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15 Fun Jump Rope Exercises to Boost Your Workout Routine (With Video Tutorials)

jump rope used for jump rope workouts

Are you looking to learn some new jump rope workouts you can do at home?

Whether you're new to jumping rope or you've been at it for years, it's always fun and exciting to learn new tricks and add new exercises to your jump rope routine.

In this post, we're sharing 15 fun jump rope exercises that you can learn and use anywhere to make your exercise time more effective. Let's dig in.

Full list of the best jump rope workouts you’ll see below:

  1. Basic jump
  2. Alternate foot jumps
  3. Boxer step
  4. High knees
  5. Jump rope jacks
  6. Mummy kicks
  7. Criss-cross
  8. Side swing
  9. Side under jump
  10. Half and Full twist
  11. Single foot jumps
  12. Heel toe step
  13. Double Unders
  14. Criss cross double unders
  15. Backwards jumping

Check out a full playlist of our jump rope tutorials or subscribe to our YouTube channel for more tips, workouts, and jump rope tutorials.

Benefits of Jump Rope Workouts

Before we dive into our list of exercises, we want to explain some of the benefits of jumping rope as well as how you can make use of them to achieve your fitness goals.

The jump rope is a versatile training tool. It gives you the freedom to take your workouts on the go (see our workout app), burn more calories, improve your cardio, and achieve your fitness goals without getting bored at the gym.

But one of the best parts about the jump rope is that you're constantly learning. You're constantly being challenged as you start learning new jump rope exercises and skills. And this beats a monotonous run or a boring treadmill session any day.

So go ahead and explore these jump rope workouts below. Learn the basic jump first, then choose a couple from the list that you want to add to your repertoire. Use them in your warm-up. Use them as a workout finisher. Build workouts around them. Use them with our app.

Just use them and have fun :)

Best Jump Rope for Learning

If you're looking for jump ropes to help you quickly learn these jump rope exercises, take a look at our popular Get Fit Bundle which includes both our Get Lean Set and Get Strong Set.

Crossrope jump rope that can be used during jump rope workouts

The added resistance in our weighted jump ropes will help you slow down your rotation and give you the feel you need to learn these exercises without tripping up or getting frustrated. Plus, a jump rope cardio or endurance routine engages muscles in your entire body, giving you a full-body workout you can do anywhere, anytime!

When you're ready, let's get into the jump rope workout, tricks, and exercises.

1. Jump Rope Basic Jump

The basic jump is the most fundamental jump rope exercise every beginner needs to learn when creating a comprehensive jump rope workout experience. It's a simple exercise that we use frequently in our workouts, particularly with a heavy jump rope. If you're new to jumping rope, we recommend learning this exercise before moving to any of the other exercises in this list.

Try with: the 1/2 LB Jump Rope from the Get Lean Set

2. Jump Rope Alternate Foot Step Jump

The alternate foot step jump is one of the most effective and frequently used jump rope exercises that you will have in your repertoire. This our go-to for high-intensity jump rope workouts and weight loss fitness challenges because of the level of intensity that can be achieved. If you really want to push yourself, try this exercise at max pace with a heavy rope.

Try with: the 1 LB Heavy Rope from the Get Strong Set

3. Jump Rope Boxer Step Jump

The boxer step jump is a classic jump rope exercise that boxers have popularized. The boxer step jump allows you to jump for longer periods at a time because you're constantly shifting your weight from one side to the other. It's a great jump rope workout for improving your endurance and boosting cardio.

Try with: 1/4 LB Jump Rope from the Get Lean Set

4. Jump Rope High Knees

The High Knee Step (aka High Knees) is a higher-intensity variation of the alternate foot step jump. This skipping exercise will get your heart rate up quickly and give you the ability to do some really effective fat-burning jump rope workouts. 

Try with: 1/4 LB Jump Rope from the Get Lean Set

5. Jump Rope Jacks

Jump rope jacks are fun for all levels of jumpers. This jump rope exercise will improve your coordination and give you a fun new way to do your basic jumps. Along with the alternate foot step, this is a great exercise to add after you learn the basic jump.

Try with: the 1/2 LB Jump Rope from the Get Lean Set

6. Jump Rope Mummy Kicks

Mummy kicks are fun to learn and easy for beginners. If you're looking to add some variety to your jump rope workouts, try adding these to your repertoire. Check out the full tutorial below.

Try with: 1/2 LB Jump Rope from the Get Lean Set

7. Jump Rope Criss-Cross

The criss-cross is a very popular jump rope exercise. This jump rope trick requires a little more time and patience to master, but once you get it you will be able to target your upper body muscles more effectively in your jump rope workouts. It also looks pretty badass.

Try with: 1/2 LB Jump Rope from the Get Lean Set

8. Jump Rope Side Swing

The side swing is a simple exercise that will make your jump rope workout more effective. Not only does it look sleek, it gives you the ability to actively rest during your workout. When used with heavy ropes, side swings can also offer an upper-body workout, anywhere.

Try with: the 1 LB Heavy Rope from the Get Strong Set

9. Side Under Jump

The side under jump looks more challenging than it actually is. It's a great exercise for adding variety to your jump rope workouts and it's what you'll want to work towards once you have some of the other exercises mastered.

Try with: 1/2 LB Jump Rope from the Get Lean Set

10. Jump Rope Half and Full Twist

The half twist and the full twist exercises are fun variations of the basic jump. Tip: get the motion and rhythm down first before you try it with a rope in your hands.

Try with: 1/4 LB Jump Rope from the Get Lean Set

11. Jump Rope Single Foot

While we don't use them often in our jump rope workouts, single foot jumps are fun to learn. They'll help you improve your balance, coordination, and ankle strength. Keep in mind that any single foot work will place more stress on your calves, so don't use this one until you feel ready. Always go at your own pace.

Try with: the 1/2 LB Jump Rope from the Get Lean Set

12. Jump Rope Heel Toe Step

The heel-toe-step jump is great for footwork and coordination. It's a fun skill that you can utilize in any jump rope circuit. Pay attention to the foot pattern shown in the tutorial video below.

Try with: 1/2 LB Jump Rope from the Get Lean Set

13. Double Unders

Double unders are one of the most sought-after jump rope tricks. Popularized by CrossFit circles, this is a challenging, high-intensity exercise that can really take your strength or cardio workouts to the next level. But the double under takes time and patience to master. In fact, we've built an entire (free) comprehensive guide to help you learn how to do double unders.

Try with: 1/4 LB Jump Rope from the Get Lean Set

14. Criss-Cross Double Unders

The criss-cross double under is a highly advanced and explosive jump rope exercise that we don't recommend trying until you feel very confident with the standard double under. However, it's a great exercise for building power, strength, and endurance.

Try with: 1/2 LB Jump Rope from the Get Lean Set

15. Backwards Jumping

The great thing about backwards jumping is that you can essentially do all of the exercises above backwards which means you're doubling your exercise repertoire. Learning to jump rope backwards will improve your coordination and feel for the rope. Check it out below.

Try with: the 1 LB Heavy Rope from the Get Strong Set

Your Turn

We hope this post was helpful in showing what exercises you can add to create the best jump rope workout for you. What’s your favorite jump rope exercise?

Let us know in the comments below!

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