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Freestyle LE Rope

The all-new Freestyle LE Rope has arrived. Limited quantities available.

Freestyle LE Rope

The all-new Freestyle LE Rope has arrived. Limited quantities available.

Freestyle LE

Level up your freestyle jumping and master new skills with the brand new Freestyle LE Rope.



Proprietary PVC coating and nylon core makes a more durable freestyle rope. Designed to be tangle-free for smooth jumping wherever you go.

Quick + Easy


Our 2-piece size adjustment mechanism allows you to quickly adjust the rope length to fit your needs. Easily slide the connector along the rope and twist to lock in place.


Spin + Performance

With smooth ball bearings built into the Freestyle LE Handles, you get a smooth spin that offers an optimal jumping experience.

The Freestyle LE Rope Experience

Click below to see what the Freestyle LE Rope is all about.

Shop Freestyle LE

Shop our two color options of the Freestyle LE rope.

Freestyle LE Rope (Coral)

Level up, enhance your skills and learn new tricks with the easily adjustable Freestyle LE Rope.

White Handles with Coral Rope


Freestyle LE Rope (White)

Level up your freestyle jumping and master new skills with the fully adjustable Freestyle LE rope.

Coral Handles with White Rope


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Freestyle = Freedom

Your questions, answered

Is the Freestyle LE Rope right for me?

The Freestyle LE Rope is designed for experienced jumpers who have used similar ropes and are looking to enhance their skills. If you are brand new to jumping, we recommend you start with our Get Lean jump rope set.

Is the Freestyle LE Rope compatitble with other jump ropes?

No, the Freestyle LE Rope is not compatible with any other Crossrope set or handles. Replacement Freestyle LE Ropes are available.

How should I determine my size?

The Freestyle LE rope allows you to adjust the length to fit your height. You will be provided with the instructions for sizing with your package.

How much space do I need to jump?

The recommended space needed for jumping rope is 10 ft front-to-back, 7 ft side-to-side, and a ceiling height that is roughly equal to your rope length.

So if you order size Small, you need at least 8 ft of ceiling height. If you order size Medium, you need at least 8’6” ft of ceiling height. If you order size Large, you need at least 9 ft of ceiling height. And if you order size XL, you need roughly 9’6” of ceiling height.

Please make sure your jumping space is clear and that you do not have anything on your ceiling that would obstruct your jumping (lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, etc.).

Are there really limited quantities?

Definitely. Once they sell out, we will open up our waiting list to those who are interested in being notified for a future release.

What is Crossrope's exchange / return policy?

We're excited to offer our 60 day no-hassle returns and exchange policy. For those of you who are purchasing our ropes as a gift, you can be sure that if your gift receiver needs a size or product exchange, we'll be there to help. Please see our Exchange and Return Policy.

Have more questions? Visit our Crossrope Help Center.