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Russell Moskowitz: Staying Healthy At Age 40 With Weighted Jump Ropes

Russell Moskowitz: Staying Healthy At Age 40 With Weighted Jump Ropes

“Life is so short, the better we take care of our body, the greater our chance of living a longer and fulfilling life.”

Russell Moskowitz was always healthy, but as he neared the age of 40 he realized the importance of combating a family history of heart problems and diabetes. To maintain his health, it was time for Russell to put in place a workout plan (and stick with it).

While working full-time, Russell was looking to find a fitness program that allowed him to work out on his schedule. One that didn’t require a gym membership and could be done anywhere and at any time. Then one day, Russell came across his kids jump rope.

Staying Healthy With Weighted Jump Ropes

Through his search for jumping rope online, Russell came across weighted jump ropes and soon grabbed himself his very own set of Crossropes.

Men posing with Crossrope jump ropes

Russell at Crossrope HQ with CEO Dave Hunt

Russell established a set routine with his Crossropes. He worked out 3 times a week for 10-12 minutes each time. Within 12 months, Russell lost 14 lbs. He went from 182 lbs to 168 lbs. By the second year he had kept the weight off and began seeing added muscle mass.

What was his secret? He began high interval training with jump rope. Russell kept his workouts fresh by learning new jump rope skills and perfecting ones he already knew. Most importantly of all however, Russell finally found a workout that he actually enjoyed.

Get Lean Set | Crossrope

Get Lean Set

Russell's journey began with the popular beginner ½ LB jump rope from our Get Lean Set. He soon progressed to heavier ropes like the 1 LB and 2 LB. Today, Russell is killing the double unders with any rope he has on hand, even with our heaviest ropes yet.

“I try to do double unders with all them, have gotten a few with the 4 LB, and about 100 in a row with the ¼ LB. With the 5 LB I try to see how long I can go.”

Launching An Online Training Program

Inspired by his new found passion for jumping rope, Russell launched his own fitness program Jump Into Shape. After a year of private classes, he released Jump Into Shape’s unique training program to the public. Through live streaming classes men began to workout together remotely from all over the world, and that they too began to prioritize fitness and health just like Russell did.

“The most common reason people give for not exercising is ‘I don’t have time.’ But really what they are saying is it’s not a priority. That’s why continuing to educate people on the importance of health and fitness is a core part of Jump Into Shape.”

Fast forward 5 years and Russell is in the best shape of his life with 3 in-person locations to accompany his online training classes. Married with 4 children, Russell still finds the time to teach his fitness classes with his students thanking him everyday for literally changing their lives.

He currently offers two live streaming classes: a 10-minute fun, high-intensity workout ideally for those looking for a time-efficient class experience; and a full 45-minute session packed with interval training, various jump roping skills, bodyweight exercises, and a personal challenge.

In the live streaming classes members get to feel like they're part of a group program from the comfort of their home (or wherever they are). With Russell there to train them live, the class works out as one group, motivating each other to push it to the limit every single time.

All of Russells’ classes incorporate ¼ LB, ½ LB, 1 LB and 2 LB weighted jump ropes from our Get Fit bundle.

“It’s not like following an instructor on an app or through an on-demand subscription service. Jump Into Shape classes have a live instructor who engages with each participant to ensure they reach their potential. And, in between sets, the participants learn various health tips and facts to motivate them to lead a healthier life”.

Man performing a elbow plank exercise

Jump Into Shape training session

Each session includes a warm-up, stretches, high intensity interval training, an individual challenge and a cool-down stretch. In the 45-minute sessions, a team challenge is added to the program which is the highlight of the class.

A typical team challenge consists of two teams and the members of each team will take turns jumping 80 times with the ¼ lb rope, then 60 times with ½ lb rope, 40 times with the 1 lb rope, 20 times with the 2 lb rope, followed by 20 jumping jacks, 20 mountain climbers and 20 push-ups. It’s a true challenge and the competition drives each person to the limit to not disappoint their teammates.

Russell started a distinguished speaker series to provide the Jump Into Shape community practical tips for health and fitness from leading experts in the industry. He also emails a monthly “Russell’s Picks” of selected health articles to his community. When releasing his upcoming classes, he always reminds them of the benefits of jumping rope in order to continually motivate his students to reach their goals.

Russell's Advice On Reaching Your Goals

“It’s important to work hard and not be discouraged. All that matters is that you are moving forward. It’s important to have both short and long-term goals but it’s equally important to look back at what you’ve accomplished.”

If you want to check out one of Russell’s online men’s fitness classes, you can sign up right here. The current classes are for men only, however, with sufficient interest Russell is ready to launch live streaming women’s classes too.

Got questions for Russell? Post them in the comments section below.

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