5 LB Heavy Rope
5 LB Heavy Rope

5 LB Heavy Rope

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The 5 LB ultra heavy jump rope is the heaviest rope in our lineup and is designed for the ultimate heavy rope challenge. 
  • - Proprietary outer coating allows for safe jumping on any surface
  • - Tangle free design minimizes trip-ups and makes carrying and storing easy
  • - Built for use with Ultra Heavy LE Handles *not included*

Not recommended with Power Handles.

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The Ultra Heavy LE set is designed for experienced jumpers looking for the ultimate heavy rope challenge. If you've worked with our other heavy ropes, this challenge is for you. This set is not recommended for beginners.
The brand new 4 LB and 5 LB ropes are built to engage and challenge every muscle fiber in your upper body. Each turn of the rope will build your strength, grit, and mental toughness.
The new Ultra Heavy LE handles use the same fast clip connection that is unique to our Crossrope system. You can quickly and easily switch between the light blue 4 LB rope and dark blue 5 LB rope for a versatile workout.

Ultra Heavy Origins

Learn the story of the Ultra Heavy LE set from Crossrope founder Dave Hunt.

We took a community request for a heavier rope and put countless hours of engineering and testing to make it happen. Introducing our heaviest and most challenging jump rope set to date. It makes our Get Strong Set feel like a speed rope.
Ultra Heavy LE Ropes
The 4 LB and 5 LB ropes are the heaviest and most durable ropes we've ever created.
Fast Clip Connection System
Our classic fast clip system allows you to quickly swap between the ultra heavy ropes for a more versatile workout.
Patent Pending
Proprietary Rope Coating
Our unique proprietary coating gives our ropes the durability to withstand use on any surface so you can take your ropes anywhere.
Stainless Steel Core
Single strand stainless steel provides weight, strength and stability during your jumping.
Are you ready for the ultimate heavy rope challenge?
60 Day Badge
Love your ropes or your money back. Try them for 60 days, risk-free.
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Is the Ultra Heavy LE Set right for me?
How should I determine my size?
Can I use my Power handles with the 4 & 5 LB ropes?
Will there be Ultra Heavy LE App workouts?
How do I use this set in my training?
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Size Guide
Choose the right rope length for you based on your height.
If you're between sizes, we recommend choosing the smaller size.
Size User Height Rope Length
S 4'9" - 5'4" 8'0"
M 5'4.5" - 5'9" 8'6"
L 5'9.5" - 6'1.5" 9'0"
XL 6'2" - 6'9" 9'6"
Size User Height Rope Length
S 1.45m - 1.63m 2.44m
M 1.64m - 1.75m 2.59m
L 1.77m - 1.87m 2.74m
XL 1.88m - 2.06m 2.90m
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