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How the Crossrope Experience Inspires Jumpers: Thoughts From 25 Crossrope Customers

How the Crossrope Experience Inspires Jumpers: Thoughts From 25 Crossrope Customers

Thinking of starting your fitness journey with Crossrope

Wondering how to get the best full-body workout with our weighted jump ropes?

Our customers have you covered. Here’s what they have to say about getting excited about cardio workouts with the Complete Crossrope Experience. And yes, excitement is a known side effect of using our jump ropes

Let’s go. 

Getting the Complete Crossrope Experience

“I just want to say that Crossrope has changed my life.” - Sean

If you want to experience all that Crossrope has to offer, you need to set yourself up with the unbeatable trifecta.

The Get Fit Bundle + the Crossrope LE jump rope mat + the Crossrope App

1. The Get Fit Bundle

Built for all fitness levels, the Get Fit Bundle features a Get Lean Set + Get Strong Set combo that makes losing weight and building muscle a good time, anywhere. The bundle features our 1/4 LB, 1/2 LB, 1 LB, and 2 LB weighted jump ropes. 

Armed with all four jump ropes in the Get Fit Bundle, you have access to all 200+ workouts in the Crossrope app. 

With the Crossrope weighted rope system, you can burn more calories, learn faster, and engage more muscle groups compared to light PVC ropes. Plus, using the Get Fit Bundle lets you gradually overload your workouts to help beat a weight loss plateau.

Now, you can buy the two sets separately, but why limit your selection from the get-go? Take it from these customers:


I ordered and received the Get Strong Set. Good Stuff. I immediately regret the decision not to buy the Get Fit Bundle.” - Adriaan


I love these ropes! I made the mistake of only ordering the Get Lean Set to start off with instead of the full bundle. I’ve since bought the Get Strong Set. The ropes and app (that is updated regularly with new workouts) are PERFECT.- Anne 


Ordered the Get Strong Set after a couple of weeks of enjoying the Get Lean Set, and my only regret is not ordering the Get Fit Bundle right from the start!” - Reg


I love having the option of switching out between lean and heavy workouts. The heavier-weighted rope takes my jumping workout to a whole new level. So happy I purchased the Get Fit bundle and I highly recommend Crossrope to anyone looking for a unique way to get excellent cardio and strengthening workout in one.” - Anndrea


If you’re like me and are tired of wasting time with inefficient workout plans trying to drop body fat then I highly recommend you give the Crossrope systems and their challenges a try. Jumping rope is by far working the best for me.” - Julian

2. The LE Jump Rope Mat 

Once you have the Get Fit Bundle, you’ll want to add a jump rope mat to the mix. 

This workout mat is the perfect addition to any home gym setup, from jumping rope to bodyweight exercises.

The LE jump rope mat will protect your ropes from wear and tear and prevent injuries like shin splints. If you’re getting started with jump rope fitness, you’ll want to choose a mat with extra cushioning and that’s more substantial than a regular yoga mat to absorb the impact of jumping. 


“The mat is an excellent barrier between my feet and the concrete slab on my patio. I use it every day and find it to be durable and easily moved or stored when not in use.” - Karen


I highly recommend the mat. It allows the ropes to move smoothly. I used the mat on a gravel surface, and I was able to jump very well.- Brenda


I have been using the LE mat almost daily for 2 months now and am very happy with how well it is holding up. The durability is impressive, even with the heaviest ropes. Previously, I tore up three cheaper mats with my Ultra Heavy LE Set.- Michael


The mat is terrific; it exceeds my expectations as I bought it mainly for its portability, but it also offers excellent cushioning and a sturdy surface. I had already had a very high-quality mat before purchasing, but I am glad to have both. It makes a big difference on my 59-year-old joints.” - Jeff 


“This is by far the best quality rope I’ve ever owned. The mat provides an additional layer of support for my knees when I jump outside and allows me to move my workouts inside when it rains. Additionally, the app has tons of great workouts for all fitness levels!!!” - Erika


This mat is EVERYTHING!!! It saved my hardwood floors from the constant whipping and noise from indoor jumping. It also serves as the perfect mat for stretching, pilates, or yoga. The padding is perfect for joint protection. I wouldn’t jump without it. I highly recommend it!” - Margaret


“The Crossrope program is by far the best workout program I’ve joined. The mat is the perfect size to move around the house and get your workouts in anywhere. Not to mention great quality.” - Victor

3. The Crossrope App

The Complete Crossrope Experience is finished without the Crossrope App. 

