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Crossrope Trainer | Jennika

Crossrope Trainer | Jennika

When Jennika started her fitness journey she was 55 lbs heavier, many sizes larger, always tired, and completely uncomfortable in her body. Finally, she hit a number on the scale that was “almost my heaviest pregnancy weight… and I wasn’t pregnant!” That was the moment she decided to do something. 

Jennika started working out at a kickboxing club that included jumping rope. She lost 35 lbs in about 6 months and then plateaued. But when the owner saw her passion for jumping he showed her his set of Crossropes. She knew immediately that she had to have her own! 

Jennika got her first set of Crossropes for Mother's Day and has been jumping consistently 5-6 days a week ever since. She lost a total of 55 lbs within that first year. 

“I couldn’t have done it without Crossrope and the constant inspiration, motivation, and support of our amazing jump rope family.”

In November 2019, Jennika was notified that her position as a Molecular Diagnostic Technologist would be dissolved in a few months. She had already been using Crossrope for a couple of years and was madly in love with jumping, so she decided she wanted to try to make a living sharing her passion for jump rope fitness. She got to work and received her Jump Rope Instructor certification in December of 2019. 

“I started doing free Zoom group workouts with community members from the Crossrope Facebook community. I even started doing some in-person group classes and one-on-one training, and then right when I was officially laid off, COVID shut down all in-person options. I continued to do the free Zoom group workouts with community members, and then Crossrope reached out to offer me the Crossrope Trainer role. (Then Crossrope Athlete.)”

A couple of years later in 2021, Jennika received her ACE Certified Personal Trainer certificate. Now she would be able to increase Crossropes’ general fitness expertise and become a resource to the community by helping to improve our ability to develop more effective and interesting jump rope workouts and programs. 

“It was difficult having to work through the program with just videos and text during the pandemic, but I did use my family as "clients" for practicing. Lots of laughs with my husband and plenty of eye-rolls from my teenagers!” 

And then in 2022, Jennika took another step to better her training education and became an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor. 

“I wanted to improve my knowledge and skills in leading virtual and in-person group workouts for our community as well as be a resource for training our partners like the YMCA locations that are incorporating Crossrope into group fitness classes.”

Jennika’s Favorite AMP Features: 

“I love AMP for how it made all of us discover we could push even harder during workouts. That extra push of chasing the target bar has helped so many people reach new levels of speed, endurance, and stamina that they didn't think were possible. TargetTrainer has made our awesome workouts even more effective in achieving fitness gains!

I also love the Previous Time feature in Benchmarks so I know if I am on pace to beat my PR. Now I can focus on jumping fast and steady without having to do the mental math on my pace or count my own jumps. If I fall off pace, and that green light goes out, I get extra motivation to dig even deeper. The green light is incredibly powerful in helping me go a little bit faster for a little bit longer! 

Another favorite thing about AMP is the power button on the handle that I can use to start and pause my workouts. Seems silly but it is so convenient!”  

Jennika’s message to all those considering Crossrope:

GET STARTED TODAY! Take those uncomfortable before pictures! Work hard but also be kind & patient with yourself as you get going on your jump rope & fitness journey. Share your struggles & your progress and always feel free to reach out for help along your journey!!”

Happy jumping!

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