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1 1/2 LB Heavy Rope (Like-new)

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The 1 1/2 LB heavy rope is a great intermediary heavy rope for those who are not quite ready for the 2 LB rope. It offers increased muscle engagement with every workout. *Handles not included* Like-new. Product sold as-is. Exchanges accepted.
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Frequently bought together:

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  • Proprietary coating allows for safe and durable jumping on any surface
  • Tangle free design minimizes trip-ups and makes carrying + storing easy
  • Pairs best with Heavy Performance Handles or Power Handles *not included*
What makes our ropes different?
  • Fast Clip Connection: change rope weights quickly
  • Premium handles: durable, easy-to-grip, backed by lifetime warranty
  • Superior Rope Durability: jump on any surface
  • Fun Workout Access: new app workouts added weekly
  • Open-Box: All open-box ropes and handles are offered at a discount and are FINAL SAPerformance. Coupons cannot be applied. No returns. Exchanges accepted.

Your Next

The Heavy Performance set is designed for jumpers of all fitness levels looking for a unique heavy rope challenge. Whether you're ready to upgrade from the 1/2 LB rope from your Get Lean set or looking for your next heavy rope after the 2 LB rope from Get Strong, the Heavy Performance set has your next challenge.

Image of Challenge
Heavy Performance Handles

Our Heavy Performance handles have been redesigned with the same level of detail and precision engineering you love. The new Performance handles are hand-stitched, offer an easy grip, and work well across the full range of Heavy Performance ropes.

Image of Heavy Performance Handles

Choose the right rope length for you based on your height.

If you are in-between sizes, and you're a beginner, the larger size is usually preferable because it allows more room for error. If you are more experienced, then the smaller size tends to be better. If you currently have a rope that you are comfortable jumping with, we recommend measuring your current rope, not including the handles, for a comparison.

Still need assistance? Watch sizing video

SizeUser HeightRope Length
XX-Smallup to 4'6"7'0"
X-Small4'6.5" - 5'0.5"7'6"
Small5'1" - 5'5"8'0"
Medium5'5.5" - 5'10"8'6"
Large5'10.5" - 6'1"9'0"
SizeUser HeightRope Length
XX-Smallup to 1.37m2.13m
X-Small1.38m - 1.54m2.29m
Small1.55m - 1.65m2.44m
Medium1.66m - 1.78m2.59m
Large1.79m - 1.86m2.74m
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One thing we’ve learned is that it's hard to describe what the Crossrope workout truly feels like until you try it yourself. Using weighted jump ropes is unlike any workout you've experienced, which is why we're confident you're going to love it from your very first jump.


To make your decision easy, we're giving you 60 days to use our ropes as much as you'd like so you can see the difference for yourself. If you aren't convinced, you can return them for free*, no questions asked.


Our return/exchange policy applies to any of our physical products (for apparel returns, your items must be tagged and unworn and in original packaging). Please note our return policy does not apply to subscription products including our Crossrope Membership. Products sold in "Deals" or "Like New" are limited to size exchanges only.

International Size Exchanges - Yes! Just pay one-way shipping and we will cover the rest. International Returns require customers to cover shipping costs.


All US orders ship free over $200 with ground shipping. Shipping is always free for returns (US only).

*Free Returns and Exchanges apply to US customers only. $40 restocking fee for Heavy Duty Gym Floor Tiles returns. For international returns/exchanges, simply cover one-way shipping costs. For more information please visit our help center.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 101 reviews
Kenneth Walson
best work out

Still the best work out that you can do anytime, anywhere. I started my crossrope journey in 2020, and still loving every moment.

Rene V.
Excellent quality, the handles are

Excellent quality, the handles are very comfortable and the heavy weight ropes give a great workout. Gets the blood pumping. Highly recommended.

Clay S.
I acclimated to the 1-pound

I acclimated to the 1-pound rope in the Get Strong set well but couldn’t quite find my way to the 2 pounder. This has been a perfect bridge.

