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Jump Rope Fitness System FAQs

What is the Crossrope Jump Rope Fitness System?

Crossrope is a premium weighted jump rope system designed to give you a fun and effective workout on the go.

Our patented 'fast clip connection' system allows you to quickly and easily change between different weights of ropes so you can keep your workouts fresh and engaging. Our ropes are built with a durable proprietary coating so you can jump on any surface without worrying about ropes tangling or breaking. Our high-performance ergonomic handles give you a smooth jump every time.

The Crossrope jump rope system also comes with our jump rope training app that gives you access to fun workouts and fitness challenges wherever you go.

Getting Started FAQs

What are the benefits of a using a weighted jump rope system?

A system of weighted jump ropes offers a more fun, effective, and versatile workout experience. With a range of ropes to clip into and out of your handles, you can achieve different fitness goals wherever you go. See the full list of jump rope benefits.

What combo set should I get?

Our jump rope system is designed to help you achieve specific fitness goals.

If you're looking to get lean and toned while also building your cardio, the Get Lean Set is designed for you. The Get Lean Set is also a great choice for new jumpers who are looking to learn how to jump.

If you're looking to build strength and power, the Get Strong Set is designed for you. The combination of heavier ropes and Power handles will engage more muscle groups.

If you're looking for a full fitness solution to help you look, feel, and perform your best, the Get Fit Bundle is designed for you. It includes all our ropes and both handles so you can keep your training fun, versatile, and effective.

Finally, for those looking to improve their speed and double unders, we have our premium, fully adjustable, indoor-only Bolt Set.

Can beginners use weighted ropes?

Yes. In fact, weighted ropes (like the 1/2 LB rope in our Get Lean Set) are great for beginners and are much easier to learn with than a standard PVC rope. When the weight is distributed throughout the length of the rope, you get extra feedback that allows you to time your jumps better. This enables even the most uncoordinated of jumpers to time his or her jumps and to build coordination, rhythm, and confidence.

Do you have any Crossrope workouts?

Our jump rope app (available for free on iOS and Android) is packed with workouts and fitness challenges to allow you to take your training on the go.

What are the suggested ceiling heights for jumping?

If you're jumping indoors, please be aware of overhead clearance height. Avoid lights, sprinklers, or other fixtures that may be struck when jumping. Most jumpers prefer a minimum of 9' (2.75m) of vertical clearance.

What is the Jump Rope Fitness Community?

Our Jump Rope Fitness Community is a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, share tips, find inspiration, and meet other jumpers and Crossrope users from around the globe. It's free to join and everyone is welcome.

You can join our community here. Please use the access code WEJUMP.

Please note that because this is a private Facebook group, you will need a Facebook account to join.

What does "Pre-Order" mean?

Products that marked as "pre-order" mean they are currently out of stock. However, you can still place an order for the product. Since we ship in the order of which orders are received, you will get your shipment sooner than if you were to wait for the item to be back in stock.

The product page should also give an ESTIMATED shipping date. Once your order is shipped, our team will send over an email with your tracking number as well.

How do I contact you with a question?

We're available via e-mail, phone, and live chat. Visit the contact page for details.

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Jump Rope Sizing FAQs

How do I determine my size?

The recommended user height ranges for each rope size are provided on all of our product pages. If you have an existing rope that you like, you can measure the rope between the handles (not including the handles) to determine the Crossrope size best for you.

If you find yourself in-between sizes, we recommend you go with the smaller size. For further guidance, please visit our sizing page.

What if I order the wrong size?

We've had a very high success rate for customers using our mentioned sizing guidelines.

If your ropes seem too short at first, make sure that you watch our videos to ensure that you are using proper technique with tight elbows. If your rope is still too short or too long, our absolute top priority is customer satisfaction and you can quickly and easily submit an exchange or return request.

