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Challenge Jump Rope Exercises

Browse our library of jump rope and bodyweight exercises.

Jump Rope Exercise Demonstrations

Basic Jump

Alternate Foot Step

Jump Rope Jacks

Scissor Step Side

Front to Back


Criss-Cross Double Unders

Jump Rope Off Step

Single Foot Jumps

Double Unders

Jump Rope High Knees

Jump Rope High Knee Step

Reverse Jump

Twist Jump

Side to Side Jump

Boxer Step

Jump Rope Mummy Kicks

Side to Side Swing

Bodyweight Exercise Demonstrations

Drop Squat

Low Squat Hold


Mountain Climbers

Cross Mountain Climbers

Jumping Jacks

Seal Jacks

Extended Plank

Low (Elbow) Plank

Sprint High Knees

Shadow Boxing

Forward Lunge

Forward Lunge Prisoner

Plank Up and Down


Slow Push-Up

Backward Lunges

Side to Side Squat

Speed Skaters

Squat Thrusts

Slow Squat

Bodyweight Squat

Squat Jump

Walk-out With Push-Up


Dive-Bomber Push-Up

Dive-Bomber Push-Up v2

Extra Video Demonstrations

Bodyweight squat - 0:01
Squat hold - 0:13
Squat jump - 0:24
Drop squat - 0:37
Slow squat - 0:50
Side to side squat - 1:08
Speed skaters - 1:17
Push-up - 1:26
Modified Push-up (knees) - 1:36
Wide push-up 1:49
Slow push-up - 2:00
Dive-bomber push-up (version A) - 2:15
Dive-bomber push-up (version B) - 2:28
Extended plank - 2:39
Elbow plank - 2:50
Mountain climbers - 3:00
Cross mountain climbers - 3:10
Walk-outs - 3:21
Walk-out push-up - 3:36
Seal Jacks - 3:54
Squat thrusts - 4:03
Burpees - 4:17