17 Ridiculously Good Fitness Quotes to Get You Up and Jumping


Feeling a little unmotivated lately? Got a bad case of the workout ‘plateaus’?

Not to worry - it’s totally normal. But no need to wallow in Couch Potato-ville forever, especially when your future, fit self is waiting around the corner.

And to help you out, we’ve scoured the internet for the most awesome, fire-under-the-butt motivational quotes to get you back into high gear and jumping rope like your life depends on it.

(We even made up a few of our own quotes...can you guess which ones?)

Here are Crossrope’s top picks for motivational quotes to get you up and running (or rather, jumping) in no time.

Before We Get Started...

If you're looking to get started with your jump rope training journey, we've just recently put together the complete guide to jump rope training. Hope you enjoy it!

Now let's get started...

1. "Fit is not a destination...it’s a way of life."

Man walking to a destination

In order to achieve lasting results, exercise needs to become a part of your lifestyle - not a ‘lose weight quick’ plan. Overdoing it in the beginning can cause major burnout, and make it harder to obtain your goals. Slow and steady wins the race...but don't forget to enjoy the journey.

2. "You don’t get the butt you want by sitting on it."

Woman sitting on a couch

Enough said. Get off that couch...now!

3. "Sweat is just fat crying."

Making a person cry is mean. But making fat cry is incredibly rewarding.

4. “I regret doing that kickass workout.” Said no one. Ever.

So what’s stopping you? C’mon - you know you’ll feel soooo good about yourself after that workout...

5. "What seems impossible today will one day be your warm-up."

Keep your eye on the prize!! A month from now, 100 reps with your jump rope will seem like 10...practice, practice, practice!

6. "When in doubt, just keep jumping."

Tripping over your ropes? Can’t quite seem to get those double unders right? Frustrated by fancy footwork? Don’t let that stop you! As long as you keep jumping, you’ll get results.


7. "It's not about having time, it's about making time."

A clock

Often, it’s the busiest people who workout the most consistently. Why? Because they’ve made it a priority. You will need to make room in your day, because no one else will.

8. "Strive for progress, not perfection."

It’s all about baby steps. No one becomes an expert overnight, and improvement is only achieved through lots and lots of practice.

Text that reads Strive for Progress Not Perfection

9. "Do something today that your future self will thank you for."

Woman measuring her waist

Close your eyes and envision the future “you” six months from now if you faithfully stick to your workout plan. Suddenly, the decision to workout today will seem like a no-brainer.

10. "Hustle for the muscle and jump for the rump."

Looking good is no easy task, and the only tried-and-true way to achieve this is to get after it. Approach your workouts full-speed ahead, and don’t hold back. You have absolutely nothing to lose (except weight).

11. "A 30-minute workout is just two percent of your day. No excuses!"

Multiple clocks

This really puts things in perspective...think about how much time of your day is spent doing activities that will have no positive impact on the length and quality of your life. But exercising for a mere 2% of your day is a small investment with a huge return.

12. "Train insane or remain the same."

If you want big results, put in a big effort!

Text that reads Train Insane or Remain the Same

13. "The hardest part about working out should be your muscles."

A man and woman's abdominal muscles

So flex those sculpted biceps and show off those toned gams...you earned it!

14. "Exercising is like taking showers: You definitely notice a difference if you skip more than two days…"

A woman holding her nose closed

Please - shower and exercise regularly (for everyone’s sake)!

15. "Today, I have to get to workout."

Have an attitude of gratitude; be grateful that you are physically capable of pushing yourself to the limit. Remember: most of the battle is in your head.

16. "When I lost all of my excuses, I found all of my results."

A woman's abdominal muscles

Losing things never feels good...unless it’s pounds!!

17. "Fitness is not about being better than someone. It's about being better than you used to be."

It’s easy to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others - especially if you’re not happy with the way you look or feel. But this is a huge waste of time and energy, and a major self-esteem killer.

There will always be things we admire about others, but let those things be an inspiration (not a discouragement). All you can do is be the best version of yourself. Once you recognize and accept this, your confidence will be off the charts.

Your Turn To Inspire!

There you have it! 17 inspirational reasons to get off the couch (hopefully you’re already halfway through a workout by now).

What are your favorite motivational quotes? Please share in the comments section below, and feel free to make up your own!

BONUS: Can you guess which quotes are ours? Include your guesses in your comment (list the number that corresponds with each quote).

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