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Welcome to AMP

Watch this video to learn how to activate your Crossrope Membership and pair your AMP handles.

AMP Troubleshooting

Where do I download the Crossrope App to use AMP?

Do I need a subscription to use AMP?

How do I get a Membership?

In the Crossrope App, you’ll be prompted to purchase a Membership through the App Store when you try to use AMP.

How do I activate AMP if I already have the Crossrope app and don’t see the screen that says “I Have AMP”?

Make sure you have the latest version from the App Store, and click on the Gray Bar at the bottom of the All Segment that says “AMP: Learn More or Pair”. Then, click on Pair AMP Handles, and you’ll be prompted to pair your handles. Alternatively, you can click on the lightning bolt in the top-left corner to access AMP.

How do I turn the AMP handles on and off?

I’ve paired my handles! How do I pair them the next time I open the app?

The handles aren’t turning on, what should I do?

Is AMP available on Android?

I have an Android, what should I do?

If I already have the All-Access Premium Membership, do I need another Membership for AMP?

What data is AMP capable of tracking?

AMP tracks your number of jumps, current JPM (jumps per minute), max JPM, average JPM, maximum jump streak without tripping, jumps in each interval, and more!

Do I need to charge AMP handles before starting?

AMP handles are ready to be used immediately. You do not need to charge them before first use.

When do I need to charge AMP handles?

The battery will last for about 6 months before needing a charge. You will need to charge the battery if a red icon is shown in the app indicating a low battery, or you may need to charge the battery if the handle isn't turning on at all.

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