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6 Fun Partner Workouts To Try At Home Or At The Gym

6 Fun Partner Workouts To Try At Home Or At The Gym

At Crossrope, we’re a big fan of partner workouts. We know from studies that working out with a buddy can help you exercise more. Whether it’s your neighbor, your significant other, or a friend from work, having a companion to workout with is one of the ways to keep your exercise commitments, have more fun, and break out of an exercise rut.

Today, we’re offering up some ideas of specific workouts you can do with a partner. These two-person exercises can be modified to your comfort level and are designed to be fun, motivating, and challenging. Let’s get started! 

Creating Your Partner Workout Routine

It’s best to go into an exercise session with a plan. Know which exercises you want to do, and how many sets and reps you want to achieve. This will take away any in-the-moment decision-making and ensure you can make the most of your workout time. 

Start with a warm-up to get your blood flowing, then give these ten partner workouts a go! These exercises range in difficulty and equipment needed, with some needing only yourselves, and others using our weighted jump ropes

6 Fun Partner Workouts to Try Today

1. Rock, Paper, Scissors, Plank

You’ve likely seen (or performed) high-five partner planks. You and a partner get in a planking position facing one another and give high fives with alternating hands. High-fiving not only gives your partner a little boost of motivation but also helps improve your stability as you remove one point of contact with the ground.

But we thought we could make it a little more fun. Instead of high-fiving, play a few rounds of rock, paper, scissors. 

Try going for 7 rounds, with the loser having to remain in plank form for an additional 60 seconds. 

2. Jump Rope Sequence Race

Nothing like a little friendly competition to get your motivation moving with your workout partner. This jump rope partner workout was featured on our YouTube channel a few years ago and is still one of our favorites. 

The goal? See who can complete a jump rope sequence the quickest. Here’s the routine we use in this video

  • 100 basic jumps
  • 80 alternate foot jumps
  • 60 jump rope jacks
  • 40 double unders
  • 20 burpees

3. Medicine Ball Sit-ups

Sit-ups are not known as the most fun exercise on the planet, but they can be more bearable with a partner. 

To do this one, both partners should get in sit-up position, facing one another with one partner holding the medicine ball. 

Both partners will do a sit-up simultaneously, and pass the medicine ball between each other. 

To make this a little more fun, set a timer on your phone for a random number of seconds. Whoever is holding the ball when the timer goes off has to do ten burpees. 

4. Wheelbarrow Push-ups

Remember doing wheelbarrow races in grade school? It’s time to get back in the schoolyard mindset with wheelbarrow push-ups. 

Partner A will get down into a plank position. Partner B will carefully lift up the planked partner’s ankles (make sure they don’t topple over!). Then, Partner A will do push-ups while Partner B squats. This one is great for improving stability and multi-tasking! 

5. Leapfrog

Speaking of schoolyard games, a classic game of leapfrog is an excellent way to work on your coordination and leg strength. Partner A will crouch down on the ground, and Partner B will push off of their shoulders to jump over them, landing in front of them. Then, Partner A will crouch and Partner B will jump. To make this move even more challenging, do three deep squats after landing. 

6. Jump Rope and Rest

While some jump rope exercises have both partners working out in tandem, this one is a little different and offers rest breaks between sets. 

You’ll start by determining a jump rope sequence. For example: 

  • Basic jump
  • Alternate foot jump
  • Double unders

Starting with the first move in the sequence, one partner jumps for 30 seconds while the other rests (or acts as cheerleader!). Then, the second partner does 30 seconds of the first move, giving the first partner a chance to rest. Move through the sequence 3-5 times. 

Try More Fun Partner Workouts

Our jump rope app has hundreds of workouts you can do solo or with a partner. And all you need to get started is a weighted jump rope and a little motivation. You and your partner could also try a 30-day fitness challenge together! 

Have you tried any of our partner workouts? Let us know in the comments.

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