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Losing Baby Weight With A Jump Rope: Kathy's 100 Lb Weight Loss

Losing Baby Weight With A Jump Rope: Kathy's 100 Lb Weight Loss

It’s incredible how much your life can change over a few years, especially if you’re growing a family.

Moms and expecting moms know all about the changes that come with growing a human. Your body, your mind, and your lifestyle are all reshaped in the process. 

And while so much of this change is good change, it can be a hard road back to feeling confident in your body again. 

If this is at all relatable to you, then stick with this story. 

We want to introduce you to Kathy, whose story goes far beyond losing pregnancy weight and is truly inspiring for anyone looking to strike the right balance between a healthy lifestyle and parenthood. 

Kathy’s Jump Rope Transformation

Kathy always loved the active lifestyle, eating healthy, and pushing limits. Since the age of 19, she’s worked in the fitness and health industry in different roles. She’s run several half marathons, mountain bike races and even ran the NYC full marathon in 2014. 

In 2017, Kathy was expecting her daughter and first child. But during her pregnancy, Kathy’s lifestyle started to shift.  

“My normal breakfast turned into bagels and cream cheese (the only thing I could stomach), along with other major dietary changes, which resulted in an 80-pound weight gain over a year.”  

After welcoming her daughter into the world, Kathy started searching for ways to get active again, specifically, exercises she could do while her daughter napped.  

“Getting out for a run wasn’t going to work anymore with a baby in the house. I tried different home workout plans, used a treadmill and a spin bike, but nothing felt right. Exercise with that extra weight on my body was HARD.” 

Kathy had an old jump rope that she’d only used a few times but decided to pick it up and try it again. Her story starts with a YouTube search for “how to jump rope” and a rickety old rope. 

Fast forward to today, and she’s lost 100 pounds, works with Jump Rope Dudes, and inspires thousands of people one jump at a time. 

Building + Living A Jump Rope Lifestyle 

I knew after the first week of starting that jumping rope was something I could really stick with; it was fun, it was challenging, and I was seeing results. To find an exercise that I enjoyed and could do right at home while my daughter napped was a game-changer!” 

Kathy did end up sticking with jumping rope, and her results are awe-inspiring.

I lost 70 pounds after having my daughter in 2017. I then became pregnant with my son in 2019. I actually jumped throughout my entire pregnancy (with approval from my OB/GYN, of course). I lost another 30 pounds after having my son. That’s a total of 100 pounds collectively lost through a healthy, well-balanced diet and jumping rope right in my backyard!” 

(If you want to try jumping in your backyard, here are some outdoor workouts you can try!) 

how to lose weight after pregnancy

Now, it’s not easy to stay motivated on a weight loss journey, but Kathy says it was the feeling of HEALTH that kept her going and will continue to keep her going. 

“I feel good, I have more energy, and I can give my kids piggyback rides around the neighborhood without gasping for air. Jump rope has truly conditioned and trained me to be a Mom!” 

Before Kathy started jumping, there were days where she would drag herself to the gym. 

“It wasn’t enjoyable, and I didn’t look forward to it like I do now with exercise. Jumping is a part of my daily routine— it’s something I look forward to. I wish everyone could find that exercise they truly look forward to because it will never feel like a chore. Exercise can be enjoyable and fun; you just have to find that thing that sparks passion!

But, what’s so special about jumping rope, and why is it so much fun?

The best part of jumping, for me, is the freedom. There are no rules. 

losing weight after baby

You don’t have to worry about making a mistake with a step or the wrong movement. You don’t need to worry about where to go or reserving a spot at the gym. I throw on my favorite music, and I allow myself to move however I want!

Throughout the years, learning new tricks and footwork has made jumping even MORE fun. There is always something new to learn, something to practice more of or refine or smooth out. The possibilities are endless, which makes each day feel like I’m stepping out on my jump rope mat for the first time.” 

Making Healthy Changes 

Kathy didn’t lose 100 pounds with jumping rope alone. She also ditched the typical dieting mentality to help her stay consistent as she worked towards her goals. 

Whenever I needed to lose weight in the past, I would restrict, restrict, restrict. No dessert, no junk food, and no cheats. This time was different. I took a much more laidback approach which proved to be the best thing I could have ever done. 

I had cheat meals when I felt like it. I ate ice cream. I had chips— but this time, I was able to have one serving, and that’s it. I ate when I felt hungry and kept my food as fresh as possible. This balance of not restricting and staying consistent with my diet is what worked for me.” 

Kathy also built some new healthy habits along the way. 

“I built the best habit of all— the daily habit of movement and fueling my body with food that makes me feel my best!” 

Kathy goes on to say, “I think the biggest habit I broke was that of being so restrictive and really staying in tune with my body and the fuel it really needed.” 

