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6 Jump Rope Accessories You Need For Strength Training At Home

6 Jump Rope Accessories You Need For Strength Training At Home

Sometimes it can feel like a chore to drag ourselves to the gym. 

Don’t underestimate the power of mixing up your routine with a solid home workout plan

If you’re looking for efficiency + practicality, weighted jump rope training is a brilliant gym alternative for strength training at home. 

At Crossrope, we want to make sure that jumpers of all fitness levels get the most out of their jump rope experience. So we’ve put together a list of essential jump rope accessories that can help you get a great strength workout at home or on the go. 

You’ll never have to worry about finding time for fitness again. 

Let’s go! 

Strength Training At Home Without Equipment

It’s not easy (and not cheap) to stock up on a bunch of dumbbells, bars, and plates to strength train at home, which is why weighted jump ropes are handy to have around. 

You don’t need the extra gym equipment to target your major muscle groups when you jump heavy. Weighted jump ropes are an affordable, convenient + portable substitute for the weight rack. 

Plus, you burn more calories with a weighted rope than a light rope. 

If you want to incorporate more strength training into your home workouts but don’t have the budget for expensive weight training equipment, we recommend trying the Get Fit Bundle.

The bundle includes a 1/4 LB, 1/2 LB, 1 LB, and 2 LB rope. Now it might not seem heavy as far as weights go, but wait until you’re throwing that 2 LB rope around your body— it’s no joke. 

How To Do Strength Training At Home With Jump Ropes

So, how does strength training with jump ropes work? 

Weighted jump ropes create resistance. With added resistance, you activate + engage more muscle groups with every rotation. 

You can work on core strength, upper body strength, grip strength, and more in a single workout with weighted jump ropes. After an intense 20-minute workout (and yes, that’s all the time you need), you’ll feel like you’ve conquered a full-body training session. 

Want to take that strength training session up a notch? Here are the accessories you need to make your jump rope strength workouts perfect. 

7 Jump Rope Accessories For Strength Training 

1. Best Mat for Jumping Rope 

The surface you jump on matters, and that kicks off our jump rope accessories list. The perfect jump rope setup isn’t complete without the right surface to jump on. 

If you’re planning to do jump rope workouts often, you should be using a jump rope mat as much as you can. 

Not only will the best jump rope mat protect your ropes from wear and tear, but it also helps prevent injuries like shin splints.

Can you jump rope on a yoga mat? 

Depending on how often you jump rope, you’ll want to use a mat that’s more substantial than a standard yoga mat. 

If you’re looking for a yoga mat alternative, check out our Crossrope LE Mat; it’s built with a tapered edge for stability, and it’s heavier than most yoga mats making it less likely to slip during your workouts. Plus, it’s great for bodyweight exercises. Think of it like a gym floor you can take with you.

The Crossrope LE Mat makes any surface a jumping surface. 

2. Crossrope’s Jump Rope Training App 

The Crossrope app has the best at home strength training workouts that fit perfectly into any schedule.

Only have 5 minutes? We have 5-minute workouts. Have a full hour to spare? We have hour-long workouts too. 

The app is designed to help people experience a fun way to get a great full-body workout anywhere. Plus, it’s easy to get started even if you’ve never jumped rope before. 

The thousands of 5-star reviews speak volumes, but you should try it for yourself and get access to features like: 

  • Daily workouts for strength training, weight loss, and jump rope cardio
  • A monthly jump rope workout challenge
  • Goal-specific programs to sculpt + tone your body
  • A custom workout timer that guides you through exercises with audio + visual cues
  • Activity tracking so you can easily track your progress, set weekly workout goals, and see calories burned with options to sync with Apple Health + Google Fit
  • Quick-start tutorials for learning new skills
  • A jump counter you can use during your workouts or on its own 

Find the Crossrope app on the App Store + Google Play.

3. Good Shoes

Just like not having the best jump rope mat, not having the right shoes can have a huge impact on your jump rope experience. 

The wrong shoes can not only make it difficult to maintain a good jumping rhythm, but they can also set you up for potential injuries. 

When it comes to training and exercise, shoes should do a few things:

  • Protect your feet from injury during exercise
  • Act as good shock absorbers when your foot strikes the ground
  • Keep your feet comfortable
  • Make you look like a badass when you’re training 

For specific examples of great shoes for jumping rope, check out this guide

4. A Killer Playlist 

Listening to music while exercising doesn’t just relieve boredom— it can actually help improve workout performance by increasing your stamina + putting you in a better mood.

Music is proven to have physical and psychological benefits. When a song has a strong, steady beat, for example, you can jump to the beat of the music, which tends to feel more satisfying. It can also inspire you to push harder during your workout. 

Need some playlist inspiration? We’ve put together a workout music list of over 200 songs for a better jump rope workout + included the BPM for each song, so you’ll know what tempo you’re jumping at! 

OR you can follow Crossrope on Spotify for more jump rope playlists. 

5. Comfortable Clothes 

Sweaty clothes are the last thing you want to think about while you’re going all-in on your workout. That’s why you need the best workout clothes to keep you dry, cool, and comfortable. 

The main qualities to look for in workout clothes are pieces that are moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and odor-resistant. Your choice of material is one of your strongest weapons, and you’ll want to look for options make with some or all of the following: 

  • Polyester is one of the best materials for heavy sweating because it’s so good at wicking moisture. It also dries quickly and preventing bacteria from building up and causing odor. 
  • Nylon is another excellent choice for sweaty workouts. It helps lift the sweat from your skin and moves it to the outer fabric layer to dry quickly.
  • Spandex, although not specific to sweat control, is an excellent option for your workout gear because it stretches to help create a full range of motion while you’re moving your body. 

You want your workout clothes to be functional, but you get bonus points for looking good! Check out our We Jump Apparel for some fresh gear.

6. Spare Jump Rope Handles 

The Crossrope weighted rope system comes with interchangeable handles so you can switch between weights on the fly. 

If you really want to power through your strength training workouts, it’s worth picking up extra handles to make changing ropes seamless. Spend more time jumping and less time swapping handles. 

Have Other Ideas? 

What other strength training accessories do you use to get the most out of your jump rope workouts? We want to hear about your strength training routine. Don’t be shy, brag a little! Tell us about your gym setup in the comments below.

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