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Smart Jump Rope Workouts

Smart Jump Rope Workouts

Are you tired of your boring exercise routine? Looking for a way to stay motivated and fit without feeling burnt out from tedious workouts? Using a smart jump rope is an excellent way to transform your exercise routine with fun and creative workouts for smart jump ropes. So whether you're looking for a way to get outside, break a sweat, or just need a few minutes of exercise at home, jumping rope with a smart jump rope should be at the top of your list. Keep reading to learn how to stay motivated and get in the best shape of your life using a Bluetooth jump rope

What is a Smart Jump Rope and How Does It Work?

Smart jump ropes are revolutionizing the world of rope jumping. Smart rope technology connects to Bluetooth and integrates workout data tracking and customizable routines with app compatibility for everyone from beginner to advanced, giving real-time feedback as you complete your workout. Combining cutting-edge technology with fitness tracking, this equipment helps you stay motivated and focused on your goals while tracking every movement.

At Crossrope, we’ve designed a new smart jump rope using this innovative technology–the AMP™ Jump Rope Set. Our smart rope helps you get fit and keep things interesting by personalizing your workouts based on your fitness level with targets to hit during each jump interval. If you’re ready to switch up your routine, a smart jump rope is the way to do it and see results in no time. 

6 Workouts for Smart Jump Ropes

Jumping rope is more than a playground activity; it's one of the best exercises you can do for your body. Jumping rope offers numerous benefits, from improving your heart health to strengthening your bones and muscles. If you’re looking for a way to burn calories fast while getting a full-body workout and improving coordination and balance, grab a smart rope and try these six workouts for smart jump ropes today.

1. Basic Jump

The basic jump is the most common and simplest way to get started with a smart jump rope. To do this jump, hold both handles firmly and swing the rope around your body. Let the rope pass beneath you, jumping high enough for it to go underneath your feet without touching them. With some practice, consistency, and coordination, you'll be jumping like a pro. 

2. Double Unders

Jump rope double unders are an excellent way to get your heart rate up and improve your cardio. Double unders are more complex than the standard jump rope technique, requiring you to quickly spin the rope twice under your feet in one jump. Although it can be intimidating at first, with patience and practice, everyone can master this fun cardio workout. Double unders give you plenty of exercise without taking up a lot of space, and they are also great for developing coordination and honing rhythm. Plus, it’s incredibly satisfying to stick a few sets back-to-back. So don't be intimidated by double unders—give them a go and track your stats with a smart jump rope.

3. Criss Cross Double Unders

Criss cross double unders require coordination and effort, but the feeling of accomplishment more than makes up for it once you nail the move. Not only can you break a sweat with this routine, but you can also show off your skills, too. 

For this exercise, begin by performing a regular double-under––jumping as the rope goes under your feet twice on each jump. The extra component is that on one of the rotations, you’ll cross your arms in front of your body so that the rope flips over like a pancake before passing beneath your feet. Immediately after, you return to the original “open” position with your hands and perform another rep. With some practice and dedication, criss cross double unders with a smart rope could become part of your daily fitness routine.

4. Single-Foot Jump

Single-foot jumps can be a great way to test your agility and coordination. It takes a bit of practice to perfect it, but with the help of patience, perseverance, and dedication, you will succeed in no time. It is important to keep your stance strong for single-foot jumps–make sure your knees are bent slightly, and your non-jumping foot is planted on the ground. Focus your attention on lifting one knee high at the same time that you jump off the other foot. This requires timing, balance, and concentration but is one of the best workouts for smart jump ropes.

5. High Knees

Get a solid cardio session done quickly while toning your legs with the high knees jump rope variation. To perform high knees while jumping rope, simply lift your knees towards your chest with each jump. You'll feel the burn in no time. Try this fun and low-impact exercise for yourself, and watch on your Bluetooth jump rope as your fitness level goes through the roof.

6. Heel-Toe-Step

The heel-toe-step jump exercise is a favorite among many looking to start exercising with a jump rope. It involves moving the feet while skipping, alternating between hopping and stepping on each foot individually. To begin, set yourself up facing forward with one foot out front. Hop in place while turning the rope twice, then step sideways and land on both feet. Repeat this pattern repeatedly as you progress down the line. You'll be surprised at how difficult but rewarding it can be, especially when you track your progress using a Bluetooth jump rope.  

Work Smarter Not Harder with an AMP™ Smart Rope

Let’s be honest: some workouts are repetitive and boring. Fortunately, there’s Crossrope AMP–the smart jump rope experience with over 2,000 personalized workouts that will transform your cardio routine into a fun, interactive workout experience. With its wireless smart rope and accompanying mobile app for iOS or Android, this Bluetooth jump rope program analyzes your workout data in real-time and pushes you to keep up the intensity. Check out our bluetooth jump rope sets and work out smarter, not harder, today!
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