Embracing Support

When I say my husband is my biggest fan, I truly mean it! He has been so supportive throughout these years on my quest to get fit after having babies. 

exercises to lose baby weight

"In fact, my whole family has been so supportive; both my sister and sister-in-law even started jumping! It makes me so happy to put some ropes in my family’s and close friends’ hands!” 

Kathy also built an ongoing relationship with Jump Rope Dudes on her journey. 

“The Jump Rope Dudes (Dan, Brandon, and Steve) have been a source of constant support since day one. I am so incredibly grateful for them. I started doing their YouTube workouts, which then progressed into several of their programs, and now I work alongside them as their Operations Manager + Coach. Their programs and the support system in the Facebook groups made a huge difference for me. I made friends from around the world in the JRD community who were in my corner cheering me on from day one.” 

Having an online community on your side is a fantastic way to find accountability when you’re on a fitness journey. Many Crossrope jumpers have achieved their weight loss goals, made new friends, completed jump rope challenges, and received invaluable advice from Crossrope’s Online Jump Rope Fitness Community. Our Facebook community has 94K members, and we’re waiting for you to join the fun.

With Kathy’s support system cheering her on, she could also build her own community and an Instagram following of over 30K fans.  

“I have to say my proudest moments along the way are the messages I get each and every day from amazing people around the world telling me how I’ve inspired them to start jumping. My main goal with starting my Instagram account was to maybe inspire one person. To know that I’m inspiring thousands of people? WOW. It leaves me speechless.” 

Make sure you go give Kathy a follow @kathyjumps.

Choosing Crossrope

Kathy learned about Crossrope from the Jump Rope Dudes, and now Crossrope is her rope of choice. 

“I was using an old rope from Target until one day I decided to go for the Get Lean Set. I saw everyone in the JRD community using them, and after about one month, I took the dive!”  

We had to ask, what is it about Crossrope that makes them your go-to jump rope? 

“Ah! Where do I even start! Crossrope ropes have made a WORLD of difference in my jump rope game. One of the most common questions I get is, ‘Kathy, how often do you lift weights?’ and my answer is ‘I lift heavy ropes.’"

"Crossrope has defined my muscles in ways I could never have imagined! I have full-blown oblique muscles popping out! What many people may not realize is that by using weighted ropes, not only are you getting an insane cardiovascular workout, but you’re really working your upper body and core as well.” 

(We have an article about the benefits of weighted jump ropes you should check out to learn more.)

Lessons Learned

We asked Kathy what she learned about herself throughout her jump rope journey, and her answer is so empowering.  

“I’ve learned that I’m capable of anything, and I am STRONG. I remember picking up the 1/2 LB Crossrope and thinking, ‘I could never use this for more than 10 seconds at a time,’ and yet, here I am doing triple unders with that same rope.” 

We all need something that helps us release stress, anxiety, and the things we can’t control in our lives. For Kathy, that thing is jumping.  

Jumping is my outlet. It really makes me an all-around better person and Mom. It gives me that little sliver in my day to express myself through movement. As we all know, exercise + movement relieves anxiety and stress. For me, getting those feel-good endorphins to recharge and reinvigorate myself is a must."

I lost my younger brother, Andrew, at age 22, to a hit and run in NYC in 2013; he was a pedestrian walking in a crosswalk. At the time, whenever I felt sad, stressed, or anxious, I would run. I would put my music on and go let it all out on the pavement. After years of running, my knees just didn’t want to cooperate anymore (especially after gaining all that weight). Finding jump rope has been a lifesaver. I know that if I’m feeling angry, sad, or stressed, I can grab a 1 LB Crossrope and let it all out on the mat. I always walk away feeling so much better.” 

Kathy’s Jump Rope Advice 

If you’re a new jumper, here’s Kathy’s advice for getting started:  

Less thinking, more doing! Don’t overcomplicate it. Grab a rope, throw on some music and have fun with it. Each day is a new opportunity to move your body. Start slow, go at your own pace, and focus on proper form. This is a fun, enjoyable, and effective way to get some exercise. Pick up the rope. One jump at a time!” 

And if you’re worried about the challenges you might face, you can definitely overcome them if you set your mind to growing through them. 

“The biggest challenge I’ve faced during this whole journey has definitely been balancing life with 2 small kids and fitting workouts, healthy eating, and getting adequate sleep (maybe my kids will sleep through the night one day, LOL). I never let that stop me, though. I will always find a way to integrate my workouts into my day — even if that’s breaking it up with 5 minutes here and there when I can!” 

Thank You, Kathy

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Kathy. Your growth, perseverance, and positive attitude are so inspiring. We can’t wait to see what jump ropes have in store for you next. 

Have a question for Kathy? Ask away in the comments section below, or better yet, go follow her on Instagram to keep up with her latest jump rope adventures.
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