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What are the benefits of a weighted jump rope?

Weighted jump rope training is one of the best-kept secrets in the fitness world, but that’s about to change. A weighted jump rope workout supports various fitness goals from weight loss, endurance, coordination, balance, and conditioning. Below you’ll find information about the four core benefits of incorporating a weighted jump rope into your fitness routine.


You Burn More Calories

Do weighted jump ropes burn more calories than other exercises? Absolutely! With a weighted jump rope, you double your calorie burn. Research has shown that jumping rope can burn over 1000 calories an hour. Compared to other activities, jumping rope is one of the most efficient forms of exercise you can do when it comes to calorie burning.


You Learn Faster

Weighted jump ropes slow down your rotations and offer just enough physical feedback to help you get the rope’s correct feel. As a result, you can perfect your timing and coordination naturally. Knocking out the learning curve leads to less frustration, fewer mistakes, and much faster skill development than light ropes.


Greater Muscle Engagement

Weighted jump ropes offer added resistance causing you to activate and engage more muscle groups with every rotation. You can work on core strength, upper body strength, grip strength, and more in a single workout with weighted jump ropes. After an intense 20-minute workout, you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished a full-body training session.


It's fun and versatile

With weighted jump ropes, you’ll have a diverse range of training options. Not only are weighted jump ropes good for cardio and HIIT workouts, but they’re also excellent for strength, endurance, and performance training. Weighted jump ropes can easily be incorporated into warm-ups and cool-downs; they can be used indoors and outdoors; they make a perfect addition to other training tools like weightlifting and much more.

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Free US return shipping, full refund,

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Your weighted jump rope questions, answered

How do weighted jump ropes work?

Is there a difference between weighted ropes and weighted handles?

There are two issues with weighted handles. First, since you’re holding the handle in place at all times, the weight doesn’t move exceptionally fast or far. As a result, your body doesn’t have to work very hard to move that weight. The other issue is when the handle is heavier than the rope it can negatively impact your rhythm and coordination. When the weight is in the rope itself, you activate more muscle groups leading to better results.

Are weighted jump ropes suitable for beginners?

Do weighted jump ropes build muscle?

What muscle groups do weighted jump ropes target?

Do weighted jump ropes burn more calories than light ropes? 

Are weighted jump ropes more effective than running?

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