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Crossrope Customer Spotlight: Getting Fit, No Overpriced Gym Required

Jump Rope Weight Loss Transformation

This is Tim. Tim’s journey using the Crossrope jump rope system is one that moved and motivated us. It’s one that showed us that hitting a goal weight is not as important as having a healthy mindset to achieve your weight loss goals. It’s one we think you should read.

Tim’s goal was not to lose a certain amount of weight or to look a certain way, but instead to live a longer life. Most importantly to feel better each day especially because the future is not guaranteed. 

Tim’s journey helped him live in the moment. And he wants to share that with all of you.


“I take my Crossropes everywhere with me – they have become an extension of my life… I wouldn’t trade my Crossrope experience for any gym membership out there.”


Truly inspirational, Tim’s story captures how finding your why is a total game changer for feeling better about yourself, changing your mindset, and improving your life. 

Tim’s Jump Rope Journey

In 2015, Tim’s brother fell ill at age 38. Then in 2016, he passed away at the age of 39. This tragedy triggered transformational changes for Tim as he began trying to improve his mental and spiritual health over the next few years. Tim’s brother’s life was cut short. Tim felt that he needed to make sure his brother didn’t die for nothing.

As part of his motivation, Tim watched a movie scene from Rocky IV where Duke tells Rocky, “Apollo was like my son, and when he died, a part of me died. But now you’re the one who is gonna keep his spirit alive, you’re the one who is gonna make sure he didn’t die for nothing. Now you’re gonna have to go through hell, worse than any nightmare you ever dreamed, but in the end, I know you will be the one standing.” 

Given the circumstances, this scene really hit home for Tim.

Tim started working to improve his mental and spiritual health over the next few years. But despite improvements to his mental wellbeing, he still suffered from borderline high blood pressure, acid reflux, heartburn, and snoring. Tim was also carrying more weight than ever and it was due to a lack of physical activity. 

He remembers how putting on his shoes was a struggle and he’d be out of breath. He told himself this is not how he should be feeling. As he was approaching 38 years of age, he promised himself that he’d do whatever it takes to be healthy and live past 38. Tim’s decision was originally a one year commitment, but little did he know that his life was about to change forever. 

We all have an inner flame burning, sometimes it just takes something outside of us to spark it back up again. Tim’s inner flame ignited into an epic bonfire fuelled by the motivation to stay healthy and it was time to get to work!

Making the Change

Upon turning 38, Tim began making more lifestyle changes. He started eliminating unhealthy foods and drinks that he suspected were keeping him from being active. He zeroed in on reducing sodium, sugar, and unhealthy fats. He also started eating more fruits and vegetables, rediscovering a love for healthy eating that he had forgotten all about.


“Diet is all about listening to your body—we tend to follow cookie cutter diets, but you need to pay attention to how your body feels after eating certain foods.”


Shortly after making major lifestyle changes, Tim’s sister recommended Crossrope, but Tim wasn’t convinced at first. He scoffed at the price and thought jump rope workouts were more of an exercise for kids. He also didn’t know anyone who used a jump rope for exercise. 

For exercise, Tim had been suffering through conventional running cardio — even with a history of runners’ knee, IT band issues, and other injuries from the beating his body was taking from running. All the while, Crossrope kept popping up. He stumbled upon the Jump Rope Dudes while doing some research and decided to give Crossrope a try. Tim bought his first jump ropes starting out with the Get Lean set (seen below).

Get Lean jump ropes from Crossrope

At first, Tim was out of breath after just 30 seconds of jumping with the Get Lean set. But he kept at it.

What Tim didn’t know at that time was that Crossrope was about to change his life. 

In five months with Crossrope, Tim lost 50 lbs going down from 220 to 170 lbs.

He went down from a waist size 38 to 31 and from an XL to medium shirt size. His blood pressure dropped. He didn’t suffer from acid reflux or heartburn anymore, and his snoring subsided. His body truly healed. Today, he can complete multiple back to back app workouts since his stamina, endurance, and strength are at an all time high. 

“I had no pain in my knees or any other joints from jumping rope.” 

Pro Tip: if you’re experiencing joint pain from jumping rope, we highly recommend using a jump rope mat to protect yourself from injuries. We’ve written in-depth about avoiding jump rope injuries.

After Crossrope, Tim sold his commercial cross-trainer, stationary rower, and a bunch of other fitness equipment that was a huge investment, but just didn’t work for him. “I don’t even use the free gym at work.” Tim 100% believes all he needs is his Crossrope. Tim isn’t the only one who ditched their transitional cardio options for jump rope, check out Sherri’s story who lost 40 lbs in 8 weeks with a quality weighted jump rope.


Now Tim looks back and wonders why he was hesitant to pay $99 — “that’s like a 2 month gym membership!” 


Jump rope cardio has helped Tim to de-stress and reset each day. He thinks that when people set weight loss goals or want to look a certain way, it can make workouts feel like a chore. 

His goal was not to lose a certain amount of weight or to look a certain way, but instead, to live a longer life. Most importantly to feel better each day especially because the future is not guaranteed. Tim’s journey helped him live in the moment. 

Don’t count the days — make the days count. 

Tim stopped counting the dollars he invested in jump rope, going on to get the Get Strong and Ultra Heavy LE sets. 

Looking at the price of a nutritionist and a gym membership, he thought to himself, “why pay for someone else to motivate me to get fit? I take my Crossropes everywhere with me. They’re an extension of my life. I’ve become a better team player at work and care about people more than ever — all because of skipping rope. I wouldn’t trade my Crossrope experience for any gym equipment or membership out there.” 

Tim aspires to teach people how to jump rope one day. 

“If Crossrope ever offers a vocation course — I’d love to teach!” 

Tim’s Message to the Community: 

“You need to take care of your physical health to improve your mental health. It’s a mindset and a lifestyle change and you need to listen to your body. You’ll never outgrow jumping rope. Don’t look at the past or the future, because you’ll miss today. It’s all about feeling better today.”


Jump Rope Weight Loss Transformation

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