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Jump Rope Warmup Routine for Jumpers of All Fitness Levels

jump rope warm up routine

What does your warmup look like?

Better question – are you even doing a warmup? Truth is, a good warm up – and in our case a good jump rope warmup routine - is essential if you not only want to minimize chances of injury, but get the most out of your workout.

The jump rope has always been a great warmup tool.

It gets the heart rate up, the blood flowing, and sweat dripping. But, with the use of heavy jump ropes, you now have a lot of options in regards to how you put together your warmup.

In this post we're going to cover two different warmups: a beginner jump rope warmup routine that anyone can do and an advanced jump rope warmup routine for athletes who need a little extra prep work before diving into dynamic, high-intensity training sessions.

Let’s take a look at both -

Do I Really Need a Warmup?

It’s an important question to begin with. We see too many people - even long-time gym-goers – completely skipping their warm-up.

Not a good idea.

A good warm-up does two things:

1 –It improves your performance in your workout

32 studies from the Department of Exercise Science at Bloomsburg University [see here] analyzed the effects of warming up on training performance. They found that a simple warm-up routine can improve performance in 79%.

That means adding a short warmup allows you to get more out of your workout.

2 –It decreases your risk of injury.

Another  study  (from Norway) found that by adding a warm-up session before your workout can reduce the incidence of knee and ankle injuries by at least 50%.

That means not only do you get more out of your workout, but you cut down on your chances of injury.

Long story short, including a warm-up in your routine is a no-brainer.

It helps increase your heart rate, blood flow, body temperature, respiration and perspiration rate. It also prepares your joints for action which increases your flexibility so you do your exercises with better form.


Good. Now let’s take a look at two different jump rope warm up routines.

Why the Jump Rope?

There are a lot of training tools you can use for your warmup and we suggest you experiment with all of your options.

But we like to use jump ropes for a few reasons.

They’re very good for getting your heart rate up quickly because you can easily scale your intensity level by changing your choice of exercise.

More so, there is a level of coordination and focus that is required with jumping rope that translates well to challenging training sessions. So a short jump rope session before your workout not only warms up the body, but also the mind.

There’s a plyometric component to jumping, which is great if you’re preparing for a dynamic or explosive workout.

With heavy ropes, you can now get the upper body engaged. For example, using the 1 Lb heavy rope for warm ups is great to get all your muscles firing.

Finally, the jump rope is portable so you can pull them out of your bag any time you need to do a quick warm up before any workout. You can't do that with many training tools.

Need a good set of ropes? Check out our most popular set -


The Get Lean Set is a powerful two rope training system that's ideal for all fitness levels.

Jump Rope Warm Up Routine for Beginners

Are you looking for a simple jump rope warm up that you can use before your workouts?

No matter what kind of workout you're doing, this beginner warmup routine will get the job done - you'll get your heart rate up, your blood flowing, and your body temperature up.

You will need a heavy jump rope warmup (we’ll explain why in the video below).

The beginner warmup simply alternates between heavy rope work and light rope work. We’ve got the full breakdown for you here:

Try this warm up before your next workout and let us know how it feels.

Advanced Jump Rope Warm up Routine

If you’re an athlete or your training sessions are very explosive/dynamic, then you'll need a more involved warm-up routine.

It doesn't necessarily have to be longer, but there are a few extra movements and intensity levels that we recommend you do with your rope to prep your muscles and neuromuscular system for work.

Again, you will need a heavy rope for this warm-up. A heavy jump rope will really help you get your nervous system going.

We’ve got the full breakdown for you in this video:

Try this advanced warm up routine before your next dynamic workout.

Quick Summary

The summary is simple – don’t skip your warmup.

It’s an essential component to any training routine if you want to improve your performance and minimize your chances of injury.

We’ve given you two different jump rope warm up routines that you can use to prep your body for action. Try them both and let us know how it goes!

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