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How Jeremy Bishop Saved his Job with Jump Rope Training

How Jeremy Bishop Saved his Job with Jump Rope Training

"After I quit smoking last year, I was 20 pounds over the weight requirement for my job. I just had to do something."

Jeremy started smoking at 14. But after two decades of smoking under his belt, he was ready to make a change.

As a military personnel member, he lived an active and healthy life for the better part of his adult life. But when his smoking habit and knee pain got in the way of his livelihood and family life, he needed to find an option that his body could sustain.

That's where his story begins.

“I wanted to quit smoking. I didn’t play basketball with my kids outside and I wasn't active anymore. I just smoked cigarettes in my man cave and watched TV. I was just very lazy. I tried to stop multiple times and after 4-5 tries, I finally kicked it. I just had to get myself mentally straight and realized I had to stop before it got worse. Kids want to emulate what their parents do. My boys are very active and I'd hate for them to pick up that lifestyle.”

After he quit smoking, Jeremy substituted one guilty pleasure for another. Instead of smoking cigarettes, he started eating a lot of cookies. He quickly put on some extra weight.

Jumping Rope to Save his Job

After high school, Jeremy enlisted in the military. For the majority of his adult life, he had a consistent fitness regimen because it was a part of his job.

As he got older, however, he was unable to carry on with the military group training because his knees started to bother him.

“In the military, you still have to do it if you're physically able. Once my knees got bad, they gave me paperwork so I didn't have to run anymore. When you get up to a certain rank, they don't have such strict requirements. I didn't have to train anymore, but I did have to maintain a certain weight to stay in my position.”

Before discovering the jump rope, Jeremy’s go-to workout routine included a lot of running. Because of his knee pain, he had to find an alternative form of exercise so that he could lose the weight fast to keep his position. After trying out a few things, Jeremy found Crossrope online last summer.

One of his son’s coaches recommended that he try jumping rope to improve his footwork for their basketball games.


Jeremy and his two sons

After getting the Starter Set for his son, Jeremy bought the Premium Set so that he could experiment with the different weights. Today, Jeremy is the proud owner of the Limited Edition Set, the fan favorite 3 Lb Titan rope, and the ¾ lb Rush Rope.


Jeremy's Crossrope sets

“I love the ropes, they feel like they're heavy duty. They are very sturdy and don't break, they're very sleek. The fact that they are weighted makes it easier. You can feel where they are.”

Since he began jumping rope, Jeremy has noticed progress.

He noted that not only did his endurance improve, but he lost enough weight to be in regulation for his job. He also noticed that his forearms and upper body are stronger and more defined. But he's also gained some mental clarity through jumping -

“I think a lot of it helps to relax the mind. I've been through a lot in the military and jump rope just clears my mind and puts me at ease.”

Finding a Jump Rope Community

After getting his ropes, Jeremy joined our Jump Rope Fitness community.

Though he isn’t the biggest fan of social media, he has taken a liking to the private community because of the constant motivation, support, and accountability it provides.

“I really like the community because no matter what fitness level you're at, everyone is happy to share their fitness story or their experience. It’s so motivational to see that a lot of people are going through your same struggles. It can be discouraging when you first start but to see you're not the only one struggling or going through that helps a lot.”

The community has inspired Jeremy so much that he decided to participate in a 30-day jump rope challenge. Over the course of the challenge, he was able to lose an amazing 17.2 lbs in 30 days and lost 4 inches off his waistline! His results were so good that he got the top transformation award in Crossrope's New Year challenge.


before and after

"During the challenge, I went from 218 lbs to 199.8 lbs. I still have a lot of work to do but it’s a great starting point."

Jeremy's Advice

For anyone looking to quit smoking or to lose weight, Jeremy’s advice is very insightful -

“With smoking, you have to get your mind right to be able to quit. It takes a while to get into that mindset. Even if you use smoking aids it won't work if you're not in the mindset.”

Jeremy is a firm believer that preparation and focus are the keys to any lifestyle change.

A great way to improve your life is to think of what you have to lose by not making a change. For Jeremy, not quitting smoking and not losing weight meant that he could lose his health, his job, and potentially compromise his relationship with his family. To make sure he changed his bad habits, he prepared himself by getting everything he needed beforehand so he could no longer make excuses.

“With losing weight make sure that before you start you have everything you need. Clear out your fridge before you even start because it's too much temptation.”

After all, a moment of gratification (whether it be food, cigarettes, or other guilty pleasures) is not worth more than a long, healthy, and full life. Preparation is key!

Jeremy also suggests listening to your body and doing what is best for you -

“Work out in moderation. If your joints hurt, you have to do trial and error to see what you can do. Keep moving. My wife and I just started walking in the neighbourhood in the evening. Start small and never stop moving. And of course, consult your physician for advice if something is wrong.”

Looking to the future, Jeremy’s goal is to try to lose 20 more pounds. His goal is to feel as good as he looks, and be a good example for his already very active kids.


Jeremy and his kids sitting

“I want my kids to grow up healthy and active. There’s no better example to a child than their parent, so I want to stay active to show them that fitness and health is a lifestyle, not just a hobby.”

Thank you, Jeremy!

Thanks for sharing your story Jeremy and for being a constant source of inspiration. We look forward to seeing how far you go with your jump rope training.

Have questions or comments for Jeremy? Please leave them in the comment section below.

And if you want to join our fitness community, we've got a spot just for you. Sign up for our 30 day jump rope challenge and join over 60,000 active jumpers from around the world.

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