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Product FAQs

Product Specifications

The following are some general product specifications for our current jump rope system:

Crossrope Logo
Product Name Total Weight Diameter Linkage Length
Slim Handles 7 oz. - 1" 8"
Power Handles 10 oz. - 1" 8"
1/4 lb Jump Rope 1/4 lbs 15/64" or 6 (mm) - S= 94", M= 100", L= 106, XL=112"
1/2 lb Jump Rope 1/2 lbs 5/16" or 8 (mm) - S= 94", M= 100", L= 106, XL=112"
1 lb Jump Rope 1 lbs 7/16" or 11 (mm) - S= 94", M= 100", L= 106, XL=112"
2 lb Jump Rope 2 lbs 19/32" or 15 (mm) - S= 94", M= 100", L= 106, XL=112"
Crossrope Mat 4 lbs 1/4" thick or 6.35 (mm) - 2.5 ft (2'6") wide and 5 ft. long


Product Name Total Weight Diameter Linkage Length
Rugged Handles 10 oz. - 1.5" 8.5"
Quick Handles 6 oz. - 1.5" 9"
Sprint Rope 1 oz. 5/64" or 2.1 (mm) - 120"
Speed Rope 2 oz. 9/64" or 3.7 (mm) - 120"
Agility Rope 1/4 lbs 15/64" or 6 (mm) - S= 93", M= 99", L= 105", XL=113"
Energy Rope 1/2 lbs 5/16" or 8 (mm) - S= 93", M= 99", L= 105", XL=113"
Intensity Rope 1 lbs 7/16" or 11 (mm) - S= 93", M= 99", L= 105", XL=113"
Fury Rope 2 lbs 19/32" or 15 (mm) - S= 93", M= 99", L= 105", XL=113"
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App FAQs

Where do I find the Crossrope app?

Our app is available for free on both iOS and Android devices. You can go to your Play Store or App Store and search for 'Crossrope' to find it - our app is called "Jump Rope Training - Crossrope".

Click here to download the app.

Do I need the Crossrope system to use the app?

Our app workouts and fitness challenges are all built around the Crossrope system so if you're looking for the full Crossrope experience, you'll want to have access to our four weighted ropes. However, you are more than free to use the app with any rope you have on hand. To do so, simply use your jump rope during any jumping interval.

What do the colors mean in the workout timer?

The workout timer is custom-built to work with our ropes. The different colors on the timer are designed to match the color of the ropes. When you see the timer turn green, it means you'll be using the green 1/4 LB rope. When you see the timer turn white for a jumping interval, it means you'll be using the white 1/2 LB rope. And so on.

Does the app offer audio control?

Yes. You can go into your app settings to control all of your sound effects. You can toggle the voiceovers on and off, change the volume of your beeps and voicevers, and even change the voicoever between male and female. These settings are also accessible right from your workout screen.

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Exchange/Return FAQs

Do you offer any warranty or have a return/exchange policy?

We offer a lifetime warranty on our Fitness Slim and Power handles and stand behind our products. Our warranty does not cover wear and tear on ropes. This is normal with all jump ropes and you will have to eventually replace them. We're also proud to have a 60 day size exchange guarantee or a 60 day risk-free return policy. Effective Nov 24th, 2019. You can quickly and easily submit any exchange or return request if needed.

I have submitted the exchange/return form. Now what?

Once you submit the US exchange/return form, please send back the item(s) using the return shipping label provided. Once we receive your shipment back, we will process your request.

Once your package is received by our team, please allow 2-4 business days for your request to be processed. You will receive an email from us once the process is completed.

Please see our Return and Exchange policy.

Do I need to send Crossrope the tracking number?

Though you do not need to include the tracking number in the form or email it to us, we do HIGHLY recommend that you keep your tracking number on hand until you receive confirmation that is has been received by our team.

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Shipping and Order FAQs

How much does shipping cost?

To estimate your shipping costs, please add your products to your cart, and click to view your cart. Then add your shipping info and click Estimate Shipping to see how much it would cost to ship your order.

What are your shipping policies and timelines?

We ship to most countries and all APO/FPO/DPO addresses. The cost for APO/FPO/DPO is the same as domestic prices. We have a distributor for some of the countries we do not ship to. For a detailed overview of our domestic and international shipping timelines and policies, please view our Shipping Information page here.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do ship internationally. Please check our shipping timelines.

Customs, tariffs, and additional taxes are calculated and included as part of the shipping cost at checkout for international shipments where applicable.

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