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Contact us within 30 days and we’ll exchange it for FREE.

If you're not 100% satisfied with the size you purchased contact us within 30 days and we’ll exchange it for FREE.
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    Are you beginning a jump rope fitness regimen? When it's time to get fit, the Crossrope Starter Set is the ideal exercise jump rope set for beginners and seasoned jumpers who want the most versatile jump rope system available!


    • Includes Crossrope Rugged Handles, 1/4 Lb Agility rope, and 1 Lb Intensity rope. Two jump ropes. One effective system.
    • Both ropes can be used on any surface so you can train anywhere. This is the ultimate portable, full body training jump rope system.
    • Use the versatile Agility rope for skills like double unders and intense cardio sessions.
    • Our heavier Intensity cable is an excellent weight for beginners learning to jump rope or advanced jumpers looking to improve power and conditioning.
    • Jump in style by customizing your rope with 6 bold handle color options.  Limited quantities. (Add $3.00)
    • Comes with our Jump Without Limits quick reference guide to give you technique tips, starter workouts, and jump rope challenges.

    Detailed Overview

    The Starter Set offers a perfect introduction to the versatility of an interchangeable jump rope system that can be used anywhere. By transitioning between a lightweight rope and a heavier weight rope in your workouts, you can improve your rope jumping ability and fitness level. Take your workout with you wherever you go!

    Improve fitness and build endurance with the 1/4 Lb Agility Rope.

    Improve definition and build power with the 1 Lb Intensity Rope.

    Both of these ropes are ideal for beginners and more experienced jumpers because the weight in the rope provides feedback that improves the ability to learn rhythm, no matter how uncoordinated you are!

    • Rugged handles are made with an advanced, almost unbreakable plastic and have high quality, encased stainless steel ball bearings for smooth rotational action. (Weight: 10 Oz.)
    • Both ropes are labeled with the name, weight and length for easy reference.


    Discover the best fitness jump rope set for beginners. Order your Starter Set today!

  • Product Reviews


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    1. excited for my fitness journey to start!

      I am on a journey to become fit. I sit all day at a desk and to get up and to move has become a priority for my health and well being. That's what has brought me here. I just received my Starter kit and I fully admit that my initial feelings was that of apprehension. I haven't jumped rope since elementary school and I didn't jump. Rather I leapt in the air just to clear the rope! Fast forward thirty some odd years later and I jumped rope in the local school yard. I kept in mind the principles of jumping as taught by Dave who has excellent tips for beginners. So, I was able to progressively jump for five single indeed to ten and eventually 20 today. I took quick breaks and did more and loved it the more i continued. Thanks for a great product. I can't wait to do it again tomorrow. on 29th May 2017

    2. learning double unders so quickly with this set!

      I have been trying to learn double unders for a year and really struggling. By changing to these ropes I am already seeing a change in my ability. I also love their encouragement. By buying from Crossrope you will not be disappointed. on 29th May 2017


      Never Thought I was Good at Jump Roping Until I made this purchase. The 1lb rope wears me down! on 28th May 2017


      I LOVE THE ROPES AND HANDLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on 26th May 2017

    5. Love the ropes <3

      Heavier handles than i am used to,but the best i've tried. Doesn't slip out of my hands like my other ropes. Couldn't go a full 20 seconds at a time with the intensity rope,but this was my first workout with it. Love the ropes! on 24th May 2017

    6. Very pleased with the quality

      I am so far pleased I made the purchase and the quality is excellent. I especially like that the jump ropes are interchangeable with the handles. As far as technique I am still and probably always be learning and improving. I also travel a lot and that I can take the Crossrope with me where ever I am traveling to. Overall I am pleased, I can't wait until I get the 1 pound rope that is on backorder to try it out!! on 21st May 2017

    7. helping me bounce back into shape

      I am trying to get back in shape after some health issues sidelined me. The jump roping is not only fitness for me, but it makes working out fun. I have a long way to go with my training, but I am eager and determined to get stronger and better. on 21st May 2017

    8. quality product!

      I have been jumping rope for about 15 years now (on and off), but this is the first time I have tried a weighted rope. I have only been able to complete the beginner workouts because it is a different and challenging exercise jumping with even just the 1-lb rope that my arms are burning by the end. If the rest of this summer challenge is as exciting, I will be recommending your product to everyone that will listen. Thank you very much for the quality product. on 18th May 2017

    9. no more joint pain

      Crossrope is a fantastic system. It practically spins itself, no tangles, no fuss at all. This is HUGE for me. I really don't have much patience for malfunctioning fitness equipment, and with these products, you won't ever have that issue. 8lbs in 3 weeks is definitely something I can live with. I really appreciate how joint pain is completely absent due to the physics of jumping rope. Definitely replacing running for me. on 15th May 2017

    10. Exceptional Product

      These ropes are nothing like you've ever had before and the CR App is amazing!

      But what impressed me most (other than the handles) is the customer service, follow up emails and video support.

      The CrossRope community is exceptional and so encouraging and helpful. I've never experienced anything like this.

      on 4th May 2017

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