Janine Delaney

Janine Jump Rope Set

The Janine Delaney Get Lean Set includes the 1/4 LB rope, 1/2 LB rope, and Slim handles. Perfect for your weight loss goals.

Janine Jump Rope Set
Janine Jump Rope Set
Janine Jump Rope Set
Janine Jump Rope Set
Janine Jump Rope Set
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From professional ballet to competing in fitness competitions, Janine is here to help others realize that being fit is not just about the way you look. She believes that striking a healthy balance between mind, body, and soul is the key to becoming the best version of ourselves that we can be. Guided by her own philosophy, she feels better physically and mentally than ever before.

Jumping With The Best In The World

Janine's philosophy revolves around the mind, body and soul. Achieve balance with a jump rope to feel healthier, both physically and mentally.

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