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About Us

CrossRope is about training harder and training smarter. I’m obsessed with self-improvement, mentally and physically. I feel compelled to make myself better than I was yesterday. Now, why CrossRope? Well, I had jumped rope for years as a small part of my training, but really got into it during my deployments as a pilot the Navy. I was constantly looking for faster ropes, heavier ropes, and even fast heavy ropes because I craved the challenge. During that search, I broke a lot of ropes . . . expensive ropes. I could overlook my frustration with the ropes I used because jumping is something that I loved to do, but I was always looking for something better. Read More...

Why CrossRope?

CrossRope is an entire 'Jump Rope System.' The interchangeable design means that you can get more effective, challenging, and engaging workouts with up to seven different cable weights. We stand for quality. Our handles are durable. Our ropes rotate smoothly. This system is an investment that pays dividends while everyone else is breaking jump rope after jump rope. The value of CrossRope doesn't end with the product. We are a hub for great jump rope training tips, workouts, and instruction because we want you to get the best results. Read More...

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