With over 200 strength, HIIT, and cardio workouts, the Crossrope App has everything you need to get fit on your own terms, anywhere you want. Plus, the app has fun fitness challenges, free tutorials, and goal-oriented programs to help you achieve all of your fitness goals. 


No gym necessary. Little space required. Strength training and cardio workouts. Don’t have to plan a routine. The Crossrope app does it all.” - Rick


I love the Crossrope app and it has become my personal trainer. I’m able to cancel my gym membership for jump rope fitness and I’m loving it.” - Inemesit


 The Crossrope app not only gives workouts for every fitness level, but also varies the workouts enough to keep you from disengaging. Jumping has quickly become one of my favorite parts of the day! For an effective workout in 30 minutes or less – this is your app!” - Kara


“Crossrope is a great product and the app is fun. Just pick a workout and go! Fitness for everybody.” - Susan


I love these ropes coupled with the Crossrope app workouts. I have the Get Fit bundle and it provides a great workout experience that has variety. The heavier ropes work the upper body a lot more which I need! The lighter ropes are great for speed and agility. The ropes NEVER TANGLE. That is a huge plus if you are tired of ropes that tangle like I am. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking.” - LaTeira 


“The ropes are the best you can buy. Armed with the Crossrope app as well, you will get fit.” - Elizabeth


“Crossrope is the best thing that has happened to my fitness regime. I actually look forward to spending time with my ropes and getting a phenomenal workout using the Crossrope app.” - Todd


“I have finished yet another challenge by Crossrope this morning! I never thought I would enjoy jumping rope as much as I do. And through some research, I have found that jumping rope burns more calories than running! Wait...what?!?! Those were my thoughts too. I enjoyed running but I somehow always ended up hurting myself and pulling something. Not anymore! And with jumping, I can do it in the comfort of my home... There are challenges and workouts available for me to follow along with on my phone and I look forward to pulling these bad boys out every day!!” - Melissa


I've been using the Crossrope Get Fit Bundle for 3 months and it's one of the best values around in fitness gear. The ropes are well made, and using different weighted ropes adds variety, fun and different fitness building effects into every workout. Beyond the high quality of the ropes and handles, the app and online instructional videos make for a complete fitness package. When I started I could only do a basic jump, thanks to the videos I've learned several new moves which really adds to the fun (and exercise benefit!). Hugely impressed by Crossrope's commitment, through excellent equipment and supporting tools like the app and videos, to enable every customer to get fit with these great ropes.” - Steve 


“These ropes are amazing. Beautiful design, easy to use. So simple and quick to change between rope weights. The workouts on the app are great. Take your phone, grab your mat and ropes and you can work out anywhere. A fun, fast workout that will get you fit.” - Kathleen


Going Beyond The Products

The Complete Crossrope Experience goes far beyond a collection of jump rope products. From start to finish, we’re inspiring jumpers to feel confident and move forward in their fitness journey. 


Jumping Rope, Crossrope, [Crossrope Athlete] Jennika, and everything associated is really life-changing. Better fitness, better coordination, better fun...Period. The support groups are super motivating as well. Great job!” - David


I use Crossrope to sculpt a new me. After each workout, I feel a feeling of accomplishment. Crossrope for me is not only a rope or an app, it defines a feeling, moreover an emotion. Having the Crossrope app holds me accountable and helps me get the work in even on days when I don’t feel like working out. I am so grateful for this innovation.


“A unique system, easy to use, poses a fun challenge that will always keep you on your toes! Skipping has changed my life; weighted ropes transformed my body. The app is constantly updated with new routines. The customer service team is incredible and wants you to have the best jump rope experience possible!” - Isaac

Want to see how Crossrope is inspiring jumpers on a daily basis? You should check out our online jump rope fitness community. We have 94K fitness + jump rope enthusiasts sharing motivational stories, jump rope transformations, and advice every day. Plus, it's totally free to join. 

 We hope to see you there. Happy jumping!

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