The Most Inspiring Jump Rope Stories of 2017

Top spotlights of 2017

2017 has been a fun and eventful year all around.

Inside our special jump rope fitness community, we've seen some incredible transformations, fitness achievements, and success stories come to life.

We've seen our customers do amazing things with their jump ropes.

And we want to use this opportunity to share some of our favorite jump rope stories in the hopes that they will inspire you to kick start next year's goals and resolutions early.

Let's take a look at the best jump rope stories from 2017.

Before We Get Started

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Jump Rope Stories

The stories we share below go to show just how jump rope training can help different people overcome individual challenges and achieve specific goals.

Each of the stories below is unique in its own way. We've provided short snippets for each so if you're interested in digging in more, you can click through to reach the full story. Enjoy!

Vincent Clark: A Stunt-Lover’s Story of Strength and Survival

When you first meet Vincent Clark, “jump rope fanatic” might not be the first words that come to mind.

At 5’11, 305 pounds, Vincent’s large, muscular physique is more reminiscent of a bodybuilder than a boxer. On a typical day, he can deadlift 600 pounds and squat 465 pounds.

"I want to change people's’ perspective of what it is to be a jump roper. I want them to see me and think ‘if he can do it, why can’t I?"

Read Vincent’s story

Jump rope

Sonny Smith: A Story of Jump Shots to Jump Ropes

Late in 2016, Sonny suddenly wasn’t feeling her usual, energetic self.

On Christmas Eve, an excruciating migraine landed Sonny in the emergency room where she was informed that she had severe Vitamin D, B12 and magnesium deficiencies.

Despite treatment, relentless headaches and fatigue kept her out of work for a month, and unable to be physically active.

"It was really scary because I was struggling to find the energy to get through the day and forgetting basic things, like people’s names and where I put the keys. It was so unlike me."

Read Sonny’s story

Fat loss transformation

Matt Garner: A Crossrope Comeback Story Across the Pond

As a former semi-pro football (soccer) player for a local Manchester team, Matt had always been athletic.

After retiring from semi-pro football, Matt started a job as a driving instructor. Long days of sometimes ten or more hours sitting in a car, coupled with poor meal choices, led to a steady weight gain of over 40 pounds in two years!

Here's how he brought it back down -

"I would just grab whatever was convenient – pies, burgers, etc. And I had such limited time to eat between lessons. It quickly became a habit of eating whatever I could find the quickest."

Read Matt’s story

man working out

Jordan DeLisser: Titan Tales From a Crossrope Jumpathlete

Growing up, Jordan was always into sports (mostly basketball and track), but he was teased by his family for not being very athletic.

But all that changed with jump rope. As soon as he picked up the rope, he went into beast mode. The more confident he became, the more tricks he could do… and his family was duly impressed.

Here's the story from one of our most impressive jumpers -

"I have back issues, which are genetic, so I could never do squats. Even laying on bench was painful! But jumping rope doesn’t hurt my back. I find that it’s super low impact once you get the technique down, and the benefits far outweigh risk of injury."

Read Jordan’s story

man with jump ropes

Chad Gonzales: Beating Cardio Boredom with Weighted Jump Ropes

Chad Gonzales, a 29-year-old father of one (soon to be two), used to get his daily dose of activity through his work. He did a lot of manual labor as a warehouse worker.

But when a change in his career put him behind a desk from 9 to 5, he quickly started to notice his body changing (for the worse).

Here's how jump rope training helped him beat the boredom and achieve incredible fitness results in a few months -

"After I got my first desk job 2 years ago, I started noticing that my clothes were fitting a little tighter. Getting older didn’t help and my metabolism began to slow down."

Read Chad’s story

Man working out on cruise ship

Crossrope Diaries: Why Paul Never Leaves His Jump Ropes at Home

As VP of Business Development for Carnival Cruise Lines, Paul is no stranger to the rigors of living out of a suitcase, nor the toll that excessive travel can have on your well-being.

On days when Paul is not traveling, he likes to do an occasional Crossfit workout and weight lifting session. But jump rope training – once just a means of staying in shape on the road – has gradually taken over as his primary form of exercise.

"Crossrope is 70% of my weekly workout routine now. It is short and intense: a 10 minute warm-up, followed by a 30-minute real target heart rate session. When I have more time, I do weights after that session. But in short, I am relying on Crossrope to give me all the benefits that medical science attributes to exercise."

Read Paul’s story

Woman fat loss transformation

Valerie Grace: A Story of Grit and Boundless Energy

At 5’3 and 115, Valerie describes herself as “weighing more than she looked” because of her muscle mass. But after the birth of her second child, Valerie gained a significant amount of weight and found that it just wasn’t coming off as easily after a while.

After a few years of feeling like she wasn’t at her best, Valerie made it a point to return to her original size 6 figure and started working out regularly and eating a healthier diet.

Here's her story of grit -

"I’ve always been a good runner, and just needed to find a workout routine that suited my body type. At my peak, I was running about 13 miles a day with the Mississippi Track Club. I’ve always been a determined and competitive person, so this certainly helped."

Read Valerie’s story

Woman and daughter in field

Marija Jankovic: A Story of Motherhood and Motivation

As most mothers can attest, it’s not always easy to shed the baby weight after pregnancy.

This was true for Marija as she had her two baby girls very close together, which led to her gaining just over 55 pounds.

Balancing her career and her children took first priority; everything else slid to the back burner. Not only did she not have the time to focus on her fitness, changes in her work and location made it more difficult to focus or to be motivated to hit the gym.

Here's how she finally made progress -

"Not only did I lose my motivation to continue with my training, but it also became harder to focus at work. I was unhappy. Something was missing in my life, and I didn’t know how to get back to being myself."

Read Marija’s story


Man on lake in kayak at sunset

Greg Banks: A Story of Ropes, Resilience and Positivity

While most people don’t plan to have a heart attack, Greg was not surprised by his in the least. In fact, he believed it to be an inevitable event on his timeline.

Due to a known genetic heart defect in his family, it was only a matter of time before it caught up to Greg. His grandfather passed away at 60, and his father died on the racquetball court at 55 – both victims of a heart attack.

But Greg didn’t let this stop him.

"I figured the heart defect was moving up 5 years every generation, so by the time I hit 49, I was bracing myself for the worst. The only thing I could think to do was get in the best shape of my life to prepare."

Read Greg’s story

Woman jumping rope on beach

Val Lee: Overcoming an Obsession for the Scale with a Jump Rope

Over the years, Vale tried a few diets to keep her weight below 115 pounds, including various crash diets. But she wasn’t happy. Not exercising had left her feeling flabby.

During Val’s third pregnancy (at 38 years old), Val found out she had gestational diabetes.

She was shocked and fell into a depression during her pregnancy. She went to a dietician, and their advice was to simply exercise. At 10-12 weeks of pregnancy, she was diagnosed with symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD), which causes the pelvic bone to become enlarged.

Here's how the jump rope changed her life -

Doing simple things like getting in and out of the car and turning while sleeping was so painful. I couldn’t do these simple things let alone do any kind of exercise.

Read Val’s story

Thank You

Thank you to all the jumpers who shared their incredible stories with us this year. We're excited to see what 2018 will have in store for each and every one of you.

Now it's on to you...

What are some of your favorite fitness achievement of this year? What fitness goals do you want to accomplish for 2018?














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