 

  1. The 1/2 LB jump rope from the Crossrope Get Fit Bundle
  2. A timer – your smartphone will work perfectly. 
  3. Some space to jump
  4. A good jumping surface to protect your ropes and your joints, we recommend the Crossrope LE Mat


For this jump rope routine, you and your partner will run through 10 rounds of max effort jumping. 

While one partner jumps, the other rests and is the cheering squad. You’ll switch every 30 seconds until you’ve completed 10 rounds together. 

The moves: 

  • Basic Jump
  • Alternate Foot Jump

This partner jump rope routine works with any footwork or jump step that the two of you feel comfortable with. 

Here's the rundown:

partner workouts

Check out our version below:

Your Turn…

There you have it! You know five major benefits of working out with a partner, now you just need to convince your friends to workout with you

Stuck on workout ideas? We put together the best jump rope workout routine that includes partner workouts for you to try. 

Also, if you’re looking for some extra motivation, accountability, and to connect with some all-around inspiring and fun people, join the Crossrope Jump Rope Fitness Community. We’re positive you can find a few exercise partners there!


benefits of working out with a partner


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