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75 Day Hard Challenge: Everything You Need To Know

75 Day Hard Challenge: Everything You Need To Know

Hey jumpers! Before starting, check out our New Year Jump Rope Challenge.

If you’ve opened your phone recently, you’ve probably come across a friend or influencer trying something called the 75 Hard Challenge.

On TikTok, the hashtags “75HardChallenge” and “75Hard” have ended up in front of a few eyes, over a billion to be exact.

It’s safe to say that 75 Hard has made quite the splash on social media, but what does the challenge involve, and is it something you should try?

Daily rules for 75 Hard Challenge


75 Hard Quick Start Guide

We've got all the details below about the 75 Hard Challenge, but there are only 5 rules to follow. They are: 

  1. Choose a diet and follow it
  2. Complete two 45-minute workouts daily
  3. Drink a gallon of water every day
  4. Read 10 pages of nonfiction
  5. Take progress pictures

And that's it! Seems pretty simple, right? 75 Hard isn't known as one of the more intense fitness challenges for nothing, though. Read on to learn even more about this two-and-a-half-month fitness endeavor.

A Detailed Look at the 75 Hard Challenge

75 Hard has earned plenty of backlash from experts stating that the whole thing is “problematic” to say the least. Regardless of the warning labels, hordes of people are still jumping on the bandwagon, posting before and after transformations, and sharing tips for taking on the challenge.

Some have even coined the terms “75 Medium” and “75 Soft,” which we believe are excellent substitutes for some individuals looking to build healthy habits.

With 2023 on the horizon and health resolutions on the brain, 75 Hard might be the perfect challenge to kickstart your new year. For others, the challenge might be overwhelming. 

So is the 75 Hard Challenge right for you? 

Honestly? It depends, so let’s answer some of your burning questions about the challenge and find out.

What Is The 75 Hard Challenge?

Muscular back of young man

75 Hard was created by entrepreneur and influencer Andy Frisella.

The challenge is positioned as a program to build mental toughness and abides by the following rules for 75 days: 

  1. Follow a diet. Any diet. Frisella is not a personal trainer, dietitian, or clinical nutritionist, so he insists you consult a professional about whatever nutritional program you choose. But, he does stress that you can’t have a single cheat meal or drink any alcohol.
  2. Work out twice a day for 45 minutes. One of those workouts must be outside. 
  3. Drink a gallon of water daily. 
  4. Read 10 pages of nonfiction daily. Audiobooks don’t count, and the book must fall into the personal development category. 
  5. Take progress pictures daily.

If you don’t follow any of the five rules, you must start over from day one. 

Seems doable right? For some, yes. A lot of people live their lives this way already. 

Some people love fitness challenges like the 75 Hard. They’re exciting and give you purpose and structure. There is a definite draw for those who like to push themselves, but 75 Hard isn’t for everyone, and that’s OK. 

Suppose you’re new to fitness or overhauling your lifestyle. In that case, the 75 Hard Challenge may not live up to the habit-forming benefits it promises. Mostly because you’re taking on too much at once. 

What Are The 75 Hard Challenge Rules?

Let’s break down the 75 Hard Challenge rule by rule. 

1. Follow A Diet 

Spread of healthy food

Most registered nutritional professionals are not fans of “diets,” as far as the undertones of the term diet stand, and 75 Hard leaves the diet component up to interpretation. 

Although the recommendation for consulting a physician is there (which we highly recommend), it’s still up to the individual to structure the diet portion of the challenge themselves. 

Any fitness challenge with requirements related to nutrition is not to be taken lightly. 

Kati Morton, a licensed therapist, suggests in an article with Refinery 29, choosing intuitive eating strategies as your “diet” for 75 Hard. This approach involves listening to your body and eating what you crave in appropriate amounts. 

Make sure you’re getting your information about nutrition from credible sources. Remember, you are working out twice a day, so make sure you’re fueling your body with enough healthy foods to keep up with the demands of the challenge.   

2. Work Out Twice A Day

Two people outdoors, jump rope workouts with Crossrope

If you’re trying to build a habit of exercising consistently, throwing yourself into two 45-minute workouts a day is not the way to make that habit stick. 

Even for very active people before starting 75 Hard, two long workouts a day can still be challenging to manage. 

When you’re looking at a 75-day stretch, exercising that much is a good way to overdo it. The 75 Hard Challenge rules don’t mention anything about active recovery or any post-workout recovery for that matter. 

A good approach is to count active rest, such as yoga, stretching, walking, or steady-state jump rope as forms of exercise to add to your daily goal. By using this strategy, exercising twice a day may be doable for many people.


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Remember, if you’re starting fresh with fitness, you don’t want to push yourself too hard from the get-go. You can end up really hurting yourself. 

Research shows that rest days are essential for recovery and performance. The American Council on Exercise recommends them.

3. Drink A Gallon Of Water

Close up of water being poured into a glass

We aren’t going to harp too much about drinking water because we fully support staying hydrated. 

However, this 75 Hard rule is an excellent example of how the challenge doesn’t consider the individual needs of its participants. 

Barbie Boules, RDN, and founder of Barbie Boules Longevity Wellness says, “four liters [a gallon] is a ludicrous amount of water.” 

Boules also insists that “this is way too generalized and could be a dangerous amount for some people.”

Instead of trying to drink a gallon of water, take half of your body weight and drink that many ounces of water. Someone who weighs 200 pounds doesn’t even need to drink the total 128 ounces in a gallon of water.

But remember, if you’re sweating a lot during your workouts, you will need to drink more water throughout the day.

4. Read 10 Pages of Nonfiction

Young woman reading

We find no genuine fault with this rule; in fact, we love it. Given that it’s a small amount of reading, it’s perfect for starting to build a habit

It’s worth noting that listening to audiobooks or podcasts is perfectly fine for achieving this daily goal. You’re still learning. 

