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This Is What Happens In The First 30 Days Jumping Rope With Crossrope

This Is What Happens In The First 30 Days Jumping Rope With Crossrope

Curious what it’s like to jump with a weighted rope for the first time?

“To put it simply I was HOOKED after jumping with mine for the first time.” - Trell G.

We asked our customers, like Trell, to tell us about their first 30 days with Crossrope’s weighted jump rope system.

Here’s what they had to say.

The First 30 Days With Crossrope

Like any new skill, jumping rope takes a bit of practice to get right.

With a weighted jump rope, you can speed up your learning curve drastically as the added resistance slows down your rotation and gives you the feedback you need to be able to feel the rope turning around your body. This makes it easier to time your jumps and minimize trip-ups as you’re learning.

To give you a full sense of what it’s like to jump with Crossrope, we’ve asked our customers to share their first 30 days with the system.

“[My first 30 days] was so long ago I don’t remember! I do remember falling in love with them and becoming addicted quite quickly. Best part is the support and challenges that the group provides.” - Kirsten S.

Some of our jumpers have been around for a long time, but the one thing they do remember most about learning to jump with a weighted rope was how quickly they saw the benefits and fell in love.

“I’m still within my 30 days and I love these jump ropes. Favorite thing would be the feel of these ropes. I have the Get Lean bundle. I do mainly jump rope only workouts since I do 9Round boxing and weights. I’m looking forward to getting more Crossropes. If I’m not doing either I’ll do jump rope and abs. Or pick a workout in the app (which I love). I was frustrated at first because I kept tripping and learning but I got better. I love these so much.” - Donyale W.

“After trying out a cheap $5 rope and I took the plunge and have never looked back, I upgraded to the 2020 Crossrope set within 6 months of buying my original Crossrope set. Quite simply, they are a fantastic rope. The best bit though is the community, they rock.” - Stuart H.

Then there are others like Donyale and Stuart who have only just begun their jump rope journey, but are already starting to get the hang of the ropes and are ready to level-up to another heavy jump rope set (with the help of our jump rope fitness app).

Embarrassing, fun, frustrating, rewarding, it was/is the support of this group that made it possible to push through the maze of conflicting emotions. Now it is addictive.” - Jay E.

Looking for a source of inspiration? Our jump rope fitness community is a place where so many jumpers find support to help reach their goals.

“They were hard but also easy as I went from a cheap handle weights rope to a nice handle weighted rope. The most progression and fun I had was after over a year when I connected with a group within the Crossrope Jump Rope Fitness Community. My advice to all would be reach out and connect, our group is worldwide and very diverse. We didn’t meet in person but with social media I think we gave each other a lot of love.” - Richard S.

Pure torture but I loved every minute of it. I had great people helping me out cheering me on and providing tips on jumping [in the community].” - Leslie B.

We believe that learning to jump rope shouldn’t be a chore. A lot of jumpers like Larry, use our ropes and fitness app as a way to challenge themselves and take their jump rope workouts to the next level.

“I loved the challenge of learning a new way to workout and the camaraderie and support of the community. I started in the summer of 2017. I tried some of those workouts then did my first of many challenges shortly thereafter when you ran the Performance Challenge [in the app]. I've been hooked ever since and still feel like a kid every time I post an app workout in the online community.” - Larry D.

There’s nothing like the feeling of using a weighted rope for the first time (especially if you’ve used a light PVC rope initially). After jumping with beaded or wired ropes, a lot of our jumpers immediately notice the difference in feedback that a weighted rope offers.

“First, I like the feedback that I get with the Crossropes, compared to the plastic bead rope that I used before. And when I make the rope go faster, it doesn't lag behind like the beaded rope did. I started with the 1.2 LB rope. I wasn't new to jump roping, so I had a fair amount of stamina from before. For me the Crossropes weighted jump ropes made jump roping a more thorough fullbody workout.” - Charles Z.

“Having tried some of the Crossrope workouts with cheap wire and leather ropes I picked these up and my first thought was wow! These feel soo good! Started with the beginner's challenge and haven't looked back even though I'm getting over shin splints. I look forward to the day I can jump every day. I've got the Get Lean set and want to add the Get Strong set soon.” - Jill D.

Get Started

There are many benefits to jump rope training like increased muscle activation, higher calories burned, and the convenience of a workout you can do anywhere in under 30 minutes. It’s also a lot of fun, which increases the likelihood that you’ll actually stick to your routine and see amazing results.

“It is so much fun and I've seen incredible results in the 3 weeks I've been using weighted ropes. The way you feel after jumping for an hour is great too. It is such an easy and fun thing to do and while you are doing it, you are gaining lean muscle. It's so easy to get lost doing it.” -Carl R.

A rope with more weight, like our popular beginners 1/4 LB rope from our Get Lean set, provides just enough weight to help get your rotations started so you can skip the frustrations of a regular rope and see fast results.

Get Lean Set | Crossrope

Haven’t jumped rope before? Check out this beginners guide on how to jump rope to see just how easy it is to begin your jump rope journey.

Don’t forget to download our free app for quick on-the-go workouts and popular jump rope challenges, like our 14 Day Beginner Challenge designed specifically to help build your endurance and learn basic jump rope skills.

Have more questions on jumping with weighted ropes? Leave a comment below.

Happy jumping!

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