Benefits of Jumping: The Unique Value of Jump Rope Training

31st Aug 2018

Benefits of Jumping: The Unique Value of Jump Rope Training

The popularity of jump rope training has exploded over the past few years, but many gym-goers are still unaware of the jump rope benefits that come with this style of training.

The  jump rope is one of the oldest training tools.

It’s great for all fitness and ability levels. It fits in with all training goals – whether it be fat loss, endurance, strength, or performance. And it gets the job done. Always. Anywhere.

In this comprehensive post we’re going to dissect the benefits of jumping rope and show you why we (and many others) believe that the jump rope should be part of every training routine.

Before We Start

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Simple Jump Rope Benefits

The jump rope is a very versatile and convenient tool. Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the benefits of jumping we’ll be covering in this post.

  1. Boosted fat burning: Research has shown that jumping rope can help you burn roughly 1,300 calories per hour and our case studies have proven it.
  2. Increased muscle engagement: With heavy jump ropes, you engage more muscle groups with every workout, leading to faster results.
  3. Improved cardio: jumping rope can raise your heart rate two to three times faster than other exercises and offer the same aerobic building benefits as running with less impact on the joints.
  4. Improved mental sharpness:  jumping rope helps with the development of the left and right hemispheres of your brain, which further enhances spatial awareness, improves reading skills, increases memory and makes you more mentally alert.
  5. The fun factor: jumping rope is a fun way to achieve your fitness goals. It’s fun to work on new skills, like double unders and cross-overs. It’s fun to be able to take it on the road and do your workouts anywhere. It’s fun to share with a partner.

Let’s expand a little bit on each of the benefits (and explore a few more).

Benefit 1 - Fast Fat Burning

So what does jump roping do to your body? We’ve covered  jump rope fat loss in depth in other posts.

Science has shown it. We’ve seen it over and over again through the fitness challenges and bootcamps we host inside our jump rope community.

In fact, one of our community members  Dean Massa was able to lose 45 pounds in less than three months by joining our Jump Rope Challenge.

Research has shown that jumping rope can help you burn roughly 1,300 calories per hour. Specifically:

“This aerobic exercise can achieve a “burn rate” of up to 1300 calories per hour of vigorous activity, with about 0.1 calories consumed per jump.Ten minutes of jumping rope can roughly be considered the equivalent of running an eight-minute mile.”

So yeah – if weight loss is on your check list, the jump rope can help.

Benefit 2 - Improved Mental Sharpness

How many training tools can you say make you smarter?

According the  Jump Rope Institute, jump rope helps with the development of the left and right hemispheres of your brain, which further enhances spatial awareness, improves reading skills, increases memory and makes you more mentally alert.

As described in  this article from BrainHQ, the best exercise for the brain involves a combination of timing, rhythm, coordination, and mental strategy.

Think about what happens when you’re jumping rope.

You’re combining timing and rhythm and you’re constantly having to make quick calculations to ensure your brain is recognizing the rope’s distance, speed, direction, and position relative to your body to ensure the rotations keep going.

This combination of physical and mental activity has a greater effect on cognitive function. If you like to be productive and efficient with your time, look no further than the jump rope.

Enough said.

How many training tools can you say make you smarter?

Benefit 3 - Great for Aerobic Exercise

Boxers and martial artists have long used the jump rope to build the aerobic capacity needed for long-lasting battles in the ring.But they’re not the only ones who can benefit from this style of training.The jump rope is a great tool for building cardio and endurance, no matter what your current fitness level is.Check out Karen’s post in our community about what she’s been able to accomplish over the course of the challenge -

Many of the jumpers in our community have also completely  replaced running with jumping rope because it offers the same aerobic building benefits with less impact on the joints.

So if you’re looking to boost your cardio, the jump rope can help.

Benefit 4 - It's Fun

We’ve saved the best for last because we consider this an important element of fitness that doesn’t get a lot of attention.

The fun factor is crucial when it comes to finding a sustainable exercise routine.

We all know that when it comes to exercise, consistency is everything. You need to be able to stick with your routine over the long-haul if you want to see true, lasting results.

But in order to be consistent with something, you have to actually enjoy doing it. You have to have some fun with it.

Now while everyone has a different outlook on what’s fun, I think it’s safe to say there are a lot of training methods out there that can get quite boring and monotonous (fun fact: did you know that the treadmill was invented to punish and discipline prisoners.)

The jump rope is different.

It gives you the freedom to take your workouts on the go and break through the confines of the gym. No more staring at walls or screens.

