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Crossrope Jump Ropes | Over 28,000 5 Star Reviews

Read reviews from thousands of jumpers who've chosen Crossrope to work out anywhere.

Based on 30678 reviews
2 LB Heavy Rope
R. Anderson
Next level equipment!

Purchased the complete set of Get Fit & Get Strong ropes and handles (not AMP handles) and have been very satisfied with this purchase overall.

The quality is rock-solid and their exchange program for rope size exchanges is very generous as I exchanged my original purchased size of ‘Medium’ to a size ‘Small’.

I found for my height and jumping style (5’9”/3000 jumps a day) that the size Medium was too long for my personal taste,and they swapped out my complete set for a size Small,no questions asked.

I originally started jumping with a very basic, twenty-dollar,plastic-handled 5MM PVC rope to see if I liked it or not and got hooked on the benefits of jumping rope daily. Shelling out over $$365.00 for all 4-ropes/handles & a new oval jump mat brought my game up to its current level and can’t wait to master the 1 & 2 pound ropes for strength training.

Currently use the 1/2# rope daily and can definitely say,weighted ropes are better in every respect than a cheap rope will ever be.

Buy them. You always get what ya pay for and these ropes/handles are no exception !

AMP™ Handles
Amp is amazing

I absolutely love the AMP handles. Works simply and easily. An amazing product that amps up the fun with jumping rope and working out. Looking forward to years of use with this product.

Engaging and fun!

I was looking for a method to improve my cardio and have fun at the same, and with Crossrope app + ropeless AMP set I found my way! I love the programs and competing with global Crossrope users. Top!!

Get Lean
Barak Almog
Love my new Crossrope :))

Saw it on a YT video (Jump Rope Dudes), loved it, ordered it, 3 days later got it here in Thailand, tried it out, loved it even more, ditched my 200 Baht rope. Never looked back :))

I'm hooked.

Jump Rope Mat (Splash)
Christine Kibler
Beginner Chris

The crossrope is really nice way to build up your cardio.

Slim Handles
Cherokee Graham

Colored slim handles . Beautiful upgrade.

Best Jump Rope

I love the crossrope jump ropes they made me like jumping more then ever before, now with the weighted ones I feel like it’s an extra work out. I would recommend these ropes to anyone even people that don’t jump yet!

1 LB Heavy Rope
Danny Mermel
Great workout

We purchased Crossrope to add a new exercise to our weekly workout. The very surprising thing is its way more useful then we ever expected As a travel device it’s tops. As a full body work out it’s amazing. We enjoy it as a everyday workout and have moved away from the more convectional gym workout and totally embraced Crossrope

Slim Handles
Phil Sheats
Custom Ropes

I am fond of my personalized set. I like all my sets. I have Jump Rope Dudes Freestyle and Get Lean sets, Ultra Heavy, Heavy, Performance, and Performance Speedropes.

1/2 LB Jump Rope
Kumarie Ramos
Love it

Love the new colors allowing me to customize my ropes!

Power Handles
Great Step up from 1/2lb

I wanted a bit of an extra challenge from the 1/2lb, but the 1 lb was still too much. This is a perfect medium for me and just enough challenge without wiping me out entirely.

One Jump at a Time

I’ve never felt better after using Crossrope! I’m about 4 weeks in and feel great. Just take it slow, build a rhythm, build a habit, and Crossrope will take you to your goals. I can’t wait to see my results in a few months.

4 LB Heavy Rope
Mark Fisher
Best jump ropes there are

I bought my first cross rope 3 years ago, and now I own 5 different ones ranging from 3 ounces to 5 pounds. All other brands I've used have been replaced with this brand over the years (which is why I have 5)

Get Lean
Smooth sailing

I am impressed with the Crossrope ! I’ve tried so many jump ropes and none of them worked for me. I love the clip in handles which allows me to change out the rope. This allows me to vary the workout. If you feel awkward at first, stick with it and increase gradually. Let your body adapt to the jumping motion.


With its simplistic design and ease of use, this luxurious and stylish jump-rope will have you, friends and family jumping for joy. The engineering that was implemented into the design and manufacturing is hand down or hands up the best in its class, you will never need to buy any other brand.


High quality, feels really good

Get Lean
Jeffery Harris
Love it

I love my Crossrope! Everything I expected.

Super Impressed

The quality of this device is 10/10- in a world of plastic we like to use real materials that are built to last and look great too.

Power Handles
Rebecca Newton
I’m sorry I haven’t received my ropless 2lb ropes yet

Order the power handles and the 2lb ropeless ropes but only the power handles have arrived so I’m still waiting on my 2lb ropeless to be dispatched

Enjoying the variety of workout programs!

Get Lean
Good quality and spin

Feels like a really solid setup and the spin on the handles is super smooth. Having weight distributed through the rope itself is a great feeling and really challenges the shoulders and forearms. It’s sort of strange not being able to adjust the length at all, but considering the design I get it. It does feel like a different level from the ropes I’ve gotten elsewhere for less, so I haven’t at all regretted the investment.

3 oz Speed Rope
Gunter Straub
Thank you

I am 80 years old, or young, and only started skipping about 1 year ago. After trying out different ropes, I came across the Crossrope. Starting with the 1/4 pound rope, it finally gave me some feedback and improved my skipping. I am working on it 5 days a week, despite receiving cancer treatment. Skipping motivates me even on my off-days. There is something soothing about getting into the rhythm. I’ve now also started using the 1/2 pound rope to counteract muscle loss. Thank you.

Get Lean
Michele Brosio

Get Lean

Jump rope mat

Love it, saves your knees and ankles.

Excelente rope

Has the suficiente mobility, which allows you to exercise correctly.