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Elevate Your Workout Stats with Additional In-Depth Performance Data

Elevate Your Workout Stats with Additional In-Depth Performance Data

In addition to our share-friendly screen that you'll see immediately after your workout, we've added an additional page giving even more data about your performance.

As a reminder, here's our current screen, which you can add a selfie to before you share with friends.

Post-workout screenshot with selfie from Jennika

Here's some of the new data you can see:

Time in Each Heart Rate Zone

Time in each heart rate zone

With the time in heart rate zones, it's easy to see how hard you were pushing, especially if you're looking to maximize your time in the higher zones. Requires Apple Watch.

Total Jumps Compared to Projection and Previous Best

Total jumps compared to projected and previous best

See how you did compared to the TargetTrainer jump projection and your previous best, so you can share to friends when you beat your goals. Requires AMP.

Live Leaderboard Standings

Leaderboard standings after a workout

See your live leaderboard standings right after your workouts, so you can decide if you want to do another workout or Free Jump to get some jumps in and keep climbing. Requires AMP.

Challenge Progress

Challenge progress after a workout with badges achieved

Looking to get that Gold badge on the Monthly Workout Challenge? See how close you are to earning those badges for all active challenges you're participating in.

Share your Feedback!

Please try a workout with our new build today, and let us know what you think of these additional stats at [email protected]! We love feedback and hearing about your experience!

Don't have AMP yet? Unlock the full experience of the Crossrope app with jump counting and so much more with AMP!

This screen is available on iOS now and coming to Android soon.

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