Workouts in Your Pocket

Our fun new jump rope training app gives you access to fun workouts, tutorials, and fitness challenges on the go.

The New Crossrope Jump Rope App

The new jump rope training app from Crossrope gives you access to fun and effective workouts with your Infinity ropes. Whether you're looking for a quick workout on the go or a fun fitness challenge to work through, our jump rope app will let you take your training on the go.

App Home

Access fun and effective jump rope workouts and challenges on the go.

App tutorial

Access our quick-start tutorial to get jumping quickly.

Learn New Jump Rope Skills

Learn new skills and exercises with our library of comprehensive jump rope tutorials.

App Workouts and Challenges

Our custom workout timer will guide you through each workout with intuitive audio and visual cues.

Share Your Workout Results

Track and share your workout results on the go.

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