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2021 Holiday Gift Guide: Fitness Gift Ideas For Everyone On Your List

holiday fitness gift ideas 2021

Tis (almost) the season, jumpers!

We know the holidays can get a bit draining at times (hello, hanging with the in-laws, end-of-year work deadlines, and just all-around winter blues). 

Why not make things easier on yourself and start your holiday shopping early? Seriously—don’t create more stress for yourself by getting caught in a shipping crunch. Let’s make a list and check it twice, starting with the fitness fanatics in your life. 

Whether it’s your parent, sibling, or BFF, we all know at least one person who’d prefer new workout gear over a house plant. This guide is for them. And hey, we’re here for it. Dare to be different, right?

Below is a list of the hottest fitness gifts of the season. These picks are guaranteed to help your health-junkie friends head into the new year with everything they need to crush their resolutions. 

By the time you finish this list, you’ll probably want to snatch up a few of these fit finds for yourself. Go ahead, who doesn’t love to shop with the “one for you, two for me” mentality. 

Ready, set, gift! Let’s dig in.

The Top Fitness Gift for 2021

The Complete Crossrope Experience

Crossrope Get Fit Bundle, LE jump rope mat, and mobile app

The complete Crossrope Experience is for the fitness lover who wants to break away from the pack. The person on your list who loves to stand out. Crossrope is perfect for anyone who loves a powerful workout that gets results. 

There’s no other workout as convenient, portable, and fun as Crossrope. Plus, jump ropes offer a level of freedom you can’t get from any old gym.

One swing of the rope, and they’ll be hooked. 

The complete Crossrope experience is an unbeatable trifecta, including the Get Fit Bundle, LE Jump Rope Mat, and a premium subscription to the Crossrope app

The Get Fit Bundle is the ultimate mix of cardio and strength training featuring the 1/4 LB, 1/2 LB, 1 LB, and 2 LB jump ropes. Whether they’re looking for a cardio fix or want to feel like an absolute beast swinging that 2 LB rope, the Get Fit Bundle offers it all. 

Throw in the LE Jump Rope Mat and Crossrope app, and you just gave a home gym as a gift. Armed with the Crossrope app and your giftee has access to 600+ HIIT, endurance, cardio, and strength training workouts designed by our Crossrope Athletes. 

WARNING: giving Crossrope as a gift will unlock new levels of badassery. 

Top Fitness Apparel Gift Ideas

1. Top Knot

top knot hats front and back view

We have one word for Top Knot: obsessed.

Finally, an athletic hat for women lets them rock a high-pony or messy bun without the fuss. 

Top Knot’s patented magnetic closure is uniquely designed to close seamlessly around a ponytail. Plus, it stays fully closed when you want to let your hair down. No need for cutouts or holes in your hats, ladies! 

Top Knot hats come with a built-in sweatband and are made of performance-tech fabric, making them lightweight and breathable. They are also machine washable and available in youth sizes.

We can’t really think of a situation where you wouldn’t want one of these hats—jumping, running, hiking, gardening. Top Knot just makes sense. 

Here’s a little bonus for you, too! Grab a Top Knot hat for someone on your holiday list and save 10% (you’re welcome). Just use discount code CROSSROPE10 at checkout to get this deal. 

2. Agogie Resistance Pants

couple sitting outside on the pavement in the winter wearing Agogie resistance pants

Ok, these are a game-changer. 

Getting a great workout these days is as easy as putting on pants. Who knew? 

Agogie Resistance Pants are a unique gift idea for anyone who likes to make every exercise count. 

Resistance pants are exactly how they sound: they’re pants with resistance bands sewn right into the fabric. With eight built-in resistance bands, Agogie apparel creates constant tension to strengthen and tone your body with every move. 

Use them in the gym, on walks, or even just around the house. Agogie resistance pants are a great way to activate more muscles, increase workout intensity, and burn more calories. 

They come in two resistance levels: +20 and +40 resistance. 

The +20s are great for all-day wear, long-distance runs or walks, endurance exercises, and cardio workouts. The +40s take things up a notch making them perfect for gym workouts, CrossFit, HIIT routines, strength training, and short distance runs or walks.

3. Dagsmejan Recovery Sleepwear

Dagsmejan recovery sleepwear gift sets

We all know that sleep is vital for muscle recovery, but what if your pajamas helped with the process?

We love science. 

Dagsmejan is the future of sleepwear. Their trailblazing NATTRECOVER™ fabric uses heat-activated minerals to recycle the excess body heat released during sleep into natural far infrared energy. 

This lost energy is converted and reflected back towards the body to increase blood flow and feed your muscles with oxygen—enhancing recovery and muscle regeneration overnight. 

That’s right, we’re bringing you smart pajamas. They’re soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking. You can read more about how they work here.

But seriously—just take our money. 

4. Incrediwear

incrediwear knee sleeve and ankle sleeve front view

Seeing as we can’t wear our pajamas all day, here’s some recovery gear to get you through the daytime. 

