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Jump Rope Partner Workout To Complete Together

Jump Rope Partner Workout To Complete Together

Want a fun and challenging workout to do with a partner?

We've put together an awesome workout that you and a partner can complete together!

In this high intensity workout, you and your partner get to choose the number of reps and the jump rope skill you want to do and complete it together as quickly as you can!

Found someone who's ready to take on the challenge with you?

Good. Let's do it.

Before We Get Started

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Tools for this Workout

Here are the tools you're going to need for today's workout:

> Crossrope Set - get the Crossrope Starter Set (We're using the 1 Lb Intensity rope)

> A timer - use your smartphone or stopwatch

> Some space to jump - We'll be jumping indoors

The Crossrope Starter Set is the best way to introduce yourself to heavy jump rope training. The set comes with two ropes - the light black 1/4 lb Agility rope and the heavy orange 1 Lb Intensity rope. We'll be using the heavy one for this workout.

For this workout, we'll be using the orange 1 Lb Intensity rope.

starter set

The Crossrope Starter Set is the perfect introduction to weighted jump rope training.

Note - the Starter Set is not mandatory for this workout, but a heavier jump rope will definitely provide better results.

Jump Rope Partner Workout (Complete Together)

Today's partner workout is all about working together!

In this workout, you and your partner will set a timer and decide on a target number of reps that you'll aim to hit together. Plus, you'll get to choose your own jump rope skill that you're both comfortable with!

The way it works is that when one partner is jumping, the other is resting (and encouraging the other!)

A good approach is for each jumper to go as fast as they can and switch when they get fatigued. However, you and your partner can split your reps up in any way you wish.

When you're finished, mark down how many full rounds you and your partner completed and let us know if you reached your goal by posting it in our community!

Check out our attempt at completing 1,000 heavy rope alternate foot jumps together:

Check out our most popular jump ropes or join our jump rope community here.

Important tips and resources to keep in mind for this workout:

> If you're just getting started, take a look at out our complete jump rope guide for beginners - it covers everything you need to know to learn how to jump rope properly.

> Don't let mistakes hold you up. Brush them off and finish your set strong. For tips on how to avoid common mistakes, check out this article.

> Also consider taking precautions to minimize your chances of injury while jumping rope by going through the tips in this article.

How did it go?

We'd love to hear how the workout went for you and your partner.

Leave your results in the comments below or in our private jump rope community. And if you really like it, give it some likes and shares as well. Good luck!

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