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Crossrope Trainer | Chad Gonzales

Crossrope Trainer | Chad Gonzales

Crossrope Trainer, Chad Gonzales, used to get his daily dose of activity through his job. As a warehouse worker, he did a lot of manual labor that kept him in shape. But when a change in his career put him behind a desk, he quickly started to notice his body changing.

“I started running on the treadmill and lost about 10 pounds. After about a month, I plateaued and wasn't able to see any more results. Plus I was getting bored. It was becoming harder to get motivated and you can only watch so much Netflix while running."

Realizing he needed a change, he picked up a standard jump rope he had laying around and started incorporating jumping into his workout regimen. Wanting to learn how to do tricks, he headed to YouTube where he found the Jump Rope Dudes who introduced him to Crossrope.

"I discovered jumping rope made my cardio routine fun and challenging. And it made me realize that cardio didn’t have to be boring."

In 2020 Chad had been an active member of the Crossrope Facebook Community for over 3 years. He was participating in the monthly challenges as well as sharing his own workouts for others to try. He even challenged Crossrope owner, Dave Hunt, to some friendly competitions like fasted 1000 jumps and the most double unders! So it only made sense that when Covid hit, Dave reached out to Chad about becoming a Crossrope trainer. Since gyms were shut down, this would be a great opportunity to encourage and teach other jump rope users how to stay in shape from home. Chad received his ACE Certified Personal Trainer certification about a year later.  

Over the years, Chad has encouraged thousands of people to reach their goals. He teaches that you can get a variety of different workout experiences simply by pairing your workout formats with different rope weights. Plus, with the addition of AMP, you can see yourself making progress every time. 

“I have been a numbers person since day 1 with Crossrope. I was always keeping track of my personal bests for 1000 jumps or max unbroken double unders. Now with AMP the training has been unreal and produced personal bests that I didn't think were possible. TargetTrainer keeps me accountable during my workouts and has even helped me find motivation on days when I didn't feel like I was going to be able to put forth my best effort.”

When asked what advice he would give to those just starting out or on the fence about trying AMP, Chad says “Many new jumpers don't know how to incorporate jump rope into their workout routines. The Crossrope app includes audio cues, video demonstrations, and workout timers that make it so easy to work out. AMP takes that experience to the next level with TargetTrainer.  You will be pushed to get the most out of your workout and be provided with real-time stats that demonstrate your improvement over time.”

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