Top 10 Jump Rope Blog Posts of 2017


We've had quite a busy year at Crossrope.

We launched our new Jump Rope Fitness System, we expanded our little Crossrope team, and we grew our special Jump Rope Fitness Facebook Community to nearly 24,000 global members.

But we've also written some really useful articles (well, according to our readers). To close out the year, we want to reflect on some of the best jump rope articles we've published this year. We hope that they'll come in handy for your own jump rope journey. Let's look back at the top 10 jump rope posts of 2017.

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Jump Rope Fat Loss: Why The Jump Rope Is The Perfect Weight Loss Tool

The jump rope has long been considered nothing but a simple conditioning tool. But a lot has changed over the past few decades. The jump rope is no longer a tool used only by athletes to boost endurance before a big event. It is no longer just a conditioning tool. With the introduction of new training methods and durable materials, the jump rope has become an extremely versatile training tool – one that can help anyone – of any fitness level – achieve a wide variety of fitness goals, including weight loss.

In this article, we'll show you why the jump rope is the perfect tool for your weight loss journey and give you some tips on getting started quickly.

Man jumping rope with Crossrope

How to do Double Unders: From Zero to 639 Double Unders in a Row

The double under is one of the most challenging jump rope exercises on the planet, but it's also one of the most effective, which is what makes it worth the time and effort to learn. If you're reading this post, you likely fall into one of two groups of people: 1. You've heard good things about double unders and want to learn how to get started. 2. You use double unders in your workouts regularly and you're looking to increase your ability to do consecutive double unders. Regardless of which group you fall into, here’s why you should focus on double unders: Double unders are an exercise that have both a minimum skill threshold and a minimum exertion threshold.

In this article, we'll show you that if you take a strategic approach to learning how to do double unders, you too can improve very quickly.


Woman jumping rope

Jump Rope Benefits: The Unique Value of Jump Rope Training

The popularity of jump rope training has exploded over the past few years, but many gym-goers are still unaware of the jump rope benefits that come with this style of training.

The jump rope is one of the oldest training tools.

It’s great for all fitness and ability levels. It fits in with all training goals – whether it be fat loss, endurance, strength, or performance. And it gets the job done. Always. Anywhere.

In this comprehensive post we’re going to dissect the benefits of jumping rope and show you why we (and many others) believe that the jump rope should be part of every training routine.

Woman working out

6 Simple Ways to Fit Jump Rope Workouts Into Your Busy Day

The truth is that we’re all busy. We all have things to do – we all have a long list of priorities and responsibilities that need taking care of. Our calendars are over-populated with tasks and reminders and our ability to find time to squeeze in even a simple workout has become a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be that way. And it shouldn’t. In this post, we're going to share with you 6 fun and creative ways to fit jump rope workouts into your busy day.


65 Jump Rope Songs for a Better Jump Rope Workout

Need to get motivated for your next jump rope workout? Listen to up-beat jump rope songs. Studies refer to music as a 'legal drug' because of its ability to "reduce the perception of effort significantly" and increase endurance by as much as 15 percent. That's pretty impressive. So to get you started, we've compiled a list of 65 jump rope songs to help make your jump rope workouts a little more effective and a lot more fun.


Nike running shoes

Best Jump Rope Shoes: Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Shoe

"What are the best jump rope shoes?" Hmm. We must have received this question at least a hundred times over the past few months both within our community and our support channels. So we’ve finally taken it upon ourselves to put together the ultimate guide to helping you choose the best jump rope shoes for your jump rope journey.

In this guide, we explain why you need good shoes for jumping, how to pick the right ones, whether it's OK to go barefoot, and we cover some of our favorite choices.


Man and woman working out together

5 Simple Ways to Convince Your Friends to Jump Rope With You

Need help convincing your friends to jump rope with you? I do enjoy training on my own – you’ll often find me in a corner of the gym or in a random park going all out with my jump rope sessions and my tunes. But there are times when it’s just more fun to jump with others. In my experience, people are often hesitant to jump with me because of a few reasons. They either think that jumping rope is too old school and not very challenging, or they think they’re not coordinated enough to do it, or they’re not sure if it’s worth the effort, or they just have no clue how to get started.

In this post, we’ll break through all of those thoughts and give you the ammunition you need to get your friends and family jumping rope with you.


Couple working out outside having fun

7 Ways to Make Your Jump Rope Workouts More Fun

Question – how fun are your workouts? Think about that. How much do you really enjoy the workouts that you’re doing? When it comes to building a workout program, the fun factor is often ignored by many trainers. If anything – it goes highly underrated. But let’s back it up for a second –For a workout program to be effective, it must be consistent. For it to be consistent, you must want to do it on a regular basis. For you to want to do it on a regular basis, you have to enjoy it. And for you to enjoy it, it has to have an element of fun in it.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 7 ways that you can make your (jump rope) workouts and routines more fun and exciting.


Mans feet jumping

How Often Should You Jump Rope Each Week? Answered.

Do you know how often you should be jumping rope each week? If you’re like many of the jumpers we speak to on a daily basis, it’s a question that comes up often. But it’s one of great importance because how often you jump not only has an impact on your results, but it plays a key factor when it comes to injury prevention. There’s been a lot of debate in terms of how long a jump rope session should be. Some say it’s OK to jump every single day. Others claim it’s only good to be using the rope once or twice a week. But the real answer depends on your answers to some important questions.

In this post, we share some important questions you should ask yourself to determine how much you should be jumping rope each week to achieve your personal goals.


Knee injury

How to Avoid Injury and Shin Splints When Jumping Rope

Injuries are never fun to deal with. You put in the hard work, you start making progress toward your fitness goals, and you begin noticing improvements in your strength and endurance. Then, often out of nowhere, an injury strikes. You get a sharp, shooting pain in your ankle. Or your shins start hurting while jumping. Or there’s just general pain that holds you back. And all that hard work and progress you’ve made begins to feel futile. Most of us have sustained at least one injury along the way to our fitness goals. At times, it seems as if it's just part of the process. But there are things you can do to avoid injuries and particularly shin splints when jumping rope.

In this post, we want to share some tips that can help you avoid injuries and stay (relatively) healthy while pursuing your fitness goals.


Ideas for 2018

There you have it - our top 10 jump rope articles of 2017. We hope that these posts will come in handy on your jump rope journey.

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