Best jump ropes ever!

I adore my ropes and handles. These ropes and handle are much better than advertised! Superb workmanship and any of the ropes will get you In incredible shape! If you only do one exercise—make it jump rope, and advance your progress by using Crossrope’s!

Dave T.
My favourite rope; light enough

My favourite rope; light enough to maintain a good speed but heavy enough to feel your muscle's working hard

Angus L.
You don't get better than Crossrope.

As usual, the quality is fantastic. The new heavier handles are so good. The weight of ropes are so heavy, I'll never have to buy heavier. Not sure if im using the rope or the ropes using me but the action is great. Thank you Crossrope for yet another superb set of ropes and handles.

Ron S.
Why I like the 1 1/2 lb rope

I really like the 1 1/2 lb rope. I do use the 1 lb a lot, but sometimes feel like more weight. However the 2 lb. is often more than I want to deal with

Naoki P.
Excelente cuerda pesada!! El mango

Excelente cuerda pesada!! El mango es muy cómodo, y gira muy rápido y suave!

Megan S.
Just what my body needed.

These ropes have been exactly what my body and mind needed to take that next step in my fitness. As a Recreational Therapist and CPT, I can't recommend these enough for the benefits they have on your joints, strength and stability in all planes fo motion, proprioception, coordination, cardiovascular health, and headspace. Not only do I use them every week, but they are an essential part of the way I take care of myself while I travel. The overall value of these ropes in my life have turned me into a lifelong customer. Thank you Crossrope!

Larry C.
Recently received the 1.5 lb

Recently received the 1.5 lb rope and starting working out with it. Have been following the app and been having really good workouts. Glad it's warming up so I'm able to work outside.

Is the Heavy Performance Set right for me?
The Heavy Performance Set is designed for jumpers of all fitness levels looking for a unique heavy rope challenge. If you are just getting started with heavy rope training, the 3/4 LB rope is a great option. If you are looking to level up your strength workouts past what the Get Strong Set can offer, the 1 1/2 and 3 LB ropes are great options.
How should I determine my size?
All of our ropes are sized to your height. The recommended user height ranges are provided on all of our product pages. Please note that our ropes are NOT adjustable. For further guidance, please see our jump rope sizing page.

If you need a shorter size, we have XS/XXS available upon request.
How much space do I need to jump?
The recommended space needed for jumping rope is 10 ft front-to-back, 7 ft side-to-side, and a ceiling height that is roughly equal to your rope length.

So if you order size Small, you need at least 8 ft of ceiling height. If you order size Medium, you need at least 8’6” ft of ceiling height. If you order size Large, you need at least 9 ft of ceiling height. And if you order size XL, you need roughly 9’6” of ceiling height.

Please make sure your jumping space is clear and that you do not have anything on your ceiling that would obstruct your jumping (lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, etc.).
Do I need a jump rope mat?
Our ropes are designed with a proprietary coating for increased durability on all surfaces. However, Our ropes are designed with a proprietary coating for increased durability on all surfaces. However, a jump rope mat is recommended to prolong the lifetime of your jump ropes and will also protect the surfaces you're jumping on. Utilizing a mat will also reduce the stress on your joints.
Are Heavy Performance handles covered by warranty?
Our Heavy Performance Handles are covered by our lifetime warranty. That means if you ever experience any issues with your handles, our support team will provide you with a replacement right away. Due to the limited nature of the product, it may not be an exact replacement. For full details, please review our Product Use and Warranty policy.
What is Crossrope’s exchange / return policy?
We have a 60 day no-hassle returns and exchange policy which means you can try the ropes, use them on any surface, and still return them if you don't love them. If you are purchasing our ropes as a gift, you can be sure that if your gift receiver needs a size or product exchange, we'll be there to help.
Does Crossrope offer gift cards?
Yes! Get your Crossrope Gift Card here.