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Garage Gym Planner: Welcome mods!

Thank you so much for helping us keep our Jump Rope Fitness Community positive and uplifting. This community has already changed a lot of lives and with your help it is only going to continue to do so.

By being a JRFC moderator, you'll help us make sure that the bad apples in the community don't spoil the bunch.

As the community continues to grow, here are two things we really need your help with:

1. Welcoming new members
2. Reporting posts and comments that fall outside of our guidelines


We're adding over 150 new members every single day and we want to do our best to welcome and engage with all of our new members, especially those who are sharing their very first post.

Here's what to look out for:

Welcome new members

How you can help:

- like their post
- welcome them to the community and/or respond to their question
- direct them to a specific resource, like the getting started page or a specific blog post


The community is not the place for customer service issues. We want to keep the focus on positive fitness-related topics, and reducing the amount of customer service queries or Crossrope related questions.

Here's what to look out for:

Customer service issues
Customer service issues
Customer service issues
Customer service issues

How you can help:

- Like their post
- Let the member know that they can "Email Crossrope's customer service team at [email protected] and they'll help you resolve this issue/answer your question".
- Tag our lead admin - Schekina Israel so she can disable the comments


Anything that falls outside of the community guidelines should be reported to the admins. As you're perusing through the community, if you see of the following shared by anyone inside the community, please make sure to report it and we'll figure out how to handle it on the back end.

  • Negative or discouraging posts/comments, hateful language or profuse profanity, spam posts, or harassment of any kind
  • Blatant selling, self-promotion, or pitching of any kind
  • ​Links or comments containing sexually explicit content material

  • Content determined to be inappropriate, in poor taste, or otherwise contrary to the core purposes of this community. All posts must relate to fitness and health in some way.

If you are not exactly sure whether something should be reported, please report it anyway and we can determine whether we want to keep it or remove it. Better to play it safe.

Dealing with Spam

Occasionally, the community can get infiltrated by spammers of hacked accounts. This can result in a number of inappropriate and explicit spam posts o comments. In an attempt to reduce that, we want to make sure everyone knows what to look for.

Spam is sometimes spread through clicking on bad links or installing malicious software. On other occasions, scammers gain access to people's Facebook accounts, which are then used to send out spam.

Please check out this link for more info and let me know if you have any questions.

Our goal is to eliminate spam to make sure the community stays positive. If you see something, feel free to report the post or ping Schekina right away.

How to Report a Post and Comment

Reporting a post is very simple. Simply click the three little dots on the corner of the post and click Report to Admin. When asked if you're sure you want to report, click Report.

Reporting a comment is also very simple. Simply click the little X to the side of the comment and then click Report. When asked if you want to report the comment, make sure "Report this comment to group admin" is selected and click Continue.

Once you report a post or a comment, the post and/or comment will be hidden from the page and we will get a notification. From there, we will let you know we've received the report and determine whether to remove or keep the post/comment.

That's it!

Thank you so much for helping us keep this community as special as it is.

The Crossrope Team