The Next Generation of Jump Ropes from Crossrope


A new generation is coming.

At Crossrope, our mission has always been to deliver the ultimate jump rope experience to our community, our customers, and to the fitness world.

As part of that mission, we’re constantly challenging ourselves to find new ways to inspire and empower people to achieve their fitness goals in a fun, effective way.

That is why we’re so excited about the next generation. We’ve re-designed our flagship training system from the ground up to give you a new and improved Jump Rope Fitness System.

Here’s your first look inside.

Want to Be the First?

Before we dive into all the details, we want to invite you to join our early access waiting list.

By joining, you’ll get early access to our new system when our Pre-Order promotion goes live next week (limited quantities available) and also be entered into a special draw (details inside).

An Inside Look at the Next Generation

Since Crossrope first launched its original Jump Rope Fitness System, we’ve been collecting feedback from our customers. We’ve taken every piece of data we could and used it to re-design practically every component of the new system to make it more streamlined and effective.

In this post, we want to give you a quick inside look at what the new Jump Rope Fitness System is all about. Here are some of the major changes we’ve made to the system -

New Handle Design

Meticulously designed handles are essential for the ultimate jump rope experience.

The handles need to fit comfortably in your hands while also delivering a smooth rotation of the rope around your body on each and every jump.

Our Rugged and Quick handles did the job, but we wanted to make them even better.

We’ve considered grip ergonomics and grip texture to optimize the look and feel of the handles to maximize the grip and durability. The new jump rope handles will fit beautifully in your hands, feel comfortable to hold, and look sleek from every angle.

But they don’t just look better. They perform better too.

Though our current high quality steel bearings have an incredible track record, we’ve introduced premium precision steel bearings. Not only do we expect these bearings to last a lifetime, but you're guaranteed to get the smoothest rotation possible.

You’ll feel the difference on the very first jump.

Infinity jump rope handles

More Durable Ropes

Rope durability is always at the forefront of our minds.

With the original Jump Rope Fitness System, we introduced ropes that could be used on any surface. This we believe to be an essential part of the experience. With jump rope training, you should always have the freedom to train anywhere.

The truth is, however, that all ropes have a lifespan which becomes greatly diminished when the rope is used on rough and abrasive surfaces.

While that will remain true for the foreseeable future, we’ve came up with a proprietary new formulation to further enhance the durability of our ropes. That means you'll be able to take your training on the road with more confidence that they will last.

Oh yeah - we’ve also given them a fresh new look so you can continue to jump in style.

jump rope fast clip connection system

Faster Connection and Integrated Design

The introduction of our original interchangeable system has been a game-changer.

The patented design was the first of its kind and has introduced thousands of people to interchangeable (weighted) jump rope training. The ability to cross train between different weights of ropes has always been the most crucial element of the experience.

With our current system, the change-over time is fast. But we wanted to make it even faster and easier to switch between ropes at any point in your workout.

To achieve that, we’ve completely re-designed the connection system. The new integrated design will make it feel as if the rope and handle are one for an incredibly smooth jump with minimal trip-ups and frustration.

The new streamlined design exceeded even our vision for performance and feel.

Infinity ropes and handels

New Training App

Our training app has received some amazing feedback over the past year, but we knew that if we wanted to make it better, we would need to make it the central point of experience for our new Jump Rope Fitness System.

And that's exactly what we've done.

With the new version (which will launch in December), you will be able to access our skills library, new and old workouts, and even new fitness challenges right through the app.

You'll have the full jump rope experience in the palm of your hands.

Be Part of the Next Generation

Now these are only a few of the major changes that we’re bringing with the new and improved version of our Jump Rope Fitness System.

But there are countless little details and nuances that we’ve incorporated into our re-design that we think you’re really going to love.

We've put everything we had into this new system and we hope you're as excited as we are.

If you’re interested in getting access to our Jump Rope Fitness System, click the button below to join our waiting list and be notified when our pre-order goes live on November 7th.

Got questions about the new system? Let us know in the comments!

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