Home Workout Plan: Quick And Simple Home Workout Tips

Home Workout Plan: Quick And Simple Home Workout Tips

Working out at home can be challenging if you’re just getting started.

You have to figure out what equipment to get, where to do your workouts, what exercises to do and how to fit everything into your busy schedule.

To help you put together a home workout plan, we’ve asked our community and Crossrope team to share their best home workout tips.

Let’s get started.

1. Choose A Home Workout You’ll Enjoy

“Schedule it, plan it, make it fun!” - Amanitare

We always say the best workout is the one you'll enjoy and be consistent with. That’s why it’s important to find a workout you’ll actually enjoy doing.

There are many things that make a Crossrope workout fun - there’s always a new workout or challenge waiting for you in the app, there are plenty of new jump rope exercises to learn, and our online community has thousands of members to keep you engaged, inspired, and accountable.

Here are some quick places to start:

We'll see you in there.

2. Keep Your Home Workout Plan Simple

“Be creative. Improvise for what you don't have or can't do outside.” - Jonathan

“I’m doing full body workouts with a jump rope, a mat, an Adirondack chair, and a watering can filled with water.” -Terrence

When you’re building a home workout plan, It's important not to over-complicate things. It can be easy to get overwhelmed with equipment and training programs.

The goal is to keep things as simple as possible.

When it comes to equipment, start with what you already have - your body. There are plenty of workouts you can do with just your bodyweight which is why we include so many bodyweight exercises in our Crossrope app.

From there, you can start adding some simple pieces of equipment. A weighted jump rope can go a long way in giving you added versatility so you can work on your endurance and strength without needing any extra space.

When it comes to workout programs, find something you can follow along to. Our free app is full of quick and effective workouts and fitness challenges that will guide you along so you don’t have to think about what you need to do. Just load up the app, choose a workout, and follow along.

3. Plan Your Workouts Ahead Of Time

“Schedule it like an appointment you can’t miss, set clothes out the night before, don’t overthink it, just get started. Find a time to least get distracted.” - Bridget

Plan out the day the night before, from the time you get up from the time you go to bed..once it's on paper it's easier to stay disciplined...and incorporate Tabata workouts, they are quick, effective, and you can use any type of exercise for it.” - Chris

Planning your workout the night before makes it easier to get the workout done.

We love this tip from Bridget - add your workout to your weekly calendar like you would any other important meeting or appointment. Then stick to it.

4. Be Consistent With Your Home Workout Routine

“I structure my day very close to how it was when I was going to work at the office. Get up at the same time, same breakfasts and snack and lunch prep. I plan what I will be doing the same as before. I've tried to simplify a little, because being home can be distracting. Right now I am doing 300 kettle bell swings, 20 at a time at 30 second intervals, then I do the next workout on the Crossrope app.” - Angela

I do [my workout] at the exact same time everyday, and it's the first thing I do after I wake up. Gives me a routine.” - Charlotte

Creating and sticking to a routine can be helpful in establishing good fitness habits.

You need to figure out what works for your schedule. Are mornings the only time you have to yourself? Then schedule your workout first thing in the morning. Do you have 30 minutes at lunchtime available? Schedule your workouts then.

Whatever time slot you choose, add it to your calendar and stick to it.

Here is a great routine from Corrie that you can start today:

1. Choose a period in the day that is yours and make sure everyone knows that. It doesn't have to be an hour. Set aside 20 - 30 minutes for yourself and let everyone know that this is your workout time. Add it to the calendar. Carve it in stone.

2. Working out from home gives you more flexibility to tackle your workout in different ways. You don't need to do it all at once. If it's easier for you, break it out into small chunks. Instead of doing a full 22 min Crossrope workout, do two 12 min workouts at two different times in the day.

