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Fun Cardio: Adding A Jump Rope To Your Fitness Routine

fun exercises for indoor cardio

Are you looking to add fun exercises to your fitness routine?

A jump rope is a fun cardio tool to add to your fitness collection. The benefits of jumping rope are undeniable and the versatility offers plenty of ways to blend it into your existing workout mix.

We asked the Crossrope Jump Rope Fitness Community how they like to add their Crossropes into their workouts, and here’s what they said: 

Adding Fun Cardio To Your Workouts With a Jump Rope

“I always jump as my warm up for any strength workout and I jump as a finisher. If it's 'rest' day (only cardio) then I jump a full Crossropes challenge workout (instead of sandwiching my strength workout with it) and spend time on rope skill work. I never jump before a spin/cardio class, always after because it increases my work threshold since I'm already torched." - Corrie M.

A quick and effective jump rope circuit can be added to any fitness routine. Here are some fun exercise ideas to get you started.

1. Do a Jump Rope Warm-Up

“Jumping rope is part of my regular warm up.” - Bernie M.

If you are hitting the weights, running or doing yoga, a quick jump rope session can be an effective warm-up activity. Even just a few minutes of jumping will get your heart rate up, blood flowing, and muscles fired up.

“I do cardio and weight training three days a week each, and use one of the Crossrope App routines as the warmup for all six days” - Terrence B.

Check out our jump rope warm-up routine for help on how to structure a proper warm-up.

2. Do a Jump Rope Workout Finisher

Although jumping rope is a great warm-up activity, it’s an equally great workout finisher. Get your cardio in by jumping rope for a few rounds at the end of your workout.

“I believe in enjoying exercise! I use the jump rope app almost daily as a fun cardio finisher (some days I will pick two routines).” - Samantha M.

“I open with my daily beginner challenge, then strength training, then I usually finish with 100 reps with the 4lb jump rope and 100 reps with the 5lb jump rope.” - Chris S.

“I usually do it after my HIIT workout everyday.” - Charlotte S.

This five minute jump rope finisher is a quick exercise you incorporate into the end of your routine. Give it a try in your next workout.

3. Add Jump Ropes to Your Strength Training

If you’re focused on weight training, adding a jump rope into the cardio element of your current routine is a fun and effective way to build your endurance and burn calories in a shorter amount of time.

“Usually when lifting, I do 100 skips or more between sets. [It] adds some fun cardio.” - Alan M.

“I do the Crossrope challenges and bodyweight exercises/kettlebell." - Bryana G.

“[I use jump ropes] either in between sets of resistance exercises (weights or bodyweight movements) or as one of the fun exercises in my tabata workouts." - Kylana R.

Jumping rope is also a great active recovery tool to use on your (active) rest days or days when you want to get in a sweat, but just don’t feel like lifting weights.

“I do 3-4 of the Crossrope workouts a week, and include 2-3 weight training/mobility workouts.” - Lisa P.

“I do 15-40 minutes of jump rope on my days off of weight training as long as I'm recovering well from lifting. I strive for 3 days a week with my ropes.” - Katelyn A.

4. Add Jump Ropes to Your HIIT Circuits

The jump rope is the perfect tool for HIIT training.

“I use them for warmups and incorporate them as the fun cardio portion of my HIIT circuits.” - Khai V.
“I do CrossFit 5x a week but jump for 20 mins before class with my jump rope.” - Maggie M.

“I do a Crossrope workout first, and then a YouTube workout, doing bodyweight exercises HIIT and sometimes with weights.” - Katherine M.

A jump rope allows you to quickly and easily change your intensity at any time. With Crossrope, you get an added level of resistance with the interchangeable weighted jump ropes.


fun exercises for indoor cardio

5. Replace Your Run With a Jump Rope

If you’re a runner, a jump rope offers a different way to get your cardio done (in less time). When running isn't an option (time, weather, etc.) or you just want to mix things up, grab your rope and get a fun cardio workout in under 30 min, anywhere.

“I have my own jump rope routine, 6 sets of 1000 with various ropes and then I lift weights afterwards, 3 days a week. On alternate days, I run.” - Omotunde A.
“Doing a triathlon structured training plan. Replacing the first few months of running with jump rope workouts to strengthen the feet and lighten my stride when I start running outside.” - Louis P.

“ I train for ultra marathons so lots of running mileage but [jump rope] on days I don’t have long mileage.” - Cat M.

6. Pair a Jump Rope with Yoga, Pilates or Spin

If you want to upgrade your yoga and pilates workouts, a jump rope workout can offer a fun cardio, strength, and calorie-burning boost.

“I usually break my routine up throughout the day. Pilates (breakfast), jumping (lunch), yoga before bed.” - Nita C.

“[I do] yoga and skip rope pretty much every day.” - Leslie F.

Looking for something to do in-between your spin or row days? Jumping rope is easy to fit into your schedule. In less than 30 minutes a day, you can get a killer fat-burning workout from the comfort of your home (or anywhere you want).

“[I jump rope for] 10 -12 minutes after strength training 3 x's a week. Spin on opposite days.” - Carol D.

“I do cycling on a kickr, pump, yoga and jump rope.” - Vez S.

Check out these fun exercises you can mix into your next yoga, pilates or spin workout.

7. Just Jump

It’s always fun to mix things up with your workout routine. But sometimes, all you need is a quick and effective workout you can do in under 30 minutes.

If that’s you, grab your rope, download the Crossrope app (on Google Play or the App Store), and find a workout that fits your goals and schedule.

“Jump rope is my entire routine.” - Sheldon R.

“I do the [jump rope] challenge from the Crossrope gym at all.” - Manoj S.

“I am only doing the Crossrope jump rope workouts for now, but will add some more weight training down the line.” - Magnus H.

Get Started With Fun Cardio

If you're new to jumping rope, our popular beginners guide will help you get started with some basic jump rope techniques and fun exercises.

You can also download our free Crossrope app to start exploring ways you can incorporate fun exercises into your workouts today. You’ll get access to workouts you can do anywhere.

Looking for a great rope to add to your mix?

Crossrope’s interchangeable weighted jump ropes are great for both beginners and experienced jumpers. For new jumpers, the added weight of the rope slows down your rotation and provides just enough feedback for you to feel the rope turning around your body. This helps you time your jumps better, make fewer mistakes and learn faster (even if you’re not naturally coordinated).

For experienced jumpers, our heavy ropes offer a new type of full-body challenge that you’ll feel on the very first jump.

If you’re ready, choose your perfect jump rope set today.

Happy jumping!

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