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Bolt Set


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  • Product Description

    For high performance, high speed double unders and freestyle jumping, look no further!


    • Includes Crossrope Bolt Handles, 1 Oz Sprint Rope and 2 Oz Speed rope. Two high performance ropes to help you maximize your double unders and speed skills!
    • The 1 Oz Sprint Ropes and 2 Oz Speed rope (each is 10' length) and are both compatible with the aluminum Bolt handles and are fully adjustable with included hex key. (these are indoor use only and require cable cutters to clip to a shorter size)
    • The Sprint and Speed ropes provide two options for any jumper looking to perform double unders, triple unders, or high speed freestyle jumping.


    Detailed Overview

    The Bolt handles embody new design concepts for those who need top speed and top performance.  The lightweight design and premium bearings provide the ultimate jumping experience.

    Fly through double unders with the 1 Oz Sprint Rope. (Indoor Only)

    Improve speed and skill with the 2 Oz Speed Rope. (Indoor Only)

    The 1 Oz Sprint rope is for more advanced jumpers, while the 2 Oz Speed rope provides feedback to newer jumpers who want to improve timing and learn double unders.

    • Bolt handles are made with high grade aluminum and ultra-premium ball bearings for unparalled performance. (Weight: 2 Oz)
    • Sprint Rope: kink resistant Nylon coated Steel cable for maintaining a consistent arc
    • Speed Rope: kink resistant PVC coated Steel cable for flexibility
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    Set: Bolt
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