Incrediwear products take a different approach to muscle repair by using your body's natural ability to heal—in comparison to traditional pain meds, physical therapy, and rest. They are also antimicrobial and odor resistant, perfect for demanding activities and all-day wear. Plus, they work as soon as they're put on - you'll notice relief in only a few minutes.

If you have a jump roper on your list this year, we suggest picking up a couple of ankle sleeves for additional support.

6. Myzone Heart Rate Monitor (with Compatible Apparel)

MyZone heart rate monitors

For the people on your list that love collecting their fitness data, Myzone is the perfect gift.

Myzone’s MZ-Switch is the first interchangeable heart rate monitor for the gym, outdoors, or water. You can switch up your options between the chest, wrist, and arm, making it incredibly versatile for different activities. 

Plus, Myzone is incredibly accurate (99.4% accurate, to be exact). The MZ-Switch measures your heart rate with the same level of accuracy as an ECG monitor, so you know you’re getting data you can trust.

That’s not even the best part! The MZ-Switch is compatible with a Sports Bra and Sports Shirt, so you can gear up and get in the zone without fussing over chest straps or wrist bands.  

Gamified and community-based, Myzone is a rewarding, data-driven fitness experience designed for everyone.

5. Shefit Sports Bra

Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra in Black front view

Most gals would agree that a good sports bra is the key to crushing a workout, which is why the fitness queens in your life would love to find one under the tree this year. Also, if you're planning on gifting your girl a set of jump ropes this year, a sports bra is the perfect companion gift. 

Shefit's Ultimate Sports Bra is the first and only fully-adjustable sports bra that lets women personalize the fit based on their desired level of support. Plus, it's made for women of all shapes and sizes, ranging from cups A to I.

Top Home Gym Fitness Gift Ideas

1. Terra-Core

Terra-core home gym

Building a home gym can get pricey, so we love when we find products that can do it all. When it comes to versatility, Terra-Core fits the bill. 

The Terra-Core is a fully-functional gym bench. Right-side up, the surface is comfortable and reactive, working as a balance trainer, bench, and step. Flip it over, and you’ll find two push-up handles, sidebars, and band bridges, making it endlessly adaptable. All you need is some determination and creativity, and Terra-Core supports you the rest of the way.

It’s compact enough to work out in any room and can easily be tucked away when you’re done breaking a sweat. If you can think of it, the Terra-core can do it. 

2. Quiet Punch

Quiet Punch space saving punching bag

Do you know someone who loves the idea of owning a punching bag but doesn’t have the space? Or just thinks they’re unsightly in general? Gift them a Quiet Punch

Quiet Punch is a doorway punching bag that you can use in any space. It comes with hundreds of hours of free training and routines built for every skill level, so you don’t have to be a pro boxer to get a great workout. 

3. Boxing Gloves

If the Quiet Punch caught your attention, tie a bow on the experience with some slick-looking boxing gloves. 

For the ladies, Society Nine is an award-winning women’s boxing and lifestyle brand breaking the status quo. The Bia Boxing Gloves are designed to have a fit that is more narrow and shallow than a traditional boxing glove. Reducing the depth and width of the gloves allows for a closer fit that prevents women’s hands from ‘floating’ when striking.

Named for the Greek goddess of force and strength, the Bia Boxing Glove is the epitome of Society Nine’s mission to empower women to break boundaries and find strength in their minds, body, and soul. We’re totally here for it. 

Bia Boxing Gloves in Black

For the gents, Rival RB2 Super Bag Gloves 2.0 is an excellent bang for your buck. The ergonomically adjusted hand compartment allows for a deeper, better grip in making a perfect fist, along with Rival’s Original Ergo Strap System for added wrist support. It’s an excellent choice for protection and performance from amateurs to pros. 

Rival RB2 Boxing Gloves

Top Home Office Fitness Gift Ideas

1. Cubii

cubii home office cycler

Cycle while you work! 

Cubii is a compact, quiet, and easy-to-use design. It fits almost anywhere, so you can get a great workout in while multitasking. Whether you use it at a desk while working from home or on a couch while watching your favorite show, Cubii offers a safe, low-impact way to stay fit.

Users can choose from eight resistance levels and keep real-time track of calories, RPM, strides, distance, and active time. (It’s also great for any age or current activity level – which makes it a great gift). 

2. Gaiam Balance Ball Chair

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair

Add a little health to your giftee’s home office with an office chair that engages their muscles while they work. A balance ball chair promotes good posture, active sitting, and all the benefits of an exercise ball while you work. 

The bestselling Classic Balance Ball Chair from Gaiam provides all-day ergonomic support for a stronger, healthier back. By sitting on the ball, you can improve your posture and spinal alignment while getting a powerful core-strengthening workout. 

Top Fitness Gift Stocking Stuffers

1. Hypersphere Mini

Hypersphere mini front view sitting in it's stand

The Hypersphere Mini is a massage ball that fits into the palm of your hand (and perfectly into a stocking). With three speeds of vibration—low, medium, and high—you can roll it over your muscles, wherever they need some loosening up.