It gives you the ability to progress. It’s fun to learn new skills like criss crosses, double unders, and side swings. Each exercise is a new adventure and something you can add to your repertoire of skills.

It gives you the ability to compete both with yourself and with other jumpers. You can challenge yourself with our workouts or tackle a workout with a partner ( like this).

It gives you endless versatility. There are hundreds of ways you can structure a jump rope workout to get lean, strong, and fit at your own pace. If you want to discover what this looks like, join our challenge and get 30 unique workouts to work through.

Firas, one of our jump rope fitness community members, said:

I've always hated the cardio warm-up part of working out whether it was on a treadmill or elliptical machine as they're boring for me. What I love about the jump rope is that it's challenging and forces me to be more mindful of what I'm doing. This way it's both a warm-up for my body and my mind that helps me go into my workouts with more focus.

Pretty good so far.

So we’ve covered the basic jump rope benefits that most people already know.

But that’s just the beginning. We wanted to dig deeper.

What Our Community Had to Say

We wanted to get into the trenches and talk to actual jumpers to find out what benefits really matter to them. So we’ve polled over 30,000 jumpers in our jump rope community and asked them what jump rope benefits are most important to them.

Here were some of our favorite responses:

If you'd like to read all of the responses, check out the full post here.

We’re not finished yet. Let’s dig deeper.

Benefits of HEAVY Jump Ropes

The average jump rope has been around for a long time.

And apart from some slight improvements in design and material choice, very little has changed about it over the past century.

That is, until the introduction of heavy jump ropes.

We believe that heavy  jump ropes are the best kept secret in fitness. In fact, Men’s Health recently said:

We’ve talked about the advantage of weighted jump ropes in the past, but here are some of the key benefits of heavy jump rope training –

Heavy Benefit 1 - Almost Every Other Benefit is AMPLIFIED

Each of the jump rope benefits outlined above is amplified when you introduce heavy ropes into the mix.

The fat burning is more substantial because more muscle groups are engaged (see heavy benefit 3). The mental component is heightened because of the increased level of fatigue. The cardio boosting effects are greater, as are the new elements of strength and power. The versatility is enhanced because now you have a variety of rope weights to work with.

And yeah - it’s way more fun when you’ve got more ropes to work with.

Heavy Benefit 2 - Faster Learning

Learning how to jump rope can be frustrating if you’re using a cheap, plastic rope. That’s because there’s very little feel of the rope – there’s little feedback. And it makes it difficult to know when to time your jumps.

A (slightly)  heavy rope – like our 1/2 LB Jump Rope from our Get Lean Set – offers just enough feedback to help you get the feel you need for the rope.

Shop Get Lean Set

That makes it much more effective for beginners.

Heavy Benefit 3 - More Muscle Engagement

With heavy jump ropes, more muscle groups are engaged on each and every rotation. And that adds up over time.

Check out the difference between the use of light and heavy ropes:

The heavier the rope, the greater the resistance. And the greater resistance, the greater the muscle engagement.

Benefits of Interchangeable Jump Ropes

Finally, let’s bring it all together.

The real advantages and benefits of jumping rope come from being able to utilize a combination of light and heavy jump ropes within your workouts.

Think about how you use other training tools, like dumbbells. You don’t just train with a single set of weights. You have different weights that you mix and match depending on what you’re trying to achieve.

The same goes with jump ropes.

Lighter ropes are great for getting lean and improving endurance. Heavier ropes are great for building strength and power. Together, the combination gives you the ability to build up your overall fitness.

And that’s what our focus was with creating the Jump Rope Fitness System – we wanted to create a jump rope system that delivered the ultimate jump rope experience; a jump rope system designed for your fitness goals.

The Get Fit Bundle is a powerful four rope training system that's ideal for all fitness levels.

Our jump rope fitness system is designed with a fast-connection system that allows you to easily and quickly switch between different weights of ropes during your workout.

Jump Rope Benefits Summary

There you have it - all of the  jump rope benefits that you’ll ever need to know. The goal was to show you the true value of jump rope training and hopefully you have a better understanding of all the benefits.

If you’re not convinced that jumping rope can get you the fitness results that you want or if you’re not convinced that this tool belongs in your training arsenal in some capacity…

Then perhaps you need to scroll up and read it again. :)

Seriously. Don’t miss out on all of the amazing benefits of skipping rope that I’ve are outlined for you above. It’s easy to get started and worth the try.

Now tell us– what is the one benefit that stands out most to YOU? Leave your response in the comments below.

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