Weighted Jump Rope Benefits You Can’t Miss Out On [INFOGRAPHIC]


Some people know the powerful benefits of weighted ropes.

A weighted rope workout touches on everything from improved conditioning, endurance, coordination, balance, speed, weight loss, foot work, and more. And, it's a proven tool that's been around for centuries.

But what happens when you introduce resistance into your jump rope training to create a weighted rope workout? More importantly, what are the benefits of weighted ropes that you can't miss out on?

That's what we want to explore today.

In this infographic, we want to show you how you can get more out of each workout simply by introducing a heavy rope into your training mix. Who knows - maybe it will even inspired you to get started with your own jump rope journey!

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You ready? Let's jump right into the unique benefits of weighted ropes...

Weighed Jump Rope Benefits Infographic

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