5. Take Progress Photos

Transformation photos of Crossrope users

We’re on the fence about this aspect of 75 Hard. 

For some, progress photos can be very motivating. For others, they can be equally triggering. So we recommend using your judgment for this one. 

We think it’s also worth calling out this 75 Hard Challenge rule because it contradicts the claim that this challenge is about mental toughness and not physical appearance. If the challenge focused on mental improvement and wellness, physical changes to your body would be irrelevant.

Why a Jump Rope Is Perfect For The 75 Hard Challenge

If you’re ready to take on the challenge, here's why the jump rope is perfect to have around for several reasons. 

1. A Jump Rope Is Convenient 

Squeezing in two workouts a day is no easy feat, and if you’ve committed to 75 days, you need a handy workout option. 

One of the best parts of jump rope fitness is you only need a rope and some space. If you’re hung up on what to do with a jump rope (or specifically a Crossrope jump rope), we have that taken care of too. 

The Crossrope App has over 1,000 premade workouts ready to go. No thinking required. Here are 10 app workouts that are 45 minutes long for you to get started (and more are constantly being added): 

Crossrope App screenshots with 45min+ workouts


  1. New Day
  2. Monsoon Monday
  3. Skips & Smiles
  4. Cardio Conditioning
  5. Home Gym Hoppers
  6. End Of The Rainbow
  7. Time To Grow
  8. Perseverance & Power
  9. Wild On Wednesday
  10. Marathon Monday

Screenshots of Crossrope App workouts

Download the Crossrope App today and give one a try. You can even combine a couple of short workouts to get you to the 45-minute mark or try one of our challenges it hit your workout goals. 

2. It Gives You Choice

75 days is a long time. You'll probably need a bit of variety to keep your spirits high. When you have different weighted jump ropes at your disposal, you now have the ability to target different muscle groups during each workout. Mix and match, it's up to you.

3. It Burns Calories, Efficiently

Did you know that jumping rope is one of the most efficient workouts available? 

A comparison of calories burned via different workouts, jumping rope is number 1

4. Portability Is Key

Chances are over the next 75 days, you still plan to have a life. You’ll need a workout option that fits your schedule.

With a jump rope, you can work out at home, at the office, at the gym, at your kids’ sporting events, inside or outside, you name it. You can jump pretty much anywhere. 

If you have somewhere to be, a jump rope is easy to carry, which is more than we can see for a treadmill. 

5. Jumping Rope Is Fun

We don’t want to spoil your fun, but if we’re completely honest, doing two workouts a day for 75 days is going to suck eventually. Treadmills get boring. Walks get stale. Lifting weights require more rest. You can switch things up with a jump rope.

The fun factor is crucial to completing the 75 Hard Challenge. 

While everyone has a different outlook on what’s fun, we think the jump rope offers a fun workout for two main reasons:

    1. It gives you the freedom to take your workouts on the go and break free from the gym. No more staring at walls or screens.
    2. It gives you the ability to learn new skills. Jumping rope allows you to learn and progress with new skills like crisscrosses, double unders, and side swings. Each exercise is a new adventure and something you can add to your repertoire of skills.

Are you ready for a jump rope that'll change your life? Check out Crossrope.

75 Hard FAQs

Is the 75 Hard Challenge Safe?

One thing about 75 Hard is it fails to consider the specific lifestyles, fitness levels, and nuanced dispositions of many individuals. 

Can it be done safely? Yes, absolutely. 

Do you need to listen to your body, fuel yourself properly, and prioritize rest based on your individual needs? Also, yes. 

Is Modifying The 75 Hard Challenge Cheating?

According to Frisella, yes. By his rules, any modification is cheating. 

Here’s what Frisella has to say:

“If you modify the program just to say you completed it, did you really succeed? No. That’s the problem with your whole life… you constantly modify your plans & goals so you can say you completed them. By doing that, you never achieve what you’re actually capable of, and you’ll end up feeling worse about yourself because you know deep down you cheated.” 

Well, we think differently. 

Listen to your body. Do what’s right for you. Stay consistent, and you will see progress. 

If you manage to drink 80 ounces of water on some days, that’s still a win. 

On other days, if you manage to move your body for any amount of time—that’s also a win. 

If you want to listen to an audiobook while you cook, that’s another win.

There’s nothing wrong with using the 75 Hard Challenge as a set of loose principles for living well. If and when you need to modify, don’t be hard on yourself. 

How Do I Get Started?

Once you’ve given the 75 Hard rules some thought and you’ve decided to give it a go, you need a plan. Here are a few quick tips for getting started: 

    • Write down the 5 rules and keep them somewhere visible
    • Create a visual progress chart
    • Plan your meals and meal prep 
    • Choose workouts that are convenient and portable
    • Create a routine and stick to it
    • Have a backup plan

    What Should The Workouts Look Like? 

    It’s up to you! But if you ask us, you should choose workouts that are convenient and can be done anywhere. A jump rope is perfect to have around for doing the 75 Hard Challenge. You can jump indoors, outdoors, at the gym, and it fits easily in your bag if you’re on the go. 

    Plus, the Crossrope app is a great companion for the 75 Hard. With over 500 workouts to choose from, the Crossrope app will definitely keep your workout routine fresh. 

    If you’re in need of some accountability, you can take on our monthly jump rope challenge and use the daily workouts towards your 75 Hard goals.

    Over To You…

    What are your thoughts on the 75 Hard Challenge? Have you tried it? Let us know in the comments below. If this seems to be intimidating for you, check out our 30-day fitness challenge ideas to try something on your own terms. 

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