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Shane's Jump Rope Transformation: From Learning To Walk To Learning To Fly

Shane's Jump Rope Transformation: From Learning To Walk To Learning To Fly

In 2016 I was sidelined for a while due to an Acquired Brain Injury. I have had to learn the ability to walk, talk, communicate and many more things all over again. Ever since then I have been slightly overweight and I have had particularly weak muscles that fatigue very quickly.

Then I met a skipping rope, it wasn't exactly love at first sight, but after a few dates...I knew she was the one. I had found something that has helped me BEYOND anything I imagined and I have tried gym, running, CrossFit, locomotion and calisthenics. Skipping has been my saviour, to move past the lingering issues I have had to deal with since my ABI. I do owe my mental and physical health to skipping. Specifically being able to skip from home during all the madness in this world right now!

I have lost 4kg. It has helped me feel happier with my shirt off which has helped my marriage and it really assists with my mental health during this crazy time right now. I just grab one of my ropes (or all of them) and just exhaust myself out of my worries. It's amazing! I'm so thankful.

When I'm skipping, I feel powerful and I get an excitement of accomplishment and I love learning new skills, and pushing my limits!

Thank you, Crossrope for having a supportive Facebook group. 

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