“I have found success by starting my day with a good workout, then having a 'finisher' in the afternoon/evening- whenever I fit it in. I'm strict on attending that morning workout, but the second is more for an extra calorie burn, so if it's short, that's okay. Just don't mess with my morning hour.” - Corrie

5. Break Up Your Day

“If I get a wave of anxiety or worry while I am working, tired from working at a computer, or feel cold, I take a break and jump 100--yesterday, those break jumps added up to 800.” - Angela

We love this tip from Angela - look for opportunities to break your workday with little bursts of activity.

Whenever you need to take a break from working (or life), walk over to your home gym and knock out 50 or 100 jumps. Over the course of the day, these add up.

Here are some other fun ways to use this approach:

  • Set a timer to do 50 jumps every hour (or every other hour) throughout your day.
  • Every time you walk to the kitchen, do 50 jumps.
  • Do 50 jumps in-between your daily conference calls or meetings.

You can do this with any other exercise. Be creative. Have fun with it.

6. Mix Things Up When Needed

Variety, variety, variety. Been working out at home almost daily for 15 yrs. When I wake up I evaluate how much time and how much energy I have. Then decide on the type of workout for the day.” - Carrie

You don’t have to get stuck repeating the same workout every day. There’s always room for switching things up.

That’s why our Crossrope app has so many options.

If you’re looking for a quick workout for the day, the workout feed has plenty of effective options to choose from. If you’re looking for a program to follow, we've got fun fitness challenges waiting for you.

7. Choose a Dedicated Workout Spot

“The beauty of [Crossrope] workouts is that they can be done anywhere, anytime.The downside to this is that they can be done anywhere and any time”- John

It can be helpful to dedicate a spot in your home as your workout spot.

You can use your garage, basement, back porch, or any other spot in the home that works for you.

You want to make sure you have enough space for your workouts and that you can work out in a safe manner. For a Crossrope workout, you need roughly 7' x 10' front to back and a 9' high ceiling for doing Crossrope workouts.

8. Prepare Your Workout Space Ahead of Time

Put your ropes in plain sight, like mine, they hang on my wardrobe in front of my bed. As I wake up I see all the pretty colours in front of me, beckoning.” -Olayinka

Prepare your workout gear - ropes, shoes, and mat - and have everything ready to go so all you have to do is show up and jump into your workout.

Try to make things as easy for yourself as possible.

9. Find Someone to Keep You Accountable

“Join an accountability group!!” - Tiffany

Having a support group is huge, especially during times when we are stuck indoors.

Have your family at home keep you accountable or create a group chat with friends where you’re always keeping each other motivated.

You can also join our online community and meet thousands of jumpers from all around the world. It’s a great place to share your progress, ask questions and find inspiration.

“Keep checking the posts on this beautiful, wonderful and blissful community for daily inspiration and motivation. Love y'all! Finally picked up the ropes after almost 6 months and boy, was it a rush or what! Keep jumping, keep winning!” - Mranal

10. Remember Your ‘Why’

Remember why you’re doing your workouts We all have different reasons- what's yours?

“I’m in the process of creating a home gym. First the space needs to be a space that you need to enjoy working out in and feel safe from the outside work. Second, equipment that you are excited about using. Simple stuff with variety. Third, nice workout gear. The better you look and feel before you get started, the more motivated you will be to kill the workout! And the biggest thing is your WHY? The reason why you want to workout at all is the most important and then everything else falls in line.” - Tiffany

Write down your ‘Why’ and have it nearby (or on your home gym wall) for a constant reminder why you started this journey in the first place.

Quick Links

Here's a rec-cap of some quick links to get you started with your own Crossrope home gym:

  1. Choose from one of our most popular weighted jump rope sets.
  2. Get a jump rope mat to keep your ropes (and floors) safe.
  3. Download our free jump rope app and get access to on-the-go workouts.
  4. Join our online community and meet new jumpers.


We hope you found this post helpful. We will leave you with one last bit of valuable advice to help keep your concentration high during your workouts:

“Make sure the cat is not there!” - Denise

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