Ready to #pushyourlimits?

Our Ultra Heavy LE set is back.
Not for beginners. Limited quantities available.

Ready to #pushyourlimits?

Our Ultra Heavy LE set is back.
Not for beginners. Limited quantities available.

Ultra Heavy LE

Upgrade to the Ultra Heavy LE set and activate a new level of strength and grit.

New Kind Of


The Ultra Heavy LE set is designed for experienced jumpers looking for the ultimate heavy rope challenge. If you've worked with our other heavy ropes, this challenge is for you. This set is not recommended for beginners.


Ultra Heavy LE Handles

Our Ultra Heavy LE handles are the most durable handles we've ever built. Each limited edition handle weighs just under 3/4 LB (almost 2X as much as our regular Power handles) and is built with the same level of detail and precision engineering you're used to. The handles are hand-stitched, offer superior grip, and have a beautiful matte black nickel electroplated finish.


Muscle Activation

The brand new 4 LB and 5 LB ropes are built to engage and challenge every muscle fiber in your upper body. Each turn of the rope will build your strength, grit, and mental toughness.


Fast Clip Design

The new Ultra Heavy LE handles use the same fast clip connection that is unique to our Crossrope system. You can quickly and easily switch between the light blue 4 LB rope and dark blue 5 LB rope for a versatile workout.

The Ultra Heavy LE Experience

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Shop Ultra Heavy LE

Order your Ultra Heavy LE today and save $20. Limited quantities available.

Ultra Heavy LE Set

Put your strength to the test with our heaviest ropes to date. Not for beginners.

Ultra Heavy LE Handles + 4 LB + 5 LB Ultra Heavy LE Ropes

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Ultra Heavy LE Handles

New weighted handles feature a molded logo and matte black finish.

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4 LB Heavy Rope

Take your strength workouts to the next level with a heavy rope like no other.

Save 10% with code: ULTRA10P

5 LB Heavy Rope

The heaviest rope in our lineup built for the ultimate challenge.

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Performance + Strength  

Your questions, answered

Is the Ultra Heavy LE Set right for me?

The Ultra Heavy LE Set is designed for experienced jumpers who are looking to advance their strength, performance, and mental toughness. If you are brand new to jumping, we recommend you start with our Get Lean jump rope set.

Are the Ultra Heavy LE handles compatible with other jump ropes?

Yes, the Ultra Heavy LE handles are compatible with all our core rope weights. Similarly, the Ultra Heavy LE ropes are compatible with our Power handles. We do not recommend using Slim handles with our Ultra Heavy LE ropes.

Why are there limited quantities?

Because we're always tweaking our limited edition offerings, we typically only have a few hundred sets available for order at each run. If you want to guarantee yourself one of these new sets during this release, don't wait too long because they tend to sell out quickly especially for our most popular sizes. Once they sell out, we will open up our waiting list to those who are interested in being notified for a future release.

How should I determine my size?

All of our ropes are sized to your height. The recommended user height ranges are provided on all of our product pages. For further guidance, please see our jump rope sizing page.

Can I use the Ultra Heavy LE ropes outdoors?

The Ultra Heavy LE ropes are built for any surface. However, to prolong the life of your Ultra Heavy LE ropes, we recommend that you use them with a mat or on smooth surfaces.

Are Ultra Heavy LE handles covered by warranty?

Our Ultra Heavy LE handles are covered by our lifetime warranty. That means if you ever experience any issues with your handles, our support team will provide you with a replacement right away. Due to the limited nature of the product, it may not be an exact replacement. For full details, please review our Product Use and Warranty policy.

What is Crossrope's exchange / return policy?

We're excited to offer our 60 day no-hassle returns and exchange policy. For those of you who are purchasing our ropes as a gift, you can be sure that if your gift receiver needs a size or product exchange, we'll be there to help. Please see our Exchange and Return Policy.

Have more questions? Visit our Crossrope Help Center.