The Best Beginner Jump Rope Workout Routine

The Best Beginner Jump Rope Workout Routine

Today we're excited to bring you the perfect beginner jump rope workout guide.

If you're just getting started with your jump rope fitness journey or if you just got your Crossrope jump rope set and you're wondering what jump rope workout to start with, this simple 10 minute jump rope workout is for you.

You'll learn what exercises to focus on, what technique tips to pay attention to and how to get access to fun and effective beginner workouts wherever you go.

Let's jump in.

Are you looking for a jump rope routine that's a little more challenging? Check out this blog article for 15 jump rope workouts to mix into your training. 

Best Jump Rope for Beginners

Before we get into the workout, let’s quickly go over which jump rope we recommend you use when getting started.

For beginners, we suggest starting with a slightly heavier jump rope. A heavier rope offers unique benefits, but it also helps slow down your rotation and offers more feedback during jumping. This allows you to time your jumps better which means fewer trip-ups and much faster learning. If you’ve struggled with jumping in the past it’s likely because you were using a rope that was too light and offered little feedback.

“As a non jumper, I decided to start jumping rope after seeing some videos. I could immediately tell a difference in the feedback I felt the first time using my Crossrope. By day 4 of using them I was able to establish a rhythm and stick with it - which I had not been able to do with the dear old garage rope. Purchasing a Crossrope paled in comparison to what I'd pay for a gym membership. I can also use them anywhere at any time helping me stay consistent in my workouts.” - Barbara

Our 1/2 LB jump rope from our Get Fit Bundle is a great rope to start with. You’ll notice a big difference as soon as you start using it.

Fitness Jump Rope Workout For Beginners

This quick and effective jump rope routine is going to focus on two main exercises:

  1. The basic jump
  2. The alternate foot jump

Our simple beginner jump rope workout is built around two 5 minute blocks.

(5 minutes) with 1/2 LB rope:
30 seconds Basic Jump
30 seconds Rest
30 seconds Alternate Foot Jump
30 seconds Rest
Rest 60 seconds
(5 minutes) with 1/4 LB rope:
40 seconds Basic Jump
20 seconds Rest
40 seconds Alternate Foot Jump
20 seconds Rest
In the first block, you'll be working through a 5 minute interval of 30 seconds of jumping and 30 seconds of rest with your 1/2 LB rope. In the second block, you'll be working through 5 minutes of 40 seconds of jumping and 20 seconds of rest with your 1/4 LB rope. The full workout will be 11 minutes in total. Go give it a try today.

Need Help Getting Started?

This workout is great because it incorporates two of our favorite jump rope exercises. But what if you're not there yet?

If you’re new to jump rope training, we suggest you explore our beginner resources before jumping into this workout.

Take some time to go through our Jump Rope Beginner Workshop to get some insider advice and be jumping like a pro in no time.

Make sure to also go through our Complete Jump Rope Beginner Guide where you'll find a full list of videos and tutorials to help you get started.

If you're looking for some quick tips on improving your technique, here are some important ones to keep in mind when you're jumping:

  • Stay tall and keep your back straight and head up
  • Keep your elbows tucked back and stay relaxed
  • Maintain good symmetry while you're jumping by keeping your hands along your hips. This will ensure that you have a nice open loop to jump through. 
  • Use your wrists to turn the rope (not your elbows or shoulders)
  • Bound lightly and not too high off the ground. Keep your knees slightly bent on every jump

Beyond The Perfect Beginner Workout

If you want to shake things up a little bit and try some more intense beginner workouts, we’ve got you covered! We polled our members in our Jump Rope Fitness Community and asked them which workouts they loved from our Jump Rope Fitness Challenge.

Below are three of their favorite beginner jump rope workouts.

Bonus Beginner Workout #1

20 Minute Jump Rope Circuit Workout For Beginners

In this workout, you’ll need to loop through the circuit three times resting 2 minutes between each set. For the freestyle jumping sessions, choose your own jump rope skills or stick to basic jumps.

Feel free to mix up your jumping intensity. If you need extra rest, use one of the plank sessions to recover. If you have trouble holding a regular plank for 30 seconds, use a modified version (elevated or on your knees).

The circuit is as follows:

Circuit (repeat 3 times):
60 seconds Freestyle Jump
30 seconds Mountain Climbers
60 seconds Freestyle Jump
30 seconds Planks
120 seconds Rest

Bonus Beginner Workout #2

50 Minute Jump Rope Circuit Workout For Beginners

In this workout, you'll need to complete 3 Tabatas. The Tabata is a simple interval workout protocol, this is how it works:

20 seconds of high intensity (max effort) exercise + 10 seconds of rest x 8 rounds.

One Tabata = 4 minutes.

Set your timer to Tabata mode (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off). For best results, go as hard as you can during your 20 second work sessions.

Tabata 1 (repeat 8 times):
20 seconds Alternate Foot Jump
10 seconds Rest
Tabata 2 (repeat 8 times):
20 seconds Mountain Climbers
10 seconds Rest
Tabata 3 (repeat 8 times):
20 seconds Alternate Foot Jump
10 seconds Rest

Bonus Beginner Workout #3

Jump Rope Tabata Workout For Beginners

During this workout,

You’ll need to loop through the circuit three times resting 3 minutes between each set. You can switch the rope you're using in between sets. Focus on increasing your jumping speed each round. This is an endurance workout so put on some good tunes and pace yourself. Planks are optional for beginners, but recommended for advanced.

The circuit is as follows:

Circuit (repeat 3 times):
5 minutes Light Intensity Jumping
1 minute Rest OR Plank
4 minutes Medium Intensity Jumping
1 minute Rest OR Plank
3 minutes High Intensity Jumping

Your Workouts On-The-Go

And there you have it.

Hopefully you’ve been inspired to try out one of our perfect jump rope beginner workouts.

Looking for more beginner workouts? Download our free Crossrope app and get access to fun and effective workouts you can do anywhere under 30 minutes of jump rope.

You've now got everything you need to get started on your jump rope fitness journey! Let us know which beginner workout you’ve enjoyed the most in the comments below.

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