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Supporting individuals, communities, and organizations committed to encouraging health and fitness for marginalized groups and communities of color.

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Goal #1
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Promote a safe culture in health and fitness for marginalized groups and communities of color.
Goal #2
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Support communities making effective and meaningful changes focused on fitness initiatives.

Organizations we have donated to:

Organizations we have donated to:

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Nomination Branch

Each quarter, we will select a number of deserving recipients to receive a donation of Crossrope product(s). Recipients are selected on the basis of their proven commitment to health and fitness and involvement in their communities to support marginalized or underprivileged groups. We will donate $40,000 worth of Crossropes per year.

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Donation Branch

Crossrope will provide $10,000 in cash annually to selected organizations that best align with Crossrope’s own values of health, fitness, and diversity and that seek to support marginalized and underprivileged communities of color.


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