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Challenge Sucess Tips

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Welcome to the 30 Day Jump Rope Into Fall Challenge hosted by Crossrope.

Before you get started, we recommend that you take a few minutes to read through our important guidelines and success tips below. If you follow these, you will get the best results possible with minimal chances of injury.

Choose your version wisely: each workout has a beginner and advanced version. Make sure to choose the one that is better suited to your fitness and ability level. If you find one too hard or too easy, try the other one.

Use the workout finishers: if a particular workout isn’t challenging enough, add one of the bonus workout finishers immediately after your given workout and mark its use in the notes section. Strive to push yourself a little bit past your comfort level each and every day, but always listen to your body.

Take notes: we’ve provided a notes section at the bottom of each workout so you can document your results and write down useful notes. We recommend you print off this document and use the notes as needed.

Good quality reps: make sure that each and every repetition of each exercise you do during this challenge is performed with proper form. Never sacrifice good form for a better time.

Make use of your resources: we’ve put together a number of resources for you to help you get the best results possible with this challenge - access the resources here.

Use the community: if you're not part of our online community, you're missing out! We've got over 70,000 amazing jumpers and fitness enthusiasts who can help you stay accountable – join our community here.

Warm-up: always take 2-3 minutes to warm up with your jump rope before each workout. Go through a few dynamic exercises to get your joints prepped for action. If you need ideas, check out our warm-up guide here.

Stretch and foam roll often: stretch out your major muscle groups after each and every workout. Some of the most important muscle groups to stretch are your calves, hamstrings, glutes, quads, lower back, and chest muscles. As well, get a foam roller and use it often on your calves, shins, and posterior chain.

Stay hydrated: make sure you're taking in plenty of water throughout the challenge. You want to keep yourself hydrated each and every day for maximum performance.

Get rest: make sure you're getting plenty of rest each night so your body can recuperate properly.

Conquer frustration: mistakes and trip-ups are common when it comes to jumping rope. But you can't let it discourage you. If you make mistakes throughout your workout, just keep going!

Use a mix of heavy and light ropes: if you can, use at least one light and one heavy jump rope in each workout (where suggested). We have found best results come when using a variety of weights. If you don’t have a weighted rope, get yourself a Crossrope or just feel free to use the same rope for the full workout.

Go at your own pace: if you need to take a couple of extra days off throughout the challenge to recover and recuperate, please do so. It's more important that you complete the challenge at your own pace.

Have fun: if you're not having fun, what's the point? Enjoy yourself over these next 30 days because the journey matters more than the finish line.

Finally, please note:

For each workout in this challenge: 1 jump = 1 repetition


For each workout in this challenge: 1 jump = 1 repetition

Active Rest: There will be (active) rest days throughout the challenge to give your body some much-needed tender, love, and care. Some recommended activities include stretching and a long and brisk walk.

Jump Rope Max Rounds: Your goal is to complete as many full rounds of a given sequence of exercises within the prescribed time frame. You may take breaks as needed, but the timer keeps going until the time is up.

Example: Complete as many full rounds as you can of the following sequence:

- 100 basic jumps with a 1/4 Lb rope
- 5 bodyweight squats
- 50 jump rope jacks with a 1 Lb rope
- 10 push-ups

Jump Rope Minute: A Jump Rope Minute workout is structured like this: you complete X reps of an exercises within 60 seconds. You can go at whatever pace you want, but you must complete the reps within the minute. Once you finish your reps, whatever remains of the minute is your rest time. When you can no longer complete the set repetitions within the minute, you're done - this is when you will note how many complete rounds you were able to complete.

Remember - you only rest after you complete your reps and only for what remains in the minute. So if you finish your reps in 30 seconds, you have 30 seconds to rest before the next round begins. If you complete your reps in 45 seconds, you have 15 seconds to rest before the next round begins.

Example: Complete as many full rounds as you can of the following:

- 50 jump rope boxer step
- 10 push-ups

Jump Rope Ladder: You will set your timer to stopwatch mode and you will be racing against the clock to complete the given ladder of exercises. There will be two exercises and you will alternate back and forth with the number of repetitions increasing each round. You may rest as needed, but the timer keeps going until you complete the ladder.

Example: Complete the following ladder of exercises:

- Basic jumps: 10-20-30-40-50-60-70-80-90-100
- 10 bodyweight squats between rounds

It looks like this:

10 alternate foot jumps, 5 walk-outs
20 alternate foot jumps, 5 walk-outs
30 alternate foot jumps, 5 walk-outs

100 alternate foot jumps, 5 walk-outs

Jump Rope Tabata: The Tabata is a simple interval workout protocol where you alternate between 20 seconds of high intensity (max effort) exercise and 10 seconds of rest for 8 consecutive rounds. One Tabata = 4 minutes.

Remember that for Tabatas, you want to go as hard as you can during each 20 second work session.

Example: Complete 3 Tabatas with one minute rest in between:

- Tabata 1: Jump rope alternate foot steps
- Rest 1 minute
- Tabata 2: Mountain climbers
- Rest 1 minute
- Tabata 3: Jump rope boxer step

Jump Rope Tabata (Combo Tabata): The Combo Tabata is the same as a regular tabata, except that you will alternate between two different exercises each 20 second workout session. Remember that one tabata = 4 minutes and each exercise period is 20 seconds of (max effort) high intensity activity with 10 seconds rest afterwards.

Example: Complete the Combo Tabatas listed below with one minute rest in between:

- Combo Tabata 1: Jump rope alternate foot steps / Extended plank
- Rest 1 minute
- Combo Tabata 2: Jump rope jacks / Mountain climbers
- Rest 1 minute
- Combo Tabata 3: Jump rope freestyle / Pull-ups

Jump Rope Circuits: There will be a sequence (aka circuit) of exercises and you will be required to to complete the sequence for a prescribed number of rounds.

Example: Complete three (3) rounds of the following sequence:

- 60 seconds of basic jumps
- 30 seconds of planks
- 60 seconds of alternate foot jumps
- 30 seconds of planks

Ready? Let’s begin…