100 Million Calories-Burned Community Challenge

Be a part of something bigger. Participate in our community goal of 100 million calories burned in 60 days.

How You Can Participate In The Challenge

Here’s how you can participate in our community challenge:

1. Download The App

To get started, download the free Crossrope Fitness App, fill in your complete profile, grab your ropes and get jumping. No experience required.

2. Participate In The Community

Got the app? Now get to know over 90,000 other jumpers from all around the world when you participate in our online fitness community. Invite your friends to jump in with you.

3. Burn Those Calories

Finish as many Crossrope App workouts as possible before September 30th to see us get closer to our goal, then get a chance to win Weekly and Grand Prizes.

Goal Tracker

Check out the current progress:

Take On The Challenge

Get ready to collectively burn 100 million calories in 60 days with thousands of other jumpers online from all across the world.

Are you ready to take on the challenge?

Participate For A Chance To Win

Challenge yourself to complete as many app workouts as possible to burn those calories and get a chance to win every week!

Weekly Mystery Prize

Week 1

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Week 2

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Week 3

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Week 4

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Week 5

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Week 6

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Grand Prize Pack

The jumper with the most workouts completed at the end of the challenge will win this Limited Edition Crossrope Swag Pack:

Participate In The Challenge

Ready to jump in and participate in the challenge today?

Crossrope reserves the right to disqualify any challenge participants that exhibit spam or false workout completions.

Community Challenge FAQs

What are the Terms and Conditions to win the Weekly Mystery Prize?

  • Every week a participant will be selected at random as our Weekly Mystery Prize winner! To be eligible to win, challenge participants must:
  • • Have the Crossrope App, with a completed profile and valid email address
  • • Have completed a minimum of one workout for the week
  • • Be a member of the Crossrope Jump Rope Fitness Community 
  • • Only one weekly prize per participant for the duration of the challenge
  • • Prizes selected are inventory-dependent and are valued at minimum $25 USD each

What are the Terms and Conditions to win the Grand Prize?

All of us jumpers burn calories differently. To keep things as fair as possible, the participant with the most workouts completed between August 1 - September 30th will be announced as the Limited Edition Swag Pack grand prize winner by October 12th, 2020.

To be eligible to win, challenge participants must:

  • • Have the Crossrope App, with a completed profile and valid email address
  • • Be a member of the Crossrope Jump Rope Fitness Community 
  • • If opting in to get featured on the blog, winner upon selection must provide before/after pictures

When does the challenge begin and end?

The challenge starts on August 1st! Participate anytime by downloading the app, completing your profile, and finish your workouts to have your burned calories start counting towards our community goal. You still have time to get jumping, the challenge doesn't end until September 30th.

How are you calculating calories burned?

We’re able to see workouts completed and see estimated calories burned in our app system, so keep collecting those completed workouts.

How do I ensure my calories are being contributed to the goal?

We'll be updating the progress tracker every Monday. To make sure your hard work is being counted towards our community goal, have all fields of your app profile completed and make sure you are seeing your “Calories Burned” in the workout summary after you finish each workout. Having difficulties? Visit our help center now.

What Crossrope app workouts count towards the goal?

Any workout you want! Burn those calories with any app workout or challenge, it’s up to you. We recommend our Jump Rope Intensity Challenge that you can join right here.

What results can I expect from this challenge?

This challenge is designed to help keep you fit, lean, and develop healthy habits, but more importantly bring us together as a community in a time when it matters the most. While results may differ for a variety of reasons, our goal is to collectively burn 100 million calories, and if you’re working hard to help us reach that goal, you will notice the difference in your body.

Have more questions? Visit our Crossrope Help Center.