The compact, textured, vibrating Hypersphere Mini is an affordable, travel-friendly massage ball that fitness enthusiasts swear by. Ideal for rolling out after a workout, but also great for those long workdays spending too much time sitting down.

2. LARQ Water Bottle

LARQ water bottle

The reusable, rechargeable LARQ water bottle actually purifies itself every 2 hours (or at the push of a button) using a digital UV-C LED light. 

It sounds like the perfect fitness gift to splurge on for someone who gets a little lazy when it comes to cleaning out their gym bag.

3. Jaybird Vista 2 Headphones

Jaybird Vista 2 Headphones

We all know music’s powerful effects on motivation and training - good tunes can make or break a workout. As many of us know, there's nothing worse than your headphones slipping out of your ears when you're working up a sweat.

Runner's World puts it best when it says, "go ahead, try to kill these with sweat. We haven't been able to." The Jaybird Vista 2 headphones are the lightest, most compact headphones the company has ever made. The headphones feature industry-leading battery life and #EARTHPROOF shock, dust, water, and sweatproof IPX7 construction. Vista wire-free earbuds definitely expand the horizon of active audio experience. So, let dad escape for a while with his favorite tunes and a good workout.

4. WODDice Fit

WODDice Fit

Fitness should be fun, so why not make a game out of it? If you know someone who needs to mix up their workouts, they definitely need a set of workout dice. 

WODDice comes with a 3-piece dice set that randomizes exercise movements and reps. If your giftee doesn’t have the equipment they need, the set comes with downloadable instructions that include bodyweight alternatives. 

5. A Smartwatch

Apple Watch Series 7

This one is a classic. Our top pick is the Apple Watch Series 7

This year, get your giftee started in the world of connected fitness and watch their workout routine go from pretty good to superhuman. They’ll be showing off all of their activity and filling up those circles in no time. Even if this gift is for someone who’s not the best at technology, they’ll get the hang of the Apple Watch in no time and never look back. 

Bonus: They’ll be able to use the Crossrope app right from their watch, see their jump count and heart rate. Closing out those rights has never been so satisfying.

6. Smartwatch Accessories

Dot Smartwatch Accessories Yoga Band in Black

Say hello to your new favorite watch bands! We love the unique styles from Dót Outfitters. If you’re gifting a smartwatch this year, or someone on your list already has one, you need to check out these bands.

These bands are incredibly comfortable, and they’re designed with fitness in mind. They’re so comfy, in fact, that you won’t even notice you’re wearing one until someone compliments you! They stay in place all day without any irritation. They come in a variety of solid colors and print designs, plus they’re affordable.

Honestly, you could just fill up a stocking with only these bands, and we don’t think anyone would complain. You have to have options, right?

Note: only available in the USA. 

7. Dosha Mat 

Dosha Accupressure MAt

Go ahead and pamper your fitness friends with a luxurious premium acupressure mat from Dosha.

Acupressure works by massaging and stimulating key points on the body to promote deep relaxation and healing. Acupressure mats benefit the body by relieving tension, soreness, and pain in the back, head, neck, shoulders, hips, feet, and other parts of the body. 

The Dosha Mat also helps you enter a deep state of relaxation, enjoy more restful sleep, reduce stress, eliminate headaches, increase circulation, help muscles recover faster, and increase energy levels. What more could you ask for? 

Dosha Mat is carefully handmade using the highest-quality, hypoallergenic natural linen. Each mat also contains a removable cushion made of 100% raw coconut fiber. These mats also feature more than 4,500 high-quality acupressure points in the beautiful shape of honeycombs.

We’ll take two, please. 

8. Epsom Salts

Walton Wood Farm Mustard Soak

Speaking of relaxation, Epsom salts are always an excellent go-to stocking stuffer, and we’re in love with the cheeky products from Walton Wood Farm

The Mustard Soak is the perfect gift for athletes! This 100% natural Epsom Salt, Mustard, and Essential Oil soak will help soothe aches, clear the senses, and relax sore muscles. Mustard is known to stimulate the sweat glands, helping the body rid itself of toxins. Eucalyptus and Epsom salt are known to ease pain and relieve inflammation, as well. 

9. Core Meditation by Hyperice

Core Meditation

Give the gift of inner peace this year with Core by Hyperice. This handheld orb is your new personal meditation trainer that uses dynamic vibrations and feedback to help you relax, focus, and stay consistent. 

Core’s vibrations center your attention during meditation. The biosensors give you feedback to see your body’s physical response, including your heart rate variability (HRV). You can choose from a library of expert-led guided meditations, soundscapes, and breathwork training sessions. All in sync with Core's guiding vibrations and lighting. Plus, The Core App displays your biofeedback and insights to show the impact meditation has on your mental and physical wellness.

Happy Holidays! 

With the holiday season coming up fast, make sure you get your gifting done early. We hope this gift guide gave you some fun ideas for your fitness-minded friends and family. 

Got other fitness gift ideas? Share them